Super Mario Odyssey – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Cap and Cascade Kingdom! (Nintendo Switch)

Super Mario Odyssey – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Cap and Cascade Kingdom! (Nintendo Switch)

What’s up guys! Zack Scott here, playing ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ for the Nintendo Switch. I am super, super excited to be playing this game! I’ve been looking forward to it, since it was announced. I’ve had it pre-ordered for months, and yet Nintendo was kind enough to send me a free copy… …so I can get my gameplay footage out early. Thanks to you guys, Mario games have done really well on my channel… …which means they’re some of the most popular Mario videos on YouTube! In fact, the first episode of ‘Super Mario 3D World’… …has over fifty-two thousand likes, and over twenty-one million views… …making it my most popular video ever! I would be thrilled if this video got a fraction of that! So, thanks in advance for any likes and favorites you can give me on this video series! Also, thanks to your support, we now have nearly two point eight million subscribers! That’s incredible, and I cannot thank you guys enough. I will do my best to bring you even more awesome videos. Just leave a comment letting me know which games made you subscribe… …and which games you’d like to see me play in the future. But now, without further ado… …let’s play ‘Super Mario Odyssey’! Here we go! Whoa, it’s Bowser! Whoa… And he’s dressed fancy! Watch out! Missed him. You missed Mario! Of course, of course he would go back to Peach’s castle! Just leave them alone! Nice ship, though. And nice hat, Mario! Oh, it took his hat…okay? This boomerang hat here… Ohoho, whoa! Hit Mario really hard! And she has like, a little tiara that has eyes! There goes Mario’s hat, just fluttering down. Oh my gosh! Bowser! Oh man, I don’t think she’s happy about that! Tada! All right, at least Mario’s hat is safe. Alright. Oh, pfft! Hahaha! Nevermind, I thought it was safe! Nice texture, though. Oh hey, this… this hat…ghost guy, got it. Hopefully, he can do something about Mario. What’s gonna happen? Mario’s in black and white world. Wakey-wakey. Look around. Ok. Ok, yeah. I’m just napping. I’m taking a nap! Jump! Hahaha! A yellow moon? Is that his ship, up there? Ok, run around, jump. Got it. Look around. Basic controls. Great graphics, so far. I like the grass texture. Now, I’m sure I gotta do something. Let’s see. Alright. Whoa! What…did I just break that? Hold on…I’m just getting… …just getting used to the controls here. Oh, nice. Yes, classic! Classic jump. What else we got? Ok, coins were there. Whoa! Huh, I don’t know. Ok, let’s go up here. What’s up? I don’t wanna waste a lot of time just fumbling with the controllers, but… …let’s go follow him now. Hey, little froggy. Can I jump on the froggy? Haha! I got rid of his hat! Anyway! Okay. Great, let’s keep following. Well, hello-hello. It’s me…it’s me, Mario. “It’sa me, Mario!” I don’t think so. I don’t know what you mean by ‘Them’. All right. Don’t be so bashful! It’s part of my hat. I like how they use the Bowser emoji. They should make that standard on all phones. Oh, great. Oh, no. Oh, that’s the tiara that she’s wearing! Oh, man! Two captured women! Yeah, they look pretty…pretty messed up. Yeah…such a sad place. I don’t know…there’s a tiara lookin’ thing, and then, Peach. I know Peach,… …I don’t know the name of the tiara yet. Okay, but oh, my hat’s missing and you have just part of it. And, he will instead be my hat! Ah haha! Ah, come on! Hahaha! I like how Mario’s like, ‘Come on!’