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(DEEP BREATHING) ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ (BREATHING CONTINUES) PAUL BASAGOITIA: You almost need something very bad to happen to youto appreciate the little things in life.I’m better off failing, opposed to never trying.WOMAN:Once you get on that stage, it is a competition.NICK SABAN:When you get to the top of the mountain,you become the mountain….

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Don Nelson | HBO

What do we call this? The poker room? The man cave? What? Call it whatever you wanna call it. My goodness! -DON NELSON: Pretty cool, huh? -BRYANT GUMBEL: Very cool. Now this guy up here, he died in my poker room. -He didn’t really die here. -NELSON: He did. Uh, he died right there, right…