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– [Ty] Previously On That YouTub3 Family! – [Katie] I’m so confused. This seems so weird. – [David] Where are we? (gasps) – Logan woke me up. – [David] There’s the doll. (spooky melodic music) Oh, no! – [Katie] It’s the doll. I do remember her. – [David] There’s other dolls. – [Jordan] Why are there other dolls? – Are we in the doll maker’s shop? – [Jordan] Oh no. – [David] Guys, how did we get in here? – [Katie] What? – Hmm, ‘kay, so we need a
combination, like of letters. – Look, Q-U-A-R-T-Z. – Getting tired. I think it’s time (mist hissing) we wake up. (slow spooky music) (gentle, dramatic music) (Jordan moans) – Get off. (laughs) Wake up. (Katie gasps)
This is so weird. Hi Logan.
(Katie gasps) – [Ty] Guys? – That was weird. I had the weirdest dream. – Me too. – I dreamed that we were in a box fort. I think it was the doll maker’s. – Yeah, yeah, same! – [Jake] Same here. – I had a dream that I
was in this doll factory. – [Katie] You guys did too? – It was weird. – [Ty] Guys? – It was in this like doll factory. – [Katie] Wait, was that a dream? – I don’t know, but Abigail is here. – [Katie] She was there with me. Wait, you guys were all there with me. – [Ty] See. – [Katie] Wait, she left a note. – [Ty] Hope you slept well. – [Jordan] What is it? – [Katie] Hoped we slept well. – Hope you slept well. If you want to learn more about me, come play with me at the corn maze. Hurry, DM. Who’s DM? – [Jake] Doll maker? – Doll maker. – The doll maker?
– The doll maker. Guys, That wasn’t a dream.
– No. – I don’t think we dreamed. – It says hope you slept well. – How could that be if we
all dreamed the same thing? Was that a dream or not a dream? – I don’t know. – Guys, I think we have
to go to the corn maze to find out more clues,
because we need to find out who this doll maker is and what he wants. – Yeah, he says meet him at the corn maze. Him or her, actually. Who is the– – It could be whoever. I don’t know, but, I say we go. – [Ty] Mm-hmm. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Jake] Sure. – [Katie] Okay, Abigail, we
have to go to the corn maze, but we’re going to leave
you here with Logan. – [Jordan] Okay? – [Katie] Logan will take care of you. – [Jordan] I know you don’t
like being alone, but Logan. – [Katie] You’ll be okay. – Logan’s here, come
here, come here Logan. – [Katie] We’ll leave Logan with you. – Come here. Logan will be here. – [Katie] Okay. – And we should stick
together in the corn maze, so we don’t get lost.
– Yeah, let’s all stick together. – Corn mazes you can get
lost really easily, so. – And we need to find
clues at the corn maze. All righty everybody, it’s cold outside. Go grab your coats. Get some warm stuff. I’ll try to get some hand warmers. – ‘Kay.
– Let’s go meet in the van. – Okay, let’s go. – [Jake] Okay. – [Katie] Okay guys, we’re at
the entrance of the corn maze. We’re going to go ahead and go for it. This is so crazy and it’s way cold out. So we’re kinda freezing. – It’s very cold and I
can’t even see. (laughs) – [David] Look at those clouds up there. I hope there’s no snow
falling out of those clouds. – It is so cold, but we’re going to be– – And it’s not even winter! (laughs) – Nope.
– That’s the sad thing. – We need to be looking
for clues why we’re here. – Yeah. – [David] Here’s the path. – And we have to be able to get out. – Let’s see the map. We have a map. – [Katie] Oh yeah, there’s a map. – I don’t know if it’s
gonna do any good for us. – [Katie] So– – I don’t even know where
we are on the map. (yawns) – [David] Is it this way? – And we just barely started. (hay rustling) I can’t see anything. (laughs) – [Katie] Lead the way, Jake. – Maybe it goes this way. – [Katie] Lead the way. – [Ty] You guys. – [Katie] We’re trying
to figure out our way. – [Ty] Oh, there, right there. – [Jake] Maybe this way, go for it. – Let’s go this way. – [Ty] Why? – [David] I think this is the
way it looked like on the map. Kinda like a big wagon wheel. – [Jordan] The wagon wheel? – Well it’s kinda of a big tractor. – [Katie] Yeah, well how do you know when you’re in the middle of a heap? – I have no idea. – [Jordan] Exactly! – I’m not sure. – I can’t see. Okay, literally between
my hair getting in my face and this hoodie coming down like this, I can’t see anything. (laughs) (gentle, melodic music) – What? – [Katie] Jordan, right by you. – [Jordan] Oh my! – [Katie] What is, no! – [Jordan] Great! – She followed us here! – [Katie] She’s here? – [David] (gasps) I know she
doesn’t like being left alone. – [Jordan] Okay, why? – But following us into a corn
maze, it’s a little weird. – But we left her with Logan. So she’s not alone. – [David] Maybe she doesn’t like Logan. – [Katie] Is she part of the clue? – [David] I don’t know, but– – [Katie] What’s going on? That’s weird. Okay well, obviously she