. Hahaha! All right. Cappy! Perfect! That is exactly my style! Awesome! Stylish…and functional. Alright, what can i do with Cappy here? Nice. So, I have like two jumps, sort of. Nice. Try a throw? Ok. We’ll throw the cap. Oh great. Woah! Thanks for all the coins! That little video, in the corner is not something I put in, it’s something the game put in. Alright, great. What do I do now? Yes, yes I can break boxes! You better believe it. Now, I’ve seen some video of how this cap can operate. Let’s see. Nice. Oh, what’s down here? Hold on. Hold on. Posters of Bowser and Peach!? Get ’em outta here! Oh, coins. Great. Thank you. Can I get anything special for tearing down these posters? Get these posters outta here. Oh, hey they clapped for me. They’re happy I did it. Alright here we go. Another poster no one wants. Getting all these coins, I’m collecting a lot of coins here. I almost have a hundred. Alright Whoah! I turned on the light. That’s cool! Hi. Sure, show me. Oh, great. What’d I do, pull up an in-game menu? Ok, I…you know, I’m not gonna go over the controls. Hahaha! Okay great. So, we know this. Now, it seems there’s frequently platforms…off here… What do I do with this? Ow. All right, fine. All right. I like that jump, though. Now, I hear that you can use a thing… Oh! Here we go. Here we go. What’s this? Nice That’s cool! Look at this. Look at me jump! Nice. Coins again! Oh no, it fills up with water? That’s some nice looking water though. Get these Bowser posters out of here. I’ve had it! Get me in here! Haha. It’s hat-shaped. It’s perfect! Any, other like, side parts to be on? Now, there might be something down here. Let’s go see. Another poster of Bowser no one wants! Alright, great. Can I just grab those coins? Nice! I don’t even have to go over there. Me too, my friend. Look at this. Oh, I’m covered in soot! I got it off. There we go! More coins. I already have, over a hundred coins. I hope this is good. Nice. Okay, well hey let’s not…waste it… Nice. Okay. Oops, sorry! Look at these plants. Hold on. What are these plants all about? Oh, I got a heart. Just coins, for now. What say you? Let’s get a move on. Well, don’t you worry. We’re gonna get right on to it, here. Nice. Nice. Open it up. Wonderful. Excuse me, birds. Oh, nice! He pulled the switch for me. Alright well, here we go. That looks awesome. Hahaha! Oh, Goomba…! Oh jeez! Oh my gosh! Yeah, ‘What little odd fellows.’ They seem to know me, though! Another heart Some Bowser posters! Get…get Bowser posters out of here! No…no one likes this! No one better be going to see Bowser’s show or…whatever the heck, this is…his wedding. Hahaha! All right, cool. I feel much better. They clapped! But, why are they clapping for me…who knows? Let’s go in! Let’s see what can happen here. Nice, if you just hold the button down… All right, probably missed some opportunities, there. You think back here…here’s something. There we go! Just be sure to hold that down. Ah, man. Okay well, good enough. It’s kind of interesting it’s like… I have like, a couple of different types of jumps, I could do. Oh…this sunk. It sunk! Halp! Haha! Alright. Hahaha! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! I’m going inside the mind of a frog! What is it like!? What did I do, to deserve this!? Oh, Mario. Oh, Mario! Almost like Hypno Toad! But, these are frogs, not toads. I am the frog. Hahaha! Hahaha! (READING) Frog emoji! All right so, now that I’m a frog…what the heck? Whoa! I could jump super high! Hold on, let’s go over here. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Nice! Oh, wait. Hold on. Let’s see. How high can I go? Let’s get this place explored. Hold on. Let me look back up. How do I look back up? Some sort of rings up there. You can almost reach it… oh, come on! Whoa! Okay, great. Yes! Wonderful! That’s like an extra handful of coins. Shake the Pro Controller to high jump… Oh, my goodness. So, I probably could’ve made that… I didn’t realize you had to shake it, to do a high jump. That’s so crazy. Okay, let’s just keep going. It’s great being a frog…it’s a weird world. Is this a kingdom in on itself? Hold on…nice! High jump works! Just gotta hit it. Oh, goombas. Goombas! What do I do? Help! Goombas are here! Haha! Help! Nice! Excuse me. Wish I could eat them, or something. Got ’em. All right. This is fun. Now, what do I do about over here? Haha! I just jumped off of his head. All right. Hold on. Hold on. Let’s see what this is. All right. This is some sort of a training program, probably. Now… Over here, we have, uh some more rings. Beautiful! Uh, can I just make that jump? Oh, hold on. I prob-…I might be able to. Oh my gosh. It’s so hard being a frog these days! Hold on. Hold on. What are these?