What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Yes, it’s still ULTIMATE ARM week here but we’re going to start switching the focus of our attention to our Legs. You see in our brand new ULTIMATE ARM Workout that’s available at ATHLEANX.COM, we don’t skip Leg days. As a matter of fact we made them even harder…

Elune Gameplay November News New Legend Hero coming!

fort what’s up guys welcome back to another loom video and we have a brief video today to talk about the news update for 1129 so this was technically posted yesterday at probably some we odd times of the morning I saw the notification when I woke up this morning so I just want to…

Just Dance 2020 – Bad Guy | Gameplay

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[XBOX SOUND] [BIRDS CHIRPING] [RAIN FALLING] [OMINOUS MUSIC] Matt, that crash site is just ahead. Duke, Kit, you guys hear that? Yeah. Closer this time. [VOICEBOX CHATTER] Oh, this parachute dropped right through the ceiling. Let me see if I can get this. [GUNSHOT] [CHIRP] Oh, that’ll come in handy. So you guys are coming…

Just Dance 2019 – Mimimi | Gameplay

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