100 Replies to “Super Neptunia RPG – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. The whole censored thing is stupid as it’s our choice to view content and that means it’s our responsibility.

    On another note, no customisations for clothes? Seems to be missing a lot of features so hopefully it isn’t expensive

  2. Keep the censored version for yourself PS4. I will get it on either Switch or PC!! Why is there a rating system if you're going to censor a game?!?!

  3. Buying on Steam, you're really helping out Valve and Nintendo with all this censorship Sony. Keep it up, dummies.

  4. Looks like the battle system was taken from Cross Edge/Agarest 2. Would have bought it for Vita if it were released there.

  5. Thank goodness I'm getting the Switch version. I don't appreciate Sony's censorship policy

  6. I used to always choose PS4 version of games over the Nintendo Switch, not anymore, lets see how profitable censorship turns out Sony.

  7. Wow this looks terribly ugly. This is just one big cashgrab for Neptunia fans thinking that they'd buy this game just because Neptunia is slapped on as the title. This is garbage, don't waste your time with this.

  8. Wont buy anything censored. I'm an adult. And if I buy games with adult themes. That my prerogative. Honestly I'm not even sure I'll go with a PS5 with all the censorship Sony keeps laying down

  9. i might get this game on the switch because it has the title "super neptunia rpg" in it which reminds me so much of "super mario rpg." basically the title's swapped names. i'm surprised that nobody's even mentioned that in the comment section instead of complaining how sony will censor their version of this game. come on, people. am i the only one who noticed the title swap?

  10. I love the enjoy the Neptune Series
    And I love the English VA. (Need more plutia) and yet I get annoyed when the limites edition come out after the release of said game. Example : hyperdimension Neptunia vii. PS4 came out. Then the limited edition for PS4. Then finally the switch version (probably with all the dlc)
    So they might do the same when pa4 of this come out. And then 5 month later the switch version of this come out…. dlc included….

  11. How come I didn't get notified about this? Doesn't matter, i'm not getting the garbage PS4 censored version.

  12. I actually like how this looks more than the previous games. I tried playing the original ones on pc not too long ago, and got a little bored of the environment and gameplay.

  13. Playstation might as well start uploading the Switch trailers for these games. Hope you guys revert back to how you were before.

  14. Wasn't this game coming out for Nintendo switch too? Edit: nvm I already saw the comment confirming it. Can't wait to play it on switch

  15. Switch and pc versions are better so not this time Sony you got recked by pc and switch as they are going to get the most copies sold

  16. Honestly your much better off buying the Steam version since not only is it not censored, it's also comes out sooner (I think by a week or two) and it will also be cheaper (something about iffy having a 20% off deal for early adopters)

  17. New to Neptunia here. What's this censorship thing about? They aren't dressed THAT modestly to me…

  18. Is the Nintendo Switch in this game? Is she a petanko travestite loli? Ya'know, because … SWITCH? lol

  19. Hey Sony, I dont know if you relise this but the peope who play these games arent children, stop babying us and censoring stuff for no reason, btw great job on losing sales for this game, dont keep it up

  20. F*ck you sony for censoring the nep nep, not even nintedo, famous for being family friendly, sensors the anime goodNess in their games. I'm a sony fan too, I got your premium phones and ps4, get with the program. You guys lack when it comes to software often.

  21. 99.9% of people's comments are getting this on the PC/Steam or the Switch, AND I'M ONE OF THEM
    The remaining 1%, others.

    Yeah, jokes on you, Sony, but I've already decided to go with the Switch version.

  22. Why would you take it upon yourself to censor things Sony? Nobody wants that. Definitely pick up for the switch. Show Sony we don't agree with the pointless censorship by not buying these games for their platform.

  23. i hope the sjw trash you are trying to please buys your games for once(or actually even plays them for that matter) to make up for the actual buyers leaving you.

  24. Do you want to know, why PC is master race?
    – Sony's censorship
    – Nintendo Switch's low resolution, paid online service and big prices.

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