The Secret Motivations of the World’s Toughest Athletes

My heart wouldn’t have been nearly as full without rugby. I used to play college football and yes I had the passion for it and I loved it, but nothing would fill my heart like rugby did, it’s just an amazing experience all around there’s nothing like it and without it I mean, I wouldn’t…

RT Life – Go-Kart Racing

*instrumental rock music* Two! One! Go! Go! Go! Go! Green! Green! Green! Green! Green! Green! Green! Boogie! Boogie! Boogie! *cheering and yelling, car noises* BLAINE: Blaine Gibson, NASCAR news correspondent- *car tire screech* – ‘m gonna find out what the racers are feelin’- how they’re- how- how the race is goin’. *music* BLAINE: I tell…

RT Life – Rooster Teeth Olympics: Rio Rifles

Welcome to the 2nd Event of the Rooster Teeth Summer Games Many people don’t know that shooting is legitimately an Olympic sport So… We’re riffing on it. With human targets Uh… My strategy is that I’m a bred Texan. Been shooting guns since I was like – before I could walk or talk So, like….

World Champion Reza Yazdani’s Fight for the Olympics | Generation Rise

Superstar freestyle wrestler Reza Yazdani is an Iranian national hero. He’s pushing himself to the limit to win the most important goal of his career. Olympic Gold. In the Middle East and North Africa, the next generation of athletes rise. An elite force, exceeding expectation… reach gold. These are their stories… ..through their eyes….

Trine 4 – Gameplay Design

(static) (swooping noise) (metallic vibrating) (ominous crashing) (slow, evocative music) – In Trine 4, everything will be better than before. The levels are more versatile. The puzzles, we have revamped combat system. We have more boss fights, which are more challenging, more unique, and for the first time, we have a four-player co-op mode. 2.5…