Superhot VR Gameplay – PlayStation Underground | PS4

Superhot VR Gameplay – PlayStation Underground | PS4

RYAN: Come here you.
SID: Boom. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends and
welcome back. We are playing Superhot VR. Sid is in the virtual world.
Justin is commentating with me. What was that, Justin? JUSTIN: Super … … hot. RYAN: All right, Sid.
You have some — JUSTIN: Sid really
wants to pick it up. RYAN: Sid, do
you want to take it? SID: I want it.
Yeah. Kaboom. Bam, bam, bam. RYAN: Raise your hands. Come here you. [LAUGHTER] All right. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Wait, wait, Sid. Hold on.
Stay still. Don’t move a muscle. SID: Time only moves when I
move; right? RYAN: Right. So that’s the concede of
Superhot VR: You move; time moves. And you’re trying to survive
these challenges, these kind of combative
scenarios. Sid? SID: Is it my time?
RYAN: Unpause. ALL: Whoa. JUSTIN: No, Sid, no. SID: Take two, people. Boom, boom. Bam, bam. [LAUGHTER] SID: This one’s tricky because
of the — RYAN: Careful, careful. JUSTIN: I find myself moving
with him too. RYAN: All right. Wait.
Careful, careful. Okay. Watch out. Watch out.
Watch out. SID: Bam, bam. RYAN: He’s going to be right
there. JUSTIN: Get him with the
ashtray. ALL: Whoa. SID: Bam. [LAUGHTER] SID: Uh-oh. JUSTIN: Oh, careful. Yeah. RYAN: Time … to … pay. [LAUGHTER] SID: Oh, I got hit. JUSTIN: Oh, no. RYAN: Sid. SID: I got greedy.
Bam. Bam, bam, bam, bam. RYAN: Sid is out of control in
this game. ALL: Whoa! SID: Bam. RYAN: Got him, right in the hip. Where’s the next guy?
There he is. SID: How about a drink? RYAN: You finally got to use
your line. All right. Careful, careful,
careful. SID: It broke the cup. ALL: Whoa. RYAN: Oh, Sid, watch out.
Watch out. SID: You can use my phone.
Bam. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: You got it.
You got it. Time to — oh, you missed it. SID: Uh-oh. Cup of coffee. bam. Bam, bam, bam. RYAN: You’re out of ammo. Click, click. The most dangerous sound effect
in an action game. JUSTIN: Oh, right, because you
have to consider it takes time to reload the gun too, so if
you’re not moving, you’re not reloading. SID: You can’t reload. [LAUGHTER] SID: Boom. It’s a little too easy. That’s my only complaint. RYAN: Sid, you flew through that
action. JUSTIN: Sid, have you played
this game before? SID: This is actually my first
time picking it up. In a former life I was a game
pro. JUSTIN: I don’t believe you. Don’t lie to me. RYAN: Are you ready to play?
Show your dedication. SID: Oh, I will. RYAN: Sid, show us your
dedication. Oh, it’s your hand. Are you suppose to do anything? Do you need to pick anything up? SID: I think it’s loading. RYAN: Okay. JUSTIN: Oh, do you have to shoot
yourself? SID: Oh. Boom. JUSTIN: Whoa! SID: This is the menu screen
here. JUSTIN: Oh, my god. Oh, hey, the sticky notes, that
guy with the beard. Not him.
To the right. That’s the artist guy who we
were talking to at E3. RYAN: It does look like him. SID: It’s super cool — JUSTIN: No, literally, that’s
his avatar on Twitter. RYAN: Oh, wait, really?
JUSTIN: Yeah. RYAN: Oh, I love that. SID: I was a huge fan of Apple
2GS gaming, and I love all this, like, late
80s early 90s esthetic here. JUSTIN: Oh, this is so rad. SID: So to point out, Superhot
VR is like the follow-up to the original Superhot. And this is it here, so let’s
enter the mainframe. RYAN: Loading, loading, loading,
loading. JUSTIN: Look at this sick jam. RYAN: Sick. Whoa! SID: Easy. RYAN: Oh, that was good. SID: Oh, my god. I got guys on the left of the
me; I got guys on the right of me. RYAN: Do it, Sid. [LAUGHTER] JUSTIN: That didn’t work. RYAN: I think you still got
taken down. SID: I got clipped. JUSTIN: You got got. RYAN: Shoot that helicopter. SID: Take two, people. RYAN: Careful. Careful. JUSTIN: Yeah.
