(music) Rose: Hi guys! And welcome to “Let’s Play Games” this week Rosie and I thought we would do something slightly different and play “Strip Fifa Forfeit” now recently Rosie and I went down to the Guardian and Live-streamed us playing Fifa 17 and we realised Rosie’s passion just wasn’t there so this time Rosie has a big incentive to win and not concede any goals or score an own goal because if she does she has to remove an item of clothing Rosie: I still don’t understand concede a goal because what? what? I think we should make it fair and- Rose: Okay and there should be a wager because if I’m the one stripping right and I’m really naturally a bad player like I can’t help but score own goals, I don’t try to do that Rose: I’ve got it! Every time you score which will be very- Rosie: you have to give me money for shopping Rose: Yes because I am a daddy
Rosie: that’s what I want Rosie: yeah I want- I-I you are my daddy and I want-I want- I want to buy some mum jeans Rose: how much per goal? Rosie: 20? Rose: twenty pounds? Rosie: maybe more because I don’t score many goals so like 50 to 100 I’ve never scored a normal goal that’s not an own goal Rose: I’ll give you 50 quid (£) Rosie: thank you Both: Okay Rosie: and I’m gonna spend that at Topshop Rose: this is “Strip Fifa Forfeit” with Rose *clicks finger* and Loser over here *Rose giggles* Rosie: how dare you. Rose and Rosie… Rich loser okay, because either way I win Oh no wait I have to win to win *Rosie makes noise of frustration*
*Rose laughs* Rose: I’m really glad that you’re willing to take your clothes off Rosie: look I have a life motto okay and I’ll pass this down to my children and that’s “If the money’s right get ‘them’ out” *Rose laughs* Rose: I agree I’m gonna play in my blue kit, what are you going to play in? Rosie: standard… whatever Rose: Oh “This kit is currently locked” Oh fuck you Rosie: Okay blue vs red
Rose: blue vs red Rosie: Liverpool vs Chelsea Rose: alright Rosie we’re going to play the match oh you didn’t look at that look *Rosie screams* Rosie: which way am I shooting and how do I know- wait how do I know which way I’m shooting
Rose: this isn’t the game Rose: okay I’m pressing options that’s just the little load up senario Rosie: but why would you confuse me like that? Game: Hi there a Premier League game for you today I’m Martin Tyler- Rosie: aww I wanted to be a woman, like I want some tits and an ass like Rose: alright Rosie you’re starting… and… go Rosie: which way am I going? Rose: You’re going right Rosie: how do I know this? Rose: because all your players are on the left *Rosie screams* Rose: why did you pass me the ball? Why on Earth did you pass me the ball? right I’m going up on the wing like this… like this *Rose laughs*
*Rosie screams* Rosie: how do I run faster? Rose: shit, intercepted! Shit hold ‘R2’ to sprint Rosie! Progressing up the pitch *Rosie screams* Oh you are actually putting a bit of pressure on me you’re better than I thought you’d be That was Shit! Rose: I’m not being funny but his finish was so appalling Rosie: How do I tackle Rose: the one that looks like a little tepee alright Rosie it’s your goal kick Rosie: You don’t have to explain shapes to me why is there algebra at the bottom *Rose laughs*
*Rosie screams* Rosie: yeah! come on Rose: Rosie you literally screamed at absolutely fuck all Rosie why do you pass it out of the stadium? Rosie: because I don’t want to give it to you, so I just kick it off side Rose: so you’d rather no one have it right? Rosie: basically yeah Rose: Oh that’s a shit pass he ain’t going anywhere COME ON! *Rosie screams* *Rose screams* Rose: I wanna see your boobs *Rose laughs* Rose: Alright…alright Rosie: you can see them anytime you want Rose: alright… Rosie: what’s going on here oh it’s going to be shit isn’t it. That was Shit! what a shit fucking pass Rosie what are you doing do you know what? as Keith from the Guardian would say it’s better to be safe Rosie: safe than sorry yeah Game: could be dangerous Rose:”Could be dangerous” or will be dangerous Rosie: oh did you see my tackle that didn’t do anything? Rose: oh shit, why can’t I penetrate a wall Rosie: ooh Rose: Hello Rose: no, No! NO! *Rosie screams* Rose: No! Rose: why are you so… did you just hear what he just said? Rosie: what did he say Rosie: ” this is a great game isn’t it intercepting” *Rosie gasps* Condescending fucking bastard Rosie: what a wanker Rose: literally what a wanker Rosie: sorry isn’t that what all football games are Rose: yeah back and forth especially England Rosie: It’s not constant goals is it? Rose: no it’s not! have you seen England? They pass it back, they pass it forward they pass it back *Sarcastically* Good stuff Oh nice throw Rosie now Rosie just throw it into the hoop Rosie: Rowney Rose: what the fuck! what the Fuck *Rosie screams* Rose: It’s alright Rosie. You’re doing really really well actually to be fair, you really are. Oh come on now, come on, let’s not fuck it up now COME ON! COME ON!! Oh