We know you guys don’t read these things anymore. Here is a quick video on how to build the Corsair T1 Race Chair. All you are going to need is the M8 Allen Key provided. Insert chair wheels into chair base, by pressing the stud firmly into the hole at the bottom of the base. Install the gas lift and gas lift cover into the top of the chair base by placing the larger end into the hole in the center of the chair base Remove the 4 screws from the seat cushion bottom using the Allen Key provided Using the 4 screws from the seat cushion bottom attach the seat control base to the seat cushion. Remove the screws and use them to attach the seat cushion and seat back together Start with the right side of the chair with the reclining mechanism It’s much easier to start on this side as the mount point is fixed in place. Do not tighten the bolts completely until until you have all 4 bolts in place. Place the seat assembly onto the chair base. Snap the chair back covers into place over the attachment points between the seat cushion and the seat back. And that’s it. Enjoy your brand new Gaming Chair.

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  1. I've never been into those "gamingchairs" but my office chair is starting to get too dirty to keep it clean enough and worn out, so maybe I'll buy a corsair chair. We'll see 🙂

  2. Шикарное кресло. Но где же rgb подсветка? И сколько такое кресло может стоить?

  3. At 1:00, make it so there is already a screwed in metal piece to the back seat that slides into position so you don't have to hold the back seat in a specific location in order to screw it in… or is there some sort of complication in doing so?

  4. it is safe? there's so many Gaming Chair that company that making chair, and i like the build of Corsair Gaming chair great job guys 😀

  5. 300.00 for a chair i know it look's beautiful and the arm's more but still it's just a chair and i can't see that amount in that chair or any other chair

  6. The ergonomics of these 'gaming' chairs are the absolute worst. Save up for Herman Miller and thank me later.

  7. why do these "gaming" chairs always use racing seats? Mesh seats are infinitely more comfortable than these.

  8. why are they always racing gaming chairs. Why cant anyone make professional office-like gaming chairs with pristine build quality. Metal arm rests. etc…

  9. This video skips a very important step when placing the gas lift. I had issues with my gas lift not working watching this video. It wasn't until I checked the manual that I had to remove the red gas cap first before placing the chair base on top of it. If you have small hands and you already assembled the chair you can easily remove it. This video needs a revision.

  10. "Snap the chair back covers into place"

    BULL$%#T. This is the only part that refuses to work. They refuse to go on. The bottom part snaps into the hole just fine, but the rest of it does not. Only thing I managed to do was bend the plastic prongs, even with everything lined up correctly.

  11. Good chair, but on the expensive side.
    I work in retail, so I'm very picky about things.
    1. Not for people who are 200lbs+ with love handles. Other than that, it hugs!
    2. The wheels are good on carpet, but not on flat surfaces.
    3. Assembling is fairly easy till you get to the plastic covers. (broke the prongs on both my right side covers)
    4. Quality control on my chair was poor. Had dirt marks on the white bolsters & the paint was chippy on the base.

  12. Just built this chair yesterday. I'm glad I watched and read the comments beforehand. You guys seriously need to update this saying that you need to remove the red cap from the gas lift. If you're making this video knowing that people will probably not read the manual, what makes you think they'll read the warning on the gas lift packaging?

  13. The plastic covers that just snaps into place does absolutely not do that. Id estimate them to be of the shittiest design ever. Extremely difficult to get on, and if you succeed with that they'll probably just come off again. With that said the rest of the chair was great.

  14. Assembling this chairs wasn't that easy… i have to use rubber hammer to get wheels into wholes… those plastic covers I also have to hit hammer to snap in… although all of this I like this chair 😉

    Remove the red plastic cap from the gaslift's top. Without that raising and lower the chair wont work. I had to dismantle the whole thing after googleing for hours.

  16. 1. Delete this shitty guide.
    2. Inform people that your videos suck and it is better to look at the manual.
    3. Tell to remove the red cap from gas cylinder!!!!!!!!!!!!! Assholes. I wasted like 40 more minutes figuring out WTF. Had to unscrew the MEKANSM.
    4. Cylinder cover is like 1 cent plastic shit (minor inconvenience).
    5. 1:20 this is pure lies, and you know it. Right side cover is likely to not snap at all, which is what happened to me. Left side seems ok so far – IMPORTANT.
    And this is for $350+? I personally bought it for $270, but still.
    I have everything Corsair: Void, Vengeance K65, Scimitar (I guess I'm a fan). Too soon for the verdict, I'm gonna see how it does in the long run. But I can tell that I'm a bit frustrated by you this time. Maybe it's time to move on to another brand?

  17. LooooLLLL, refaz este vídeo e ensina tirar a TRAVA VERMELHA DO PISTÃO, você acha que é fácil remover o pistão de uma cadeira ??

  18. Thank you for the help I bought my chair in Office Depot and the guy said you need to pay 20 bucks for let some one build the chair for you I was like hell no thx for the video I saved 20 bucks

  19. Followed this video, instead of reading the manual… Turns out I had to remove the protective cap on the gas lift and now I can't raise or lower my chair. Great job on the video, guys!

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