Get him. RYAN: Nice. Grab it. Return. Oh, you missed it.
You missed it! ALL: Whoa! RYAN: Sid. JUSTIN: This game is ridiculous. RYAN: Oh, my god.
You tore em to pieces. All right, Sid. Sid is not really — accuracy is
not his morst — most important — [LAUGHTER] SID: You daren’t make a single
mistake in this game. Boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Use your “morst” powerful
weapon. It’s your cleverness. Oh. ALL: Oh! RYAN: There might be another one
coming. SID: Whoa! [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Come on. SID: Boom, boom, boom. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Closing down. Sid, you’re going to get shot
again. Watch out. All right.
Now he’s serious. Now he’s serious.
Watch out. SID: Oh. JUSTIN: Sid, no. RYAN: We were so close. Sid, one more try. Crap. Oh, geez. Careful, careful, careful. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: All right.
One more try. SID: One more.
This is it. RYAN: This is it.
This is the one. JUSTIN: This is the try. RYAN: This is the one.
JUSTIN: You got this. RYAN: Grab it.
Here we go. He takes care of that guy first. He takes care of those guys. [LAUGHTER] Watch out. Watch out.
Watch out. SID: They’re ganging up on me
here. It’s crazy. RYAN: One more try. JUSTIN: We’re just going to keep
saying one more try until he gets it. RYAN: All right. SID: That was dumb. RYAN: Oh, one more.
SID: Just one more. No, no, this is it. JUSTIN: Just one more try. Oh, man.
No mercy for that guy. RYAN: Oh, my god, just broke
through the glass. Everything — careful. SID: Little more measured
approach here. Oh, come on.
Come on. JUSTIN: Be shot, hit first, so
should be a win. [LAUGHTER] SID: I gotta take that guy out
first. RYAN: Beautiful, beautiful. SID: Give me your gun. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Careful, careful,
careful. SID: Oh, god. RYAN: Oh, my god, Sid. SID: Give me your gun. ALL: No! [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Ladies and gentlemen,
that was Superhot VR. JUSTIN: It continues to be
Superhot VR. RYAN: It continues to be
Superhot VR. JUSTIN: It is superhot. RYAN: Which is available now on
PlayStation VR. Thank you, Sid.
Thank you, Justin. SID: My pleasure. RYAN: We’ll see you next time. SID: Whoa. [LAUGHTER] [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Great to see Superhot VR be a multiplat. Multiplats are key to VR's viability. Over fragmentation hurts game development.

  2. Good fun game…but I have so many controller problems…my arms don't the way they should and throwing anything in the game is bad…wish the psvr used better motion control and as you can see in the video he's sometimes goes out of the area and it constantly loses track of you.

  3. PlayStation your the best let me tell u why u can play on phone play ps vita u can get vr like this vid and also u get to watch movies and stuff and Xbox is u can only con on. The internet and play PS4 does way more stuff so Xbox suck sorry if u love Xbox if u love Xbox get off this vid ?

  4. Okay so they can release so many games but can’t release gang beasts that’s probably been in development for 2-3 years with the beta also going on in pc

  5. There should be a version of PlayStation Access for places around the world. This video made me think that maybe the US version could be called PlayStation Underground.

  6. Hello, I very much enjoyed this video, it's very inspirational to see how living Virtual Reality.Can I have a free Sony VR?

  7. Does anybody know how I start back from the beginning every time I play this? It keeps starting me back from where I last left off.

  8. Does anyone else notice how accurate the tracking is for them? My tracking is NOTHING compared to it. I would be attempting to shoot and have my hand float off into the distance while I'm still shooting.

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