shit son! Shit *Rosie laughs* Rosie: You chucked it out Rose: your defense is actually pretty good Rosie: I’ve got better since the Live-stream ever since Keith taught me the button to switch characters *Rosie gasps* Rose: COME ON! *Rosie screams* Rose: COME ON! *Rosie screams* Rose: ugh Rosie! *Both scream* Rose: Come on! COME ON! Oh My God that was so ugly in the box there Rosie I can’t believe how ugly that was Oh, Oh, Oh oh fucking hell! what the shit was that you piece of poo right come on we need goals people, we need goals you know why? Because we wanna see boobs Rosie: ready… Come on then! yeah! Better to be safe than sorry *Rose bursts out in laughter* Rose: Right I’m gonna get a goal *Rosie screams* Rose: I am gonna get a goal and it’s gonna come…right now *Rosie screams* Rose: No! what was that back pass you son of a bitch Rosie: Yes! Rose: No! Rosie: YES!!! Rose: Rosie you’re better than last time Rosie: this way! Rosie: YES!! I’ve got the ball *screams* *Rosie screams* Rose: these shots are shit Rosie: my goalie is brilliant Rose: your goalie’s alright… you know he’s alright Rosie: Yes! Mine. COME ON! YES! it always go over there why doesn’t it ever come this way Rose: right we can do this we CAN do this no offence, but what was that? oh what? Fuck Rosie: yeah! Rose: You just fell over *Bickering between each other* Rosie: fuck you, you little bitch THIS WAY!!! why does it always go over there Rose: he’s really angry Rosie: who is that guy? Rose: I don’t know and I don’t even care FUCK OFF! oh intercepted *Rosie screams* Rose: INTERCEPTED! Rosie: I’m highly concerned that the whole time I’m playing this I have brazil nuts all in my teeth Rose: yeah you probably do babe come on let’s get a shot on people, get a shot on! why can’t I do it Rosie we’re goal-less and boob-less at half time alright Rosie: I’m not boob-less, they’re just under wraps still I haven’t even got my jumper off and it’s half time Rose: okay going straight back in I want to get straight into this we have to score Rosie: oh have the goals switched sides Rose: yeah they have, that’s what happens at half time Rosie: why? it’s a stupid rule, it’s just confusing *Rosie screams* Rose: Fuck you in the bum Rosie: YES!! That way, do it more that way that’s right, then do it more this way and then over here *Rosie screams* Ah Triangle *Rose laughs Rosie: you went off-side Rose: no I didn’t Rosie: Oh it was just dark over there where are my men, TRIANGLE *Rosie screams* Rose: Rosie you can’t just shout the buttons you have to press them Rosie: NO! *angrily* TRIANGLE *laughter* *screaming* Rose: Shes got an open one! Rosie: piss off Rose: YES!!! YES!! celebrate! right come on then, that is a goal oh check out the replay I’ll *clicks fingers* I’ll check it out here *laughter* Rose: Right Rosie: wait wait wait can we pause it? *Rose laughs* Rose: she’s concealing her chest spot Rosie: Yeah I am of all the days, I never put make-up on my chest and then, and then today. Make it look better than it does Rose Rose: I’ll try and post edit you can’t even see the spot Rosie okay Rosie, time to play Rosie: I’m just gonna lip gloss because that’s more important which side am I scoring Rose: what side are you- Rosie: that way Rose: Rosie it’s the second half *Rosie screams* Rose: it’s done it for you you did’t do it quick enough Rosie: Rose I’m not holding the controller *Rosie screams* Rose: I still can’t do it *Rose screams* Rosie: YES! Rose: YES!! *Both scream* Rose: I pressed the wrong fucking button I could have seen two boobs for that Rosie: I was lip glossing Rose: Diego Costa suck my dick Rosie: how do I run faster Rose? Rose: I think you just press it a lot Rosie: press the down button? Rose: oh you hold sprint Rosie: Oh I didn’t know that Rose: Oh, you didn’t, that sucks Rosie: I wasn’t holding sprint Rose: you weren’t Rosie: Now I know Rose: aww now you’re gonna win *Rosie screams* Rosie: Triangle Rose: Oh what did I just do? I passed it to no one Rosie: You passed it to no one Rose: Bitch Rosie: no one’s got a card yet Rose: No, no one’s got a card yet Rosie: I personally like being sent cards Rose: *through gritted teeth* right, right
Rosie: Sprint Rose: Right, RIGHT, RIGHT Rosie: No!! Rose: OOOHH!! that was so close can I just see like a flash then Rosie: you can *Rose squeals* Rosie: NO!! Rose: YES!! um take it off right now Rosie: I don’t know or remember if I shaved my armpits so.. no, they’re not no *Rose laughs* Rose: YES!! look at that what are you gonna do if I score again you’ve got nothing more to take off Rosie: you’re gonna have to zoom in I’m afraid *Rose laughs* Rosie: you’re gonna legit have to zoom in *Rosie screams* Wait if I score a goal you’re giving me £50 Rose: yeah, that’s right Rosie: oh come on I want this £50 *Rosie screams* Rose: Rosie if I score again- Rosie: let me score bitch Rose: no *Rosie Screams* Rosie: Yes, Come on come on you Rose: Oh that’s it, that’s the end of the game that’s it, that’s 2-0 should we