Stop Worrying // Inspirational Christian Video – Troy Black

We worry about so many things: debt,
safety, time, money, our children our health… Sometimes we even worry about how much we worry. We worry so much that we can not sleep at night. Do you know what I am talking about? In
Luke 10, Jesus visits the house of Mary and Martha. And while Mary was sitting at
the feet of Jesus listening to Him talk, Martha was in the kitchen doing all the
preparations. Martha began to get worried, because she was stuck doing
everything herself. So she came and complained to Jesus.
Verse 40 says, “She came up to Him and said, ‘Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to do all the serving alone? Then tell her to help me.” But the Lord answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” Jesus tells Martha only one thing is
necessary. When we are overcome with worry, we have done what Martha did. We have forgotten the one thing: sitting at the feet of Jesus. But we so often put our trust and other
things. That when they do not work out the way we want them to, we start to worry. And we become afraid because we are so
focused on our own agenda. When something gets off track, we can not handle it, because we have lost
control. But the real problem is not that we have
lost control, but that we have forgotten that we were
never meant to be in control in the first place. In John 14:1, Jesus says “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. When we wait in the presence of the Lord
and hand control over to Him and say “Lord, Your plans be accomplished, not
mine,” He reminds us that His plans have not
faltered. When you put your trust in God, He will take care of you when you can not
take care of yourself. Psalm 127:2b says, “For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.” That means if you are trusting in God,
when you are asleep, He is up working to make sure you are well taken care of. One time I was praying and seeking God
about an important decision, because I felt like He was leading me to start working for myself doing contract work. I was praying and saying, “God, I do not feel like I am going to be able to provide for my family. I do not feel like I am going to be able
to do this.” But in my spirit, I knew that God was telling me, “Do not worry. I have got it.” So I got down on my knees and I said,
“God, you are in control. You are our Provider. I am going to trust You with this.” The very next day after I said that,
I got a phone call with someone offering enough contract work to keep me going. And I knew that it was not anything that
I had done. It was God. Another time, I found myself burdened by
the amount of work that I was having to do. I was working late hours because I was
worried that if I did not work enough, I would not be able to provide for my
family. So I came before God and said, “God, I am tired. I am working all the time. I do not know what to do.” God said to me, “Stop working, I have got it.” I said, “Stop working? I can not do that or else there will not be enough. I will not be able to provide.” God again said, “Stop working. I have got it.” So I took off work an hour early that day. As soon as I took work off, I went outside and I checked the mail. In the mailbox was a random check for five hundred dollars that I could never have predicted. I knew that it was God that was
providing for us. I am not telling you that God does not
want you to work. I am telling you He does not want you to
worry. Jesus reminds us of the most important thing, If you will begin to seek this one thing first, you will see your problems from His perspective and
not your own. I bet if I an all powerful, loving God
looked down at the issues in your life, He would say, “This is what all the fuss
is about? Really? I can handle that. Do not worry. Isaiah 40:31a says, Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles” Hi. I am Troy Black. If you enjoyed this
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