Stop Motion Cooking – Apple Pie From Sports Utensils ASMR

Stop Motion Cooking – Apple Pie From Sports Utensils ASMR

Whoa How to make the special Apple Pie for rainy day when you can’t play tennis with crush? You

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  2. Stop motion cooking : what do you do when you cant play tennis with crush because of the rain

    Me: why do i need to do tennis. I can just play the online game indoors ☝

  3. Is it just me or when he slices the apples into circular pieces the emblem looks like on overwatch team that I can't remember the name of

  4. 2:18 I laughed harder than I should have I don’t know why I thought it was so funny. Probably because it’s 2am and I’m tired af.

  5. Stop motion cooking: finds tennis racket
    Stop motion cooking: swings tennis racket around like they have never seen one before

  6. I think I'm addicted please send medical help these don't make too much sense at all but I cant stop RƏĒËė

  7. хм,на улице дождь
    почему бы не сожрать все предметы для тенниса?

  8. So we're not gonna talk about the fact that he still had at least five other tennis balls and that he still could have easily played tennis

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