… A heart. You know I’m just trying to be a little thorough, here. So I’m gonna grab that heart as well. Ooh, almost got hit by the goomba! Gotcha instead! Okay. Here we go. Goodness gracious. Now there’s a chest. Oh oh oh oh! But no…wait. Maybe, I don’t want to be in… inside of the frog anymore! Maybe I do. Frog, come back. Come back, frog. Frog? Where are you? Dah, come on! All right. Put out the fire. Who knows what’s… I don’t know if, I need to be in the frog still? Can I go like, way up there? I don’t know. There’s a chest here, though for me. Just for me! Uh, what do we got? Excuse me, how do I open this chest? Sorry, this should not be…I should not be doing so… Oh, there we go. Oh, a big heart! So I have six, now. Great! All right. All right. Outside a big black top-hat… Oh, I thought…ok, no. This is not a cutscene, ok. For whatever reason, I thought it was like a cutscene for a second there. Uh… but, what do I do? Let’s see. What needs to happen? I guess we’ll just walk around… You guys hiding behind here? I see you guys hiding! You are hiding somewhere! Maybe you should run away! Up to you. I still got my hat. What’s up guys? Can I…can I…no? Can I control a ghost? Like, hey get rid of your hat, give me…you know, take mine. Haha! No? That’s okay. Let’s keep going. Oh, here’s a flag. Hang your hat on that. Top-Hat Tower’. That’s where we are. Oh, cool. So, and so yeah, the monsters ruined everything. Bad days do happen! I’m gonna try. Nice. Why is there a… Huh? All right, th-the…ok the longer you… I also say be careful. Oh, I just…oh, I just went around. Ok. So, let’s go up. It looks like we’re gonna have to fight something. Let’s see what… A lot of this is just kind of experimentation here, but we’re having a lot of fun. This hat looks like it’s made of felt, or something. They’re clapping. They’re clapping! Uh? Oh, my gosh. Look at these rabbids. They’re not ‘Rabbids’, but they’re rab-bits. Haha! My goodness. That’s my best rabbit accent. All right, looking like a leprechaun with those green hats and the green outfit. Oh, this is a fight. This is a fight, though. Okay, hi. Get away from me. Get away from me. Keep getting away fr-…Whoa! Alright, I think I jump on him, right? Got him! And he left some coins behind. Oh, geez! Hold on. Get outta here, hats. Ugh! Dang it! I got hit by one of them. Oh, I’m supposed to hit the hats…I think. There we go. Hey, I got…I got heals. I got heals! Boom! Only two little rounds. Got him though. He’s fallen over. Nice! What…? Oh my gosh. I became electricity. I just became electricity! That’s a hard word to spell. Haha! Odyssey. Haha! I sometimes have to look it up still , when typing it out. But yeah, I cannot… I’m so excited about this game. So, so excited! You guys cannot even comprehend. Maybe you can? Maybe you too, are excited! So we’re in a new kingdom here. Hahaha! Oh, man I’m not… I don’t think Mario’s enjoying it, too much. Boom! Hahaha! Nice landing. All right. Wow, I guess it’s behind there, huh? All right, so… All right, yeah, let’s see if we can find it. Hey checkpoint, right? Checkpoint, right!? Got it. ‘Waterfall Basin’, so what’s this place all about? Now I saw these, flying in. These purple donuts. I got… …three of fifty. Ok, so there’s fifty. That’s gonna be quite the find. Oh, boy. You just gotta, like look at the edges, I guess. Can I climb this? Can I climb this? Haha! There we go! Oh, shake it to go faster. Whoa! Beautiful. Oh, we get a good view of everything from here. Oh, there’s some more… I can see the purple right down there. Uh, I see some purple up there too and over there. Okay, so yeah purple coins over th-… okay. Yeah. Great. Tada! All right. So, we’ve reached this checkpoint. Dang, can I control a bird? Come on… Alright, what’s this? Okay. It’s a little pillow. Alright, so this is kind of like an intro world, I guess. Uh, what does this say? All right. Well, okay. Whoa, whoa! Oh, I can’t capture these guys, either? I just… hit them. That’s fine. I think they wanted me to practice. Whoa! It’s like an 8-bit cat Mario. Do you see that? Hold up. Okay. Are there any