Summer Games ? Extreme Sports w/ PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies & More! | Nick Jr.

Summer Games ? Extreme Sports w/ PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies & More! | Nick Jr.

[music playing] Here’s the pitch! – Get it, pups!
– Let’s go, woo! It’s time for the Nick Jr.
Extreme Summer Sports Show! Now that’s… extreme! The most pawesome! Rocky, that was pawesome! The most bubbly! The most daring! Daring time! The most pigtastic! The most blazing, extreme
summer sports show ever! First up, let’s play some
outdoor summer games with the pups of Paw Patrol! [barking] That’s a long long-jump, Chase! This puppy’s gotta… hop, hop, hop! [giggling] Way to go, Skye! Gotcha! Nice catch, Zuma! Ryder, watch me high-jump! [howling] Rocky, that was pawesome! Ryder, I think I figured it out now! [groaning] Tug of war?
Fun! [growling] Woah! Now you’re getting
the hang of it, Rubble! Woah! [giggling] I’m good! Now let’s head under water
with the Bubble Guppies for an extreme game
of Ultimate Puddleball! It’s a beautiful day for Puddleball! [cheering] [music playing] Plenty of rain and we’re seeing some
absolutely perfect puddles down there! OK, let’s play Puddleball! [music playing] [cheering] Here’s the pitch! [music playing] [cheering] Safe! [cheering] And he’s safe at first puddle! [music playing] [cheering] [skidding] Safe! [cheering] [gasping] [cheering] And now the Nick Jr. Extreme Sports Show
is proud to present a crushing game of Mega Truck Ball! Dude, I am so pumped! This is gonna be awesome! Yeah, super awesome! Ladies and gentletrucks! It’s time for Truck Ball! Play ball! Good luck, Crusher! [giggling] I’m not gonna need luck! [engine revving] [stammering] [gasping] [slipping] Lug nuts! The ball slipped away! [giggling] Now’s my chance to win! [engine revving] [music playing] – Oh, no!
– Hurry, Blaze! Crusher is about to score the last point! [engine revving] [tires screeching] [giggling] I’m about to win! [engine revving] [music playing] Oh, yeah! What? Starla, catch! Your turn, Darington! Over to you, Zeg! Zeg! [music playing] Goal! Blaze’s team wins, Blaze’s team wins! [cheering] – What a game!
– We won, y’all! Way to go, you guys! We knew you could do it! It was a great game, everyone! We make an awesome team! [chanting] [engines revving] Heads up, extreme sports fans! We’re flying to Big Swirl Island
with the Top Wing cadets! Were Brody’s kicking up
his awesome skateboard competition! Ah-ka! Welcome to the Big Swirl Games! They are… turtlely awesome! Timmy and Shelly are our judges! [cheering] I hope everyone’s ready
for some great tricks! First up, Rod! – Go, Rod!
– Go, Rod! Here I go! Rooster style! Hoo-hoo, Rod does
The Chicken Dance Strut! [music playing] Let’s see what the judges say! [drum roll] He nailed it! Rod style! Five stars! Nice trick! Swift, grab your board! [music playing] Yes! Woohoo! Sweet moves, Swift! That’s a– one, two, multiply by three,
divide by two, carry the one
and that’s five stars for Swift! [cheering] Then Penny rides it penguin style! [music playing] Five stars for Penny
and her belly-board move! [cheering] Alrighty, now let’s hear it for Rocko! Er… I’m just gonna borrow this,
thanks so much. [music playing] Yeah! Now that’s… extreme! Didn’t think pigs could surf? Neither did we! That was until Zuma and the pups
showed us how it’s done with this radical wind surfing rescue! I could seriously use some help! I think Corny’s trying to set
some new zig-zag speed record! [squealing] Come on, Rocky, faster! [engine revving] Corny, dude, slow down! [squealing] Careful, Corny, steer away from him! Like he understands me…
or knows how to steer! [squealing] [screaming] Woah, that was lucky! What was your favorite part
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  1. I think Season 5 of Bubble Guppies will be premiering this Summer on Nickelodeon and I am really looking forward to watching it

  2. Fgteev i wanna was the way we can come to our home church church tomorrow and church church ⛪ was the morning so that

  3. My favorite part was when a penguin flew hundreds of feet on a skateboard and went straight down and still landed without breaking a few bones

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