do some skill games Rosie: I want £50 Rose: oh it’s not the end of the game Rosie: oh you lied Rose: I’m sorry I got a free kick for no reason Rosie: It says ninety hours left *Rose laughs* Rosie: plus four Rose: ninety four hours of game play right I never take free kicks, I never know what the fuck I’m doing Rosie: oh you taking a free- am I the goalie? Rose: hold on, “curl shot” that plus ‘L’ Rosie: I don’t give a shit what you’ve got to do, am I the goalie? Rose: I just kicked it out of the stadium and that’s ended the match Rosie: oh Rose: so we don’t have to play the ninety four hours anymore nice well done Rosie no no no no no, i’m gonna shake your *laughter* Okay so Rosie’s dressed again and I thought it’s only fair to allow her the opportunity to take my money so to make things a little bit easier for Rosie I have set up a shooting basics game and all I am gonna ask her to do is to score 5 goals Rosie: for £50 Rose: for £50, how much is that per goal Rosie: 10 Rose: well done Rosie: can I just say it doesn’t look very basic to me half the goal is blocked off Rose: they try and make it harder so you have to aim for each section of the goal, okay so you’ve got to like- Rosie: how many goes do I get to get five- Rose: as many as you can get in a minute I think all you need is 5 okay Rosie: what happens if I get 4? Rose: you don’t get any money *Rosie lets out groans of frustration* 50 is your minimum and I will give you £50, okay? Rosie: yes please *Rosie screams* Rose: you didn’t score it *laughter Rose: Rosie you have to do it faster Rosie: do what faster? Rose: I’ve never seen anyone fail like this Rosie: why is it going that way Rose: you’re pressing the wrong button shoot is circle! Rosie: oh Rose: ONE! TWO! Rosie: Okay Thanks for the heads up on the button there Rose: THREE! Rosie: I just kicked- Rose: FOUR! Rosie: FIVE!! *Level up sound effect* *Both Cheering* Rosie: let’s go for gold let’s go for £100 Rose: I can’t believe you got 5 Rosie: Six! Rose: now try and just kicking it straight away don’t dribble with it, don’t dribble with it Rosie: I’m not trying to dribble Rose: just press left button straight away that’s it!… It says “Try Harder” I don’t know whether you should get the money Rosie Rosie: I should get the money Rose: I don’t know I mean look you got a performance rating of ‘D’ Rosie: I need some- I want some embroidered jeans, I want some pearl jeans Rose: Stop. Okay double or nothing if you can get a performance rating of ‘B’ or higher I’ll give you £100 or you get nothing Rosie: I like gambling *Rosie screams* *Rosie screams* Rose: Rosie shoot it into the goal Rosie: I don’t want to get nothing Rose: you’re pressing the wrong button Rosie: wha- oh Rose: Rosie you have only 1000 points and you’re nearly finished *Rosie screams* Rosie: I was pressing… Rose: Rosie be prepared, as soon as it gets to you press, press the circle now as soon as it gets to you *Rosie screams* Rosie: you lied to me Rose: I haven’t- I didn’t lie about anything I just said ‘double or nothing’ and you were like ‘I like gambling’ Well you’ve got a “Try Harder” performance that is ‘D’ okay, alright, okay triple or nothing no I just won that, okay if I get a performance rating of ‘B’ or higher Rosie: then you get the £100 Rose: that sounds good alright okay if I get anything below a ‘B’ Rosie: To late I’m playing No! Rose: If I get anything below an ‘A’ Rosie: yeah Rose: I will give you £100 straight up Rosie: Okay that’s not very good for you is it? Rose: I’ve just got to be really good at this oh my god come on SHIT! fuck Rosie: I don’t know if you can get an A now- Rose: I don’t know either, I don’t know either *Rose Whines* Rosie: I don’t see how you can get an A if you’re not perfect you’re gonna get less than me, you’ve got ‘Try Harder’ Rose: I’ve got a bonus score I’ve got ‘Good Job’ Rosie: so does that mean you give me £100 to go shopping with Rosie: No! you actually flopped and it went over there good game Rose: good game Rosie Rosie: Ew it’s wet *Rose laughs* (video game styles music)

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  1. I'm so glad this isn't a "try not to laugh" or anything cuz if it was, I've already lost in the first frame ?

  2. This is legit hilarious, especially when Rosie screams!!! Also it is actually full of adrenaline watching the progress of the match!

  3. I always let your ads play so you get dat cash. But the ad for this video started out with “I don’t know why your mad at me, she was the one smoking crack in the bedroom” ? What tho?

  4. 1:09
    “Yes! Because I am a daddy”
    “Well you are my daddy”

    Well then Rosie. Well then. I don’t blame you though ?

  5. This video has more than a half a million views… Rose, don't you think it's time for Strip Fifa part 2 already? ?? hmmmm…

  6. So i heard it was an amazing save 5:35
    Is no one gonna give her credit for that? That was fucking amazing ? real MVP

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