coins, over on these ledges? There’s… some, right over there. Hold on. I’m gonna go over here first. All right six of fifty. Nice. Hey, buddy. Wah! Oh, I’m in! I’m in! I have a mustache! Whoa! Jeez! Sorry, sorry. Nah, okay. I’m in. Clearly, I meant to break this. Nice, and that’s a power moon! ♪ Pow-pow-power moon! ♪… Oh, excuse me! Excuse me, don’t hurt me! Now, where did I see… …the…there they are, I remember these. Alright, I got nine of fifty. Now I can’t promise that I’ll get like a hundred percent, like my first go-through. Hold on. I can… I can do this, maybe. Ugh! Ok, not. I can’t do that. Ok, hah! I’ll just go around! Here we go! So, there’s a power moon over here. Don’t worry. I will go grab it. Anything behind it, before we grab it? Nope. Congratulations to me! Haha! We got the first power moon. That’s exciting! Oh wow, what a break. Give me a break! Oh yeah. There’s bound to be a multi-moon up there. For sure. I kind of remember some moons in ‘Super Mario World’. I don’t know if they were called ‘Power Moons’ though. All right, I just wanted to check to see if there’s anything over here, before we leave. All right, leave me out of this. I’m gonna…I’m gonna explore a little bit. You don’t mind if I explore, do you? Ah! There we go. It’s paying off! Some purple donuts. I dunno, I’m getting some ‘Mario 64’ vibes from it, though. Anything else to look forward to? Swim. Yea, swim up, don’t don’t drown. Mario? Mario! Oh my gosh! Help! I’m swimming! All right. Did the best I could. I’m just exploring, by the way. Uh, whoa! All right. Perfect. Some more of the purple donuts. I feel comfortable enough… …that I know I don’t need to go down through the waterfall… but, let’s just see what’s… If there’s anything over here. No. Looks like a… Whoa, whoa. There is a chest. Not sure how to get that chest. That’s okay, we’re gonna keep going through. What more to do? What more to do? This is a much more open world version of Mario than we’re used to, I think. Especially recently. Oh, wow. Look at this hat. Okay, globe time. And I’ve unleashed a power moon. Just a little sliver. Not enough. Uh, probably? Hahaha! Probably so. Uh, let’s see now. One thing about this game, uh… how do you look at the, uh… …there it is. Check this out. If you go look at this map, ‘Cascade Kingdom’ Uh, “‘Cascade Kingdom’. Land of waterfalls and natural treasures. ‘Fossil Falls’, the last holdout of history. Population: Unknown. Currency: Stone Disks” Um, so yeah, it gives you like a whole little guide… …”Natural pattern: The Fossil. If you look closely at the stone walls, you will notice fossils mixed in. Think of it as nature’s mosaic,”… …” and remember it always.” So like this is kind of a cool little guide, that tells you about the place… …it’s it’s, you know designed like a travel guide. There’s a map of where I need to go… Ooh, the prehistoric tyrant. “Researchers believe the specimen is female.” “What secrets hide beh-… within the barrier of the ancient wall? And then, ‘An old odd structure’. Three keys to the kingdom? Experience the glory of nature, with the eye-popping ‘Great Falls’. See dinosaurs! Prehistoric rulers, of a bygone age and find treasures of the past, tucked away everywhere you look. So that’s pretty cool that they’ve put it like a Travel Guide for us to have some little, a little bit of fun. Hint, to what may be to come? Let’s see where do I need to go? I’m always on the lookout for these… I’m always going to be on the lookout for these purple donuts…purple coins… What are they called in the guide? I don’t even remember now! All right, I don’t need this heart, but I’ll take it. Gives me some coins. Yeah, so we’re gonna explore. Birds! Can I catch you!? I cannot. Hey, there’s some purple donuts over here! Alright, eighteen of fifty. There’s some more, up there. Let’s see. How can I reach it? Let’s see. Oh, wow. There’s a dinosaur right there. Look at him. He’s asleep! There’s a boss up there. There’s a giant skeleton, right there. Some purple coins, everywhere. How do I get over here? I thought, maybe I could… hey let’s see if I can just jump over to it. I guess, right? That’s what I would search