can get around by herself. I say we keep going. – [David] Yeah, let’s go this way, fast. – Cut through? Where are we going? – [Katie] I’ll follow Jake. – [Jordan] Go Jacob, go. – To be completely honest with you, I have no clue where we’re going. – [Katie] You don’t know? You’re getting us lost. – [David] Wait. – [Katie] The sun is going down. – She’s still following us! (chuckles) – [Jake] Okay. She’s right there. (gasps) – [Katie] Oh my gosh. We gotta run. Run! – [David] Go! (Katie hollers) – [Katie] Run! – [Jake] Where are we going? (upbeat, melodic music)
(Katie groans) – [Katie] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. (Katie screams) She’s right there! Go, go, go! Go, go, go! – [Ty] Run away. – [Katie] You guys see her? Wait! – [David] What? – [Katie] Where’s Jordan? – [David] What? – [Katie] You guys, we lost Jordan! – [David] Oh no! – [Katie] Oh no! – [Jake] Do we go back? – [Katie] Where’d Jordan go? – She must have gone this
way when we went this way. – [Katie] How are we all gonna get out? – I don’t know. Should we go try to find her? – [Ty] Yeah. – Let’s go try to find her before she gets too far
into the maze and we can’t– – [Katie] It’s getting dark. – I know, I’m freezing! Guys! (panting) She’s blocking the path! – [Katie] You’re kidding me? – [David] So that’s either a sign that she’s telling us that
Jordan went this way… – [Katie] So we need to go back that way? – [David] I take that as a yes. She just laid down, let’s go. This way, this way, this way. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! – I don’t know if we’re
gonna be able to find Jordan. So I think we need to get out of here because that’s what Jordan would do. She would just get out of the corn maze and hope that we got out too. So I think that we need
to focus on getting out and meeting her at the exit, because– – [David] Hey, there’s lights over there, I wonder if Jordan went to the lights. – [Ty] Ooh. – I think she would have gone to the exit. I don’t wanna go get
lost in this corn maze. I think we need to figure our way out. What do you boys say? – Yeah, we should find the way out. – Way down here. – [Katie] Hopefully we
don’t go in circles again. (Ty moans) – [David] Whoa, guys! – [Katie] I don’t know if
we want to go down that way. Do we go where she’s going? – Think she’s telling us not to? Is she’s trying to block it? – [Katie] I don’t know! – Or keep it going? – [Woman] Oh wow, that was exciting. – [Katie] I don’t know if she’s guiding us – She’s not in the intersection. – [Katie] to a clue or not. – So I’m thinking maybe we go that way. – [Katie] You think
that’s the way to a clue? I just want outta here now. – ‘Kay, let’s go that way then. – [Katie] I want out. – Let’s go the opposite way. Opposite way of what the doll tells us. – [Katie] I think we need to go opposite. – [Jake] Hey, we’re by the light! – [Ty] Guys! – We went to the light? I thought we were going to the exit? – [Katie] We were, what? – Look at those clouds. They are getting, – [Katie] It doesn’t look good. – [David] really dark. Those are kinda scary clouds. – [Katie] And it is so cold. Actually, will you take the camera ’cause I’m gonna get hand warmers. It is really cold.
– What? Your hands are cold? – [Katie] I’m freezing, guys! – All right. ‘Kay, so we came to
another fork in the road. We can either go left under
the light or we can go right. – [Katie] Guys! – [David] Or actually, we
could even go another right. Oh my goodness. (Jordan screams)
(feet thudding) – Where’d they go? (corn rustling) What? What’s that? What are you saying? What, you want to help me
through this corn maze? I don’t know, I don’t
know if I could trust you. Okay, but you have to promise, okay? All right, let’s go. – Guys, are we just going in circles? I don’t even know where we are. – [David] I don’t either. Hey, is that the light? – [Katie] That, I don’t know. – [David] Straight ahead of us? – Are we going in circles? We just keep coming to that light. – Let’s go back and see there. Keep a look out for your sister and the doll. I don’t know, it felt like the doll was trying to keep us
separated from Jordan. I’m not quite sure, but it was weird that she was in the middle of the road and that she was blocking certain areas. And we still can’t find Jordan. Jordan! – [Katie] Jordan! – Everybody else stay together. – I don’t think that
this is the same light, because I think by the other
light there was a trail by it, and this one looks like we
have to blaze our path through. – [David] ‘Kay, let’s go through it. – I don’t know. Does it look like the same to you? – [David] I can’t tell ’cause last time we came
in on the other side. – [Katie] I guess let’s, we should probably start marking these. – [David] Oh yeah. Maybe with Ty’s bright coat. – Well let’s place a cob
of corn by each light that we come to, we’ll put an ear of corn. – [David] Okay. – And then we’ll know if we’re circling. – [David] ‘Kay Ty, you got a cob of corn?
