Superstars scared senseless: WWE Top 10

Superstars scared senseless: WWE Top 10

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]>>Aah.>>Guys, guys, guys,
guys, guys, guys, guys. Come on, you don’t want to, come on.>>[APPLAUSE]>>You can’t see me, part of John Cena’s->>Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.>>That stopped Cena in his tracks.>>What is that?>>[SOUND]
>>Work it, work it>>Work.>>Who’s your birthday,
who’s your birthday? Go baby, work it out. [NOISE]
>>We’ll get this Yea, we’ll do this.>>let’s go [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>No.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>[SOUND]>>[LAUGH]>>[SOUND] Go, go, go.>>[SOUND]>>What is he doing? [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Now what, I can’t see a damn thing. [SOUND] Wait a minute. Undertaker, Undertaker is with Mr. Kennedy, and
Kennedy looks like he’s seen a ghost. No.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wait a minute, Jessie, I think he’s afraid. Yes, he terrified, I didn’t think
the Giant was afraid of anything, Andre the Giant looks like
he’s terrified of that snake. No, no, it’s thrown around the giant,
look at this. The snake is choking Andre the Giant. Andre going down.>>You know this is horrible, but man
I’ve said it before, there’s no place for stuff like this in the world of wrestling.>>Andre the Giant down on the canvas and
Jake putting Damien all over him. Andre is just terrified,
he’s terrified of the snake.>>The hell was that?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My god, it’s the Boogeyman.>>My goodness.>>Aah.>>I don’t think looks to great.>>[MUSIC]>>I’m gonna save the little.>>Aah, aah, aah.>>Hey little girl raise your head,
come on, [INAUDIBLE]>>Aah!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God it’s Kane, the demon Kane came up through the ring. Kane came up to the ring. Rollins scrambling, trying to get away.>>Kane trying to drag Seth
into his own personal hell.>>Seth is fighting for his life. [SOUND]>>Okay driver, I’m ready to go,
get me out of here. [NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Buckle up, Teddy.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Get me out, get me out. [NOISE] Get me out of here. [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “Superstars scared senseless: WWE Top 10”

  1. 2:56
    You summoned Boogeyman
    Man Dark Corners should summon Boogeyman like this in Minecraft lol

  2. Most of them did false acting so badly… if you watch in slow motion, you also find their mind blowing over acting!!!

  3. After see this carry moment I realized it's all wrestling fake it's just as a movie bcoz they making us fool..

  4. As I think it's all take bogy men cm out from i side stage how it's possible bogy men cm for bokar T but they run away

  5. Brie is stronger than Seth cause when Kane dragged Brie out the ring she didn’t go under the ring
    No hate on seth

  6. At 0:18 the undertaker scared that lady so bad she was like ima head out without my wheel chair I'm not disabled anymore

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