for. Alright so I know…dragonfly! Nope. I can’t be a dragonfly. So I know that there’s, like a way you can… …jump across this. Okay, totally nailed it. Nailed it! Let’s see if I can make that jump. I’m not totally used to the controllers yet, to…do the controls, yet. Well, hold on…oh no, you gotta hold the hat, right? Yeah, you gotta hold the hat. Okay great. I’m gonna try this jump one more time. If it doesn’t work, then you know… …we’ll just move on. Not a big deal. Pfft! Hahaha! I jumped over it! We’ll get used to the controls, with time! So, this is… All right, so… Okay great. That’s all I’m trying to do. Ah! I feel like I almost got it! I really do feel like I almost got that. Sorry. Let me try again! These jumps are… I mean, they’re not meant to be complicated… But, I’m still you know, I’m a ‘New Player’ come on! Cut me some slack guys! Okay, here we go. If this works, then great. If not, then oh well. Here we go. So, this…spins. Oh, I let go. Why!? I’m sorry. Hahaha! Edit! Edit this out! I’m still gonna use this to… I’ve seen like in the trailer… You’ve seen Mario do this and this is something… …I’ve wanted to do, for so long so let me just, please get this right! Nice!…No!…Yes! I made it! I made it! That’s actually kind of hard to pull of. Uh… There’s four donuts, here. Give them to me. Thank you. All right, made it. And then, over here… …uh, checkpoint. All right, great. And then over here, there’s something. That’s like it’s blocked by a rock. Probably have to use that t-rex, or something to open it up. I don’t know. All right. No need for fancy tricks anymore, let’s just get a move on. All right. Before we do… yeah, yeah. More of the purple donuts. I think that’s wh-…I don’t know what to call them! Let’s see. All right. I got half of them! That’s pretty good, right? Half of the purple donuts. Now these guys…they don’t leave me alone. Leave me alone, I’m gonna go get the t-rex to help me out. All right. Hey buddy…wait…was there a purple donut? I thought I saw…I just saw them again! Gotta keep an eye out. You don’t want to miss these. I guess, I don’t know there for, yet. Hahaha! But you don’t want to miss them! All right, t-rex! Oh, he’s asleep…she’s asleep. Nice, I am now a t-rex! Oh my goodness. What do I do? What do I do? I break stuff! I break stuff! All right. Here we go. How do I… Nice. Okay great. Oh, here’s something to break, right? What is this? Attack. Nice. Broke it..oh, that’s a power moon! Oh, there’s a whole wall here. Oh, wait, wait no Mario! Go back. Okay Excellent! Excellent! I’m nature’s most ferocious beast! All right, we’re doing great. I’m breaking everything. I’m breaking everything! I’m breaking the rules!… I’m not breaking the rules. All right. what do I…okay. Sorry. I’m kidding! Haha! All right. Let’s go. We are on a mission. Oh hey… hey. What, you guys came… did you guys come back, or…? All right. We’re great. We’re doing great. Let’s go this way. All right, here’s a checkpoint. Oh boy. Nice. I just saved the checkpoint. I am one ferocious beast! Oh, hey…hey you! Goodbye. Goodbye. Nice. Look I broke that! Oh my gosh! That looks really cool! All right. ‘Release Capture’?… why would I do that? I’m having the time of my life, as a t-rex! Uh oh! It’s fading away. What happens when it fades? Don’t fade…don’t lea-…oh, it’s gone. All right. All right, Cappy. All right. Again, let’s see if we’ve missed any purple… I know other there’s some over there, but I’m just kind of, checking the sidelines. We might have to backtrack a little bit, just to see. All right. We’re doing great. Ooh… that’s quite the ways down. Now hold on, I want to make sure it… whoa! there’s like a cat… hold on. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Excuse me, there’s like a ‘Cat Peach’ thing, over there. Got it. Yeah, well… come on they keep popping up! Have I…did I capture this? Oh, I did, I guess. Ok, I did. But I did not capture… Oh, she just gave me a heart. Okay. I’ll take it, I guess. Oh, it’s up there… hold on… up there. How do I get up there? Oh, I see exactly how to get up there. All right. Hold on. All right. Here we go. No!