– Got corn! – ‘Kay, so we’ll put
that by we’ll put that by the base of the light. – Oh, this might be the same light. – [David] It kinda looks
like the same light. – [Katie] Oh, I didn’t see
the trail coming this way. – [David] ‘Kay, so Ty just
placed the cob of corn right there at the base. So if we go to another light and that cob of corn’s there, that means we’re going in circles. – I don’t know which direction to go. – [David] I don’t either. – And it’s seriously, look how dark it is. It’s cloudy and stormy. – [David] It’s getting darker and darker. – [Katie] We might
start getting snowed on. – [David] ‘Kay, let’s get running. – This is great. – [David] Go guys, let’s
go, pick up the pace. – [Katie] Where, where? – [Ty] This way. – Okay, follow Ty! I, I don’t know. Hopefully Ty knows. (gentle, melodic music) Ty, do you know where you’re going? – [Ty] Sure do. – [David] Whoa! – [Katie] Oh, you know what we should do? Go to your what? – [Ty] Let’s go straight. – [David] I’m stuck! – We should call Audrey, because Audrey’s always the navigator. She knows how to get out of things. – [David] Let’s see if she remembers. – I wonder if she knows how
to get out of the corn maze. – [David] ‘Kay, let’s give her a call. – Okay, I just tried calling Audrey and either my phone’s not working, but it says that I can’t call. The call will not go through. – [Kid] Hi! – [David] Oh. – [Katie] Whoa! – [David] You guys hear that? – [Katie] Did you guys hear that? – [David] It’s a kid crying. – [Katie] Guys, this is haunted. Oh, what if the doll’s crying? – [David] Her crier is working again? (Jordan hums) – Huh? Okay. (Jordan hums) ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ La ♪ Oh, a light, oh my goodness, thank you! ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪ What’s that? Go to the right at the light. Okay! ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ – It’s clearly getting darker. – It is.
– And it’s colder. And I don’t know if
Jordan’s given up on us. I would.
– Jordan! – We’ve been yelling for her. We can’t find her. We can’t find the exit. – Hey, you guys hear somebody singing? – I thought I heard, but to
me it sounded like the doll. And I’m trying to stay away from the doll.
– It sounds like somebody’s singing a nursery rhyme though. Jordan! – Yeah, I don’t think we
should be going to that noise. – Look how dark it is over there. – It’s so–
– It’s super dark. – [Katie] Dark, guys. – Look at that. I say we go, (gentle, dramatic music) I don’t know which way to go. – [Katie] I know, where do we go? – [Jake] This way! – [Katie] We’re lost! – We just came from that
way, let’s go over this way. – [Katie] All right. (distance laughing)
I am cold. – It’s freezing. I see another light right up over there. – [Katie] How do you know
we’re not going in circles and that’s the same light
that the corn was by? – Let’s go see if the corn’s there. That’s the only way to find out. Ty, you have another ear of corn for us? – Uh-huh, I go half. – [David] ‘Kay, let’s
go put it by this light, if we need to. It might be the same one, it
might be a new one, let’s go. – [Katie] I hope it’s a new one. I’m coming.
– Here! Oh, this is a different light. There’s no corn next to this one. – [Katie] Really? – [David] Look. It’s a different cord even,
everything’s different. – [Katie] It’s not the green one. – Oh wait, there is a corn there. – [Katie] There is a corn. – Is that our corn? – [Ty] No, I placed mine right here. – [Katie] How many corns did– – Yeah, we stuck a,
that’s a different corn. You think the doll is messin’ with us? – [Katie] What if she’s
placing corn by every light? We’re never gonna get out of here. ♪ Tra, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ I’m cold. ♪ La, la, la, la, la la ♪ Oh, it’s a dead end! Where am I supposed to go now? Can’t I just find my family and go home? (gasps) ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la ♪ – I don’t know, guys. – We have been walking around forever. – We may have to spend the night here. – [Jake] No! – Not it, not the nose.
– I don’t know what to do. What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get out? I have a purse full, though, seriously, of hand warmers and
body warmers and toe warmers. – Oh, they feel good on my head. – So that’s good, and we all wore lots of layers of clothes. Yeah, it feels good, but. (gasps) – Okay, let’s– – I don’t know which way to go! Which way? – See the lights? They just keep putting us in circles. – I’m so tired of walking, I know, we keep going around
to light to light to light. – [David] All right. What’s this? – [Katie] I’m following you. Let’s just try to figure
out how to get out. – [Jake] There’s another
light, let’s go that way. ♪ La, la, la, la ♪ (gasps) I see the lights! Yay! All right, let’s go! ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la,
La, la, la, la, la la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ – Let’s go through this shortcut here. (Katie groans) – [Ty] Another one? There’s been a hundred of these! – [Jake] Oh, this one’s super rough! – I don’t know. – [Katie] We’re lost, aren’t we? – ‘Kay guys, I think we just
need to cut through the corn and just run through it, all right? Enough with this just
kinda going through trails, – [Katie] Let’s do it. – Let’s go. (corn rustling)
(melodramatic music)

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