Sturridge Finds Out His FIFA Pace is 76! | Sturridge and Sterling | Roommates

Sturridge Finds Out His FIFA Pace is 76! | Sturridge and Sterling | Roommates

Hi i’m Daniel Sturridge
Hi i’m Daniel Sturridge What are you talking about? No because every time I’m out bro I
might as well be Daniel Sturridge Yeah real talk though, it’s mad. And this is
Roommates How old is Raheem? 21, 22 or 23…it’s 22 as you can see from how he’s acting in the background! Obviously the correct answer, know my
information, you knowhow it goes baby Spiders, heights or the dark Bants aside, I think it might be the dark
though For banter I went for the dark, obviously, it’s probably gonna be spiders init. Heights?
Yeah bro, I’m 5″7, I’m close to the ground You’re 5″6!
5″7 and a half actually When I go high up, yeah I don’t really like it 50 Cent, Vybz Kartel or Dizzy Rascal? I’m gonna go at Vybz Kartel straight up I said Vybz Kartel! Come on!
Alright cool Stealing Raheem’s style, singing too much, wearing too much after shave…oh shoot Could be any of them because he’d
probably say I steal his style for bants He sings too much, as you can see He’s not serious! He can’t be serious
I’m gonna go with wearing too much after shave because I wear a lot Yeah but like this guy’s after shave, you
can smell that after he’s played a game if he’s sweating he’s still smelling sweet bruv, it’s crazy. Why smell sweet? Got rice and peas and oxtail, curried goat, or seafood paella I’ve got to go with the oxtail…wait Did he say he eats… I can’t remember if he eats oxtail you know I’m going to go with curried goat…actually no, oxtail! Luther, Viking or House of Cards…Luther I had to go for Luther straight away, I know it’s correct Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry or Ronaldo I’m gonna go Ronaldo. I’m going for R9 Cadbury Athletics, Hockley Boys, Ardem Forest I’m gonna go Hockley Boys Because yeah that sounds familiar to me
and I think he’s mentioned that before oh don’t tell me I got it wrong, I went
for Hockey Boys I don’t even know if they’re a team, who
are the Hockey Boys?! Bro I’m from Hockley originally
but I’ve never heard of the Hockley Boys Pace, shooting dribbling…yeah I’m gonna go pace or shooting, but I’m gonna go for pace I went for pace I’m a finisher out here bro!
I know that but you’re rapid as well What’s your shooting?
I don’t even know, I don’t play FIFA anymore. I’ve retired the pad If you don’t know, how can you say shooting?
I was told His shooting’s 82?! So what’s his pace?! Pfft! That’s fake!
79?! Don’t disrespect my pace like that bro His pace is 76?! Daniel’s in the 90’s bruv
Honestly… You’re basically saying he’s slow then
I’m one of the fastest strikers in the Prem If not the fastest To put 76 down there…it’s a disrespect to my credibility, my integrity, my name I’m not having that
That’s disrespectful though! Whoever works at FIFA they need firing, seriously Nike Air Force Ones, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Presto I haven’t seen him in Presto’s before… I’m gonna go Air Force Ones I went for Nike Air Force Ones I told them about these questions though!
That’s his favourite now Back then it was the it was the Air Max, not the 90s though Not the 90s? But what about the 90s or the Air Force Ones?
I’ll go Air Force Ah see! So I got 3?
Come on! No but seriously back to that FIFA thing though, are they serious?

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  1. i watched this video a long time back and since then ive been trying to search for a video where maybe i can check his actual pace in the game but i cant find him run at all

  2. Hi I’m Daniel Sturridge.
    Hi I’m Daniel Sturridge ????? Idk why its so funny. And Daniel should have like 88pace

  3. What’s the difference between sterling and a cuckoo bird

    Nothing, they both flap their wings when they run

    I got another one

    What’s the difference between a soldier and sterling

    A soldier can shoot.

  4. “I’m one of the fastest strikers in the premier league”

    *Aubameyang has entered the chat*

  5. “The person who said my pace is 76 needs to get fired!”???? sterling laughing in background LOL!!!

    I used to always want to have sturridge in FIFA but they made him to slow

  7. 0:17
    Raheem round deh a sing big song?????el chapo el chapo

    Edit: All a sing buck up ina??2:18, weh me jamaican dem deh?

  8. Daniel- Hi I’m Daniel Sturridge
    Raheem – Hi I’m daniel Sturridge
    Daniel -wait what
    Raheem – Well whenever I’m out I might as well be Daniel Sturridge ?

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