…oh okay, no we’re fine. Hahaha! I thought I just fell into the cliff…inside…the whatever…the chasm! All right. Here we go. Come on, Mario. You’re better than this. Okay… Mario! Hahaha! All right, got it. I got thirty-seven of fifty. I saw…did I see some more over here? Am I… did I make it up? Oh, jeez! Oh, no! Help! Help! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, whoa , whoa, whoa! I just totally, freaked everything out! All right. I think this is what I did, like inadvertently! But, perfect. ‘Spin Throw’ so I’m not using… I’m not using those, I’m using the pro. Beautiful, I made a flower, and got a heart. All right. Let’s see what’s over here. Again, I’m taking my time through this. Now I do know that this game isn’t designed, such that you can get every single power moon… …or you know, or maybe even sometimes the coins uh, through your first, uh… …playthrough of a stage and you’re gonna have to do some backtracking… …to get all of them. So, as much as I would love to just devote this entire… …episode to getting every single power moon of this very first kingdom, it’s impossible. You can’t do that. So… There’s some relief in that…oh, there it is. There’s some relief in that… But I got a… I did get a power moon. I need three more. I think I know exactly where they are. ‘Cuz they said something about a triple power moon. Excuse me. Don’t hurt me! All right, so here we go. All right here, we go. Come on. Come on! No, no, no, no! Help! Hahaha! Alright, I’ll learn! And now this looks really cool. Let me just make sure there’s nothing to the side here. Ok, this looks super cool! This is where you become like, classic ‘NES’ Mario. There we go. Nice! Nice. This is old-school game-play like on the side of a wall, you gotta love that. Oh, nice I can still get the… the extra coins. All right, I don’t know how concerned I am about getting everything here, but… What? Oh, okay. Whoa, so there’s a… hold on. There’s a side… Oh, wow. Oh hey, there’s a moon!? Nice! Excellent. So, congratulations to me. Um, what else are we gonna do here? All right. Now, what I will do is, once I actually start recording more of me getting like , all the coins… …all of the power moons… all that stuff… …I will have compilation episodes, that will show you exactly where to find each and every one of them… …and, that can be used as more of a…for like a guide purpose. For now, just treat this kind of as like a game-play. Again, like I said, if you take a look…uh… if you look at the list here… So there’s so many… just how many power moons are there, on this first stage? Twenty-five. There are twenty-five You know, it’s gonna take me like, well over an hour to get all twenty-five power moons. And plus, I know for a fact… …that you cannot possibly get all of them until later in the game. So, it won’t be… you know, it won’t do any good, to try to collect them all right now. But I will… I do plan on backtracking and getting some more. Oh, that’s cool. ‘Capture List’. Nice! ‘Souvenir’. I don’t have any souvenirs. So there’s forty of fifty of those coins, and I only have three… … of twenty-five of the power moons. Okay, great. So here we are. Let’s make sure to lock this in. Again, looking for any sort of purple… …purple coins. Ok, great. Let’s see. Are you telling me that…oh it’s a heart. It’s a heart upgrade. They’re just coins. So I guess maybe six is the max? No! Okay, great. What I do? What I do? Help! Can I take him out? Okay, there’s only…room for, two of us… one…I don’t know. Haha! Got him! Oh wait, there’s a block. Oh, hold on. Hold on. I’m this one. All right. Great. I’m gonna try to crash. Ah, not… not good enough. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Excuse me! Okay. Got it! Broken! We now have a nice little path. And again, I’m just looking over the edges. Now this is some serious business, here. Let’s see what we need to do. This is gonna be some sort of a boss fight. So, sure! Uh-oh, she has her own pet! She’s so beautiful! Hahaha! And she has a… Haha! Oh, no! Not Chain Chompikins! What does one do? Do I capture? Oh hold on… oh! Okay. Yea, I’m pretty sure I capture Dang it! How do I do this? I’m on! I’m in! Oh, she’s mad. She’s mad. Wind up… send her flying! Boom! Gotcha! All right. Great. