Styx: Shards Of Darkness – Gameplay Trailer

Styx: Shards Of Darkness – Gameplay Trailer

Hello and welcome to Styx: Shards of Darkness the new stealth infiltration game from Cyanide Studio coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Join me for a moment to learn about the new mechanics, lore and gameplay to be explored in Styx’s new adventure. Stolen by a Dark Elf shape-shifter the ambassador’s scepter – powered by a mysterious quartz – is Styx’s target in Korangar a port village hosting a diplomatic summit. Addicted to amber and intrigued by the magical properties of quartz Styx must infiltrate the port and gain access for Helledryn – his latest shadowy client – and her airship. Using verticality and shadows to your advantage sneak your way through large, open spaces patrolled by Elves, Humans, Dwarves and other nuisances. Today, we’ll be avoiding and killing the Humans and Elves, but it depends on your playstyle. Keeping tabs on the amount of noise you’re making is an important factor in your success. Land on carpets to soften your fall, and use ropes to avoid a clumsy drop. Clever use of the environment will keep Styx hidden while other clever use of the environment will keep the enemy hidden. Remember: a dead guard is a quiet guard. Thinning out the patrols is one way to play Styx: Shards of Darkness and there are multiple ways to do this. Throwing up in their refreshments is one of them. After some time, they’re bound to take a drink. Leaving bodies behind is a great way to get busted. Scattered throughout the level are many crafting components, a new feature in Styx: Shards of Darkness. Collecting these essential ingredients will allow you to craft many useful items which are integral to some of the abilities you’ll see today. Crafting a bolt will allow for a ranged attack, useful in a bind. And the egg, well, you’ll see how that’s used in a moment. But first, let’s make sure that if we are spotted we won’t have every elf between here and the Tower of Akanash on our tail. A useful tip for some of the inevitable missteps. In the shadows your knife will light up, letting you know you’re difficult to be seen. On the bottom right of the screen you’ll see an orange bar this is your amber, used to power Styx’s magical abilities. Getting from A-B in this corridor is difficult with the amount of enemies patrolling so clever use of Amber will illuminate useful and dangerous objects in your path allowing you to make better decisions on how to move. Invisibility provides a very expensive but effective cloak, but they can still hear you. Inside, things aren’t quite so bright, working at your advantage for our little green friend. Clever use of sand to take out the lights will provide an element of visual cover but the best way is usually to climb high. With the egg, we were able to create a cocoon allowing Styx to throw a clone of himself large distances, and embody that clone. Using the bolt and a chemical potion, we can take out both of the guards pretty easily dissolving one body and carrying the remaining body to a place to hide. Before Helledryn can attend the summit the register must be adjusted with her name to avoid rousing suspicion. For this, we can use the light to distract the guard. Again, using the environment, a little patience and observance opens opportunities to take out guards but with the register changed, it’s time to open the gates! There are many paths to take throughout each of the levels some more dangerous than others, and many of them hidden. Sometimes the best way to avoid a fight is to stick to the shadows, and stick to the walls. Using the blimp, we can alert the guards to open the door and Helledryn can attend the summit but we’ve alerted a suspicious guard, so we gotta hide. Curiosity killed the elf, and we don’t even need to make an effort to hide him! One last check to make sure she’s on her way and we’ve completed about half of the mission that takes place in the mountainous port of Korangar. To find out what happens next stay tuned to our next gameplay videos to find out about all of the races, features, and new mechanics to be discovered in Styx: Shards of Darkness. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. Master shadows I loved it but the story was however a bit disappointing for me. And the finesse of the game mechanics was also a problem. I hope they have been resolved. Otherwise the game is awesome.

  2. Je suis grand fan du 1 ! J'ai absolument adoré le level design remarquable, la direction artistique rendant ce jeu unique ainsi que son gameplay très bien travaillé. Un jeu qui en plus offrait du challenge, du tout bon ! La suite je l'attends avec impatience, c'est surement le jeu que j'attends le plus cette année avec Mass Effect Andromeda !

    Dans la vidéo on dirait que le jeu tourne en 60FPS … si il tourne bien en 60FPS sur console, ça serait un aboutissement technique absolument remarquable et à mettre en avant ! En tout cas bravo ! La vidéo rassure totalement ! On retrouve bien Styx et son gameplay !

    Bravo Cyanide et Focus, c'est du beau travail !

  3. Did I just hear a goblin/goblin-esque guy call a bunch of elves dumbasses?

    If this will be on Steam, I am several different flavors of sold on this game already.

  4. Looks cool, but needs some serious work on the animations, especially the rope swinging and landings. Felt unnatural, would break immersion in the final game

  5. Will there be books and notes and stuff like that throughout the world to read, loved that part of both Dishonored games!

  6. Really surprised how much I started to enjoy Master of Shadows and definitely looking forward to the new one. However there is one thing I could do without and that's the backtracking of way too many levels. That's my only real complaint about the first one. If that's gone in Shards, I'm there!

  7. Pretty excited about this game. Hopefully they had sense enough to send copies of it to popular reviewers ahead of time….

  8. Master of Shadows was a very good surprise for me, and i'll indeed buy the sequel. What would you say are the most important improvements to the first game ?

  9. Thank you for making this DRM Free !
    I'm always traveling and I don't have always an internet connection.
    This is the part where Denuvo is screwing me up and it needs to activate…
    With DRM Free game , activation is not required.
    Thank you Focus Home Interactive Studios , your game worth all the money 😀

  10. This is a lame "franchise" and their creators know that it´s not gonna get much attention, so they didnt pulish it at all.
    I played the 1st one and i thought it will be funny or interesting, but it wasn´t. And this 2nd part… looks the same

  11. the animations and the interaction with the objects sucks baaadly in this game , and it looks like a biiiiig extention pack for the first game , so disapointed ,

  12. I hate the lighting up in darkness "in the shadows, your dagger will light up, letting you know that you are difficult to see" ???

  13. it looks amazing, but i am not into stealth games, better say i can't play it bc i like action better but still, looks pretty good.

  14. I love styx shards of darkness but there is some bugs in this game. one of them: when styx poison food he sometimes says: "a little bit of hot sauce is not bad for me st" it says in the lyrics "at least" but it sounds like sty or st. this is another one: when two guards are talking the female have a male voice and the male have a female voice, i have only seen this bug in korrangar.

  15. Nice, has a lot of Witcher 3 humour elements, good sarcasm, good gore effects, lot`s of great Witcher 3 elements we have here.

  16. I just got this from HumbleBundle, so glad I did this looks really interesting, cannot wait to get my hands on it after the download!

  17. I always wanted thief to be a 3rd-person game. This game is very similar to Thief, but with the 3rd-person view, which I love.

  18. Funny thing no matter how much I die I still wanting to keep playing I love a challenge styxx was perfect please make another one

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