100 Replies to “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Sagat Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. The muai thai master made his return with full
    Glory. Tigah! Tigah! Tigah!
    Welcome back king and the most powerful character of all time.

  2. Yes please, give us the Sagat with the deadly kicks and has his drug test results fabricated thanks to shadaloo.

  3. Top 6 characters I want to see added in SFV season 4:

    Honorable Mention: Twelve


  4. My Fav alt costume is when Sagat in SFXTK Sagat with swim pants. He was really look a like an super tough swimming athlete.

  5. I hate to say it, but design wise is somehow lacking when the best they can come up with is a garbage bag and sweat pants for a costume. smh

  6. Sagats cool and all but im playing against like a million sagats atm and it's getting boring! Everyone and their dog is playing him!

  7. I really gotta stop havin' the this song playing in my head before I go to work or I'm going to get so fired. Imagine going up to my supervisor and tellin' him, DARE YOU CHALLENGE THE KING.

  8. Sagat, as cool as you are always will be… Your tiger partner is nowhere as cool as the one Nia has in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

    Why? Because that particular tiger is not only intelligent and can talk like a gentleman (in fact, he can talk period), but he also happens to be a Blade with the power of water.

  9. Sagat: Used correctly by a defensive player it is hard to beat these type of player.

    High Shot
    Low Shot
    Air defence
    Long Rage
    Middle Combo
    High damage

    Geeez…I hate those type of player.

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