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? I dodged it. All right. How do I get on? The hat. The hat…is so… No! Oh so, you knock off the hat first… …and then, you get on the hat. Okay, great. She’s chasing me. She’s chasing me! Heeelp! She’s tired. Boom! In the face again. So I gotta knock off the Chain Chompikins hat, first. Oh, gosh. Nice work, Mario! I don’t know how you possibly dodged that? Okay, so I knocked off the hat. I’m on. I’m on! I’m on! She’s gonna try to chase me. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me! ♪ Can’t touch this! ♪ ♪ Another one in the basket. ♪ Boom! Hahaha! All right. That was awesome! Wow. Super! That’s a triple power moon right there. Hopefully, that’s enough for what we need to do. “Ah!” Yeah! Hahaha! All right. Great. Excellent. I’m happy for it. I’m happy for me! Hahaha! Happy for me, and Cappy! We are well on our way. “Yeah!” And we showed up right at the hat. All right. Sure. Alright, so I’ve found five new moons. I don’t know how many we need to power this completely, but… Not bad. Six looks adequate. And this… this flying top hat is fully powered. Here we go. I think it is… Sure seems like it was. Awesome. All right. So… We’re gonna move onwards. All right. Now, one thing I want to do…okay, ‘Cap Kingdom’ is where we started. I can’t go there… Can I go back to where I was? There’s only one option, why do you need me to choose? Uh, well I can quit. What happens if I quit? So, I’m back here. Now, again. Like it would take me, probably a long time, to track down every single… …extra moon. And then, plus, you cannot possibly get all of them now though. There’s one right there. Oh, there’s a new Chain Chomp here, too! Hold on. Okay. Oh, I can fast travel. That’s cool. So um… let’s see. Let’s go back to the beginning, there’s like, uh… Oh my goodness.See, there just like…there’s just moons, just hanging out! What the heck? I mean, I’ll take the moons just hanging out…what the heck is this? Perfect! That one was a hard one! Haha! Oh jeez, these guys. These guys, again. The moon’s are just everywhere. Um…oh, hey. Who’s this? Hold on. Hold on, there’s a cap here too. There was just a moon up on that build…that building too. Uh…whatev…oh, it’s a pillow. Hey, Toad! Sure, let’s buy a hint. Let’s see what he means. All right, so now… there’s a power moon over there. It’s probably the one I saw already. So, uh you know… so finding the power moons on your own isn’t, impossible… But, also you can get some help from, I guess that toad. To mark them on your map, and then you can go find them. But I know… …for a fact that even at this point, you cannot get all the power mo… you cannot get all twenty-five power moons. I think you can get maybe seventeen, uh, the first seventeen power moons at this point. But again, it kind of gets to be like, well, what do we… what do we want to do? …do we want to focus on those, for now, or do we want to advance the story, and move on? That’s gonna be, really, the question that you guys are gonna have to answer for me, in the comments. Let me know in the comments below, how much time do you want me to dedicate to power moons… …on each world, before moving on? Because, we’re already about forty-five minutes into this episode. And, uh, you know I could spend another hour just here, probably… …locating the rest of the seventeen initial power moons. And, like I said, if you take a look at the list, you know… I know for a fact, that you know, we got the first five. We also…uh, he’s located the seventh. And, um… I don’t know where the sixth is. But, I know for a fact that you cannot get all twenty five, at this point. You’ve gotta backtrack at some point in the game, to come back and get them. And also, if you take a look, we cannot return to ‘Cap Kingdom’ right now. But, I assume that we can, later? I only assume that because if you check it out… …there are seventeen power moons, in Cap Kingdom… …and, fifty of the purple hats. So, we have forty of the fifty… …donuts, or whatever they’re called here. Stones. Uh, so yeah. So… So one, we already