Meet the Hot Wheels Racing League – Ep 12 – The Hot 64!

Test what you know in Super slo-mo I’m Bridgette, bringing you The The Hot 64! Looking to add some fast cars to your collection? The Hot Wheels Racing League helps you find the can’t-miss castings of 2016. Each week, four current cars come out of the bubble and onto the track. Channel host, Robbie films…

International Collisions | Racing Sports Network by Disney•Pixar Cars

[MUSIC PLAYING] Whoohah!! [SPLASH] ANNOUNCER: Racing Sports Network presents– NARRATOR: International Crashes. ANNOUNCER: Number five. NARRATOR: Sharp turn ahead. This little French car, Tomber, has an unusual three-wheel frame. This can make any turn a bit difficult to manage. [CRASHING SOUNDS] ANNOUNCER: Number four. NARRATOR: Engine Trouble. [SQUEALING TIRES] Ooh! And pop goes the engine….