cannot backtrack at this moment, to ‘Cap Kingdom’. So, I can’t do like, ‘Hey, Cap Kingdom! A hundred percent everything’, right now. But, like I said in the future, I’m gonna edit together some videos, once I start finding… …uh…once I start finding everything, I will edit together videos, so that you can see… …uh, exactly, you know where each one is, and you can use it as a guide. So that’s gonna be my plan. For now, we’re focused mostly on the story, and just kind of like a little game-play/walk-through of this. Hello, bird. Oh, I can talk to it. Hahaha! That’s my best…bird impression! So, uh… there, there are apparently, um… You know, uh… …he gives hints to where they are. If you don’t want to flat out buy them. You can just get hints and he might give you a little hint. I don’t know exactly what that means, for the time bei-… whoa. There’s more, more… more purple coins over there. And again, uh… I’ll have videos, you know…once I get further into the game I’m gonna start releasing videos… …that will show, exactly…um… …exactly, where to find every power moon, every coin. You can look forward to that. Also, I’m… there’s sure to be other game guides out as well. So…let’s take a look. Can I actually fast travel up to here? Because if I can… yeah, I can. Then I can just go ahead and get that moon that’s just hanging up there. Ok, we gotta reload. So, so far, you know… One, thanks to Nintendo for sending me a copy of this game early, so that I could get some gameplay footage out for you. And two, it’s been pretty amazing so far. So, I got a moon. Very cool Let’s go ahead and activate this, and just see what happens. This hat, right here. Okay, yeah. I can go in? Great. Oh, there’s a mirror. And there’s me in the mirror! What’s this? Oh, I can change my costume, or something? How do I leave? I don’t remember how to leave. Oh, I guess I gotta throw it on the globe. Is that right? Okay, there we go. We got two… two extra moons. That’s right. So putting them in the moon juice. I have eight now. Not that it matters, too much. So next episode, we’re gonna focus on this next kingdom. At least the main story, the main missions and the main power moons. Again, we will not be able to get a hundred percent. It’s impossible to get a hundred percent of the power moons, right now. Well, we’d probably get all the purple coins at this moment. I think. But, we can’t get all of them initially. And then, so there will be is some backtracking in the future, I don’t know when? But, off we go. So, let me know how you want me to tackle it. Because, I could always go back here… …and find the rest of the moons that are necessary, like right now… …but… …I think it’s gonna make sense to proceed on wards with the story, and whatnot. And then save later episodes, for back-tracking purposes. Here we go. Oh, I got a captain’s hat! Hahaha! Here we go. We are off, on an adventure. Very cool. Very epic! This place is beautiful. All right. So where are we going? Where are we heading? This will give us a peek into what we’re gonna see, next episode. I’m fine. No don’t show me… Actually… no. No, I’m not gonna make you guys watch me look at the action guide. All right. All right. Well, off we go. And so, yeah. We’re not gonna play the ‘Sand Kingdom’ this episode. But next episode will showcase: Captain Mario, in ‘Sand Kingdom’. What’s with the ice? …is where the next power moon’s gonna be, I guess. And yeah. I’m cold! Maybe so. Hahaha! But, we’ll check that out next episode, guys. Thanks so much, for watching. Thank you so much for every like, comment, favorite… all that stuff! Be sure to come back next time, for some more ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. I am enjoying the heck out of this game! I cannot wait to bring you guys more episodes! See you then! Good-bye, and thank you for watching! I’m Zack Scott. Subscribe, if you have not. If you like this video… …and want to help this channel grow, all you gotta do, is click the like button below. Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is Otto, Egon, and I’ll see you next time for more.

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