“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle: SmackDown at MSG, Jan. 10, 2002

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle: SmackDown at MSG, Jan. 10, 2002

>>Kurt Angle, my god. Kurt Angle, he hits this,
it’s damn sure over! What a moonsault!>>He’s got it!>>This is over, Angle has won this one. And Austin-
>>What?>>Austin kicked out!>>How did he do that?>>I don’t have any idea, but
that Rattlesnake kicked out. I thought Austin would be down for
three or more on that one. Well there’s the ankle lock,
there’s the ankle lock. And don’t think Ankle won’t break
Stone Cold’s ankle right here.>>That’s right,
the Rattlesnake won’t get out of this, JR. The man kicked out of the moonsault but this is a whole different
story right here.>>If that ankle snaps like a twig, the Royal Rumble will only
be a memory to Austin.>>Go ahead and tap out, Austin,
this match ain’t that important. It ain’t more important that
the Royal Rumble, tap out!>>That might be good advice,
but Austin will not quit. He will never quit.>>Tap out!>>That heart of the Rattlesnake
is still beating lively here in Madison Square Garden. But Angle pulls Austin back
to the center of the ring.>>Look at his foot, JR, it’s almost 360!>>What a grotesque angle that foot was.>>Austin’s got Angle rolled up! Man Austin’s ankle was contorted
to a ghastly degree here.>>Uh-oh.
>>Angle looking for that Angle Slam. And Stunner,
Austin got the Stunner out of nowhere!>>He got him.>>But
Austin’s leg is [NOISE] wait a minute.>>What the hell?>>What the hell is. What in the hell is this? I’m at a loss, here comes Kane. Austin back up Angle’s face. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Kane just choke-slammed the Rattlesnake.>>[NOISE]
>>What the hell is.>>[NOISE]
>>Look at Angle.>>[NOISE]
>>Both Austin and Angle are in the Rumble,
as far as I know, Kane’s not. Wait a minute, first Austin,
and now Angle! Good god!>>Wait a minute, JR. [NOISE]
>>Austin and Angle just went through hell,
fire, and brimstone. [MUSIC] Now what?>>It’s the Big Show.>>The longer the the bigger they get. Here’s a 500 pounds,
now what’s on his mind? It’s gotta be what it’s about here,
it’s gotta be about the Royal Rumble. And who’s gonna be the winner
of the Royal Rumble? Who’s gonna dominate 29 other men?>>Look at this!>>Kane trying to take The Big Show for
a ride.>>Who’s gonna choke slam who? Or can either one of these
guys choke slam the other? Yes!>>500 pounder choke
slams the 330 pounder. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>By god, we’ve got them at the Royal Rumble. It’s all about the Royal Rumble. It’s all about playing the Game! [MUSIC]>>You’re right,
this is what it’s gotta be about, JR.>>The Game is back! The Game has entered the Royal Rumble.>>You’re right, it’s Game time!>>The Cerebral Assassin
has his eyes on this ring.>>Look at this, JR,
look at the intensity. Look out, here they go, no!>>The Big Show catches The Game.>>Downstairs, The Game went downstairs! What a clothesline on
the 500 pound mountain.>>Yeah, but it didn’t knock him down, JR. The Big Show’s still standing.>>That’s 500 pounds, 7 feet 2,
downstairs again though. Wait a minute! Can he? Look out, he got him!>>The Pedigree! [MUSIC] And there’s the exclamation point on
the statement for the Royal Rumble. The Game is here to play. The Game is here to win! And here’s here to win the Royal Rumble! My god, listen to this ovation! And look at the carnage! [MUSIC] It was all about the Royal Rumble,
it had to be. Now, wait a second. My god, there’s The Undertaker.>>Uh-oh.>>And Triple H is standing
in the Undertaker’s yard.>>My God.>>And
The Undertaker is in the Royal Rumble.

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  1. Pataa hai Undertaker aaj mere kisi aadmi ne haath pe haath lagaa diyaa aur maine itni jor ka thapad mara use sabhi karane lage ek thapad aur maaro beta tumse kuchhto shiksha milti hai dishkiyaayun.

  2. Everything in world is once in a lifetime so as these legends, lucky are ones who grew up watching them and I proudly say I am one of them. RUTHLESS AGGRESSION ERA an era tht can never ever be rewinded and recreated

  3. 2002 was THE BEST year in the WWE.
    They had NWO and headlined Wrestlemania X8.
    Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock at Summerslam 2002 for the WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.
    Shawn Michaels returned to the WWE and joined NWO.
    The Attitude Era Stage Construction is even better than the current ones.
    And also, the Ruthless Aggression Era began in June 2002 with Eric Bischoff as a RAW General Manager and also Stephanie McMahon as a Smackdown General Manager.
    Who watched the ending of the WWF? And Who's born on this year ( 2002 )?

  4. Undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker undertaker

  5. Kurt Angle's moonsault was amazing.

    He had mic skills, in-ring skills and won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin' neck!

    He truly is one of the greatest to ever enter the squared circle.

  6. It was big shock for me when I thought Taker will meet Austin and Hunter as final three at Rumble but turns out Taker got eliminated by Maven.

  7. Is The Undertaker returning as The American Badass in MSG?
    Its possible for me, Taker appeared in ABA style at ESPN and also WWE is uploading 2 videos about him as The ABA already

  8. Back when WWE was the bomb!! Look at the crowd reactions, the epic entries, the ring performances….. All these wrestlers could beat each other any time. Nowadays nobody can beat Rollins and Reigns. ?

  9. Dammmm it’s crazy i was just telling myself I wonder if I could find this moment on YouTube when I reminisced about the old days!

    I remember watching this live in first grade and it being my favorite episode how all the giants of the wwf just kept coming out like gladiators proving their dominance and at the end, the chills I got with the undertaker (the goat imo) just randomly appearing at the entrance way like yeah, I see who’s left standing but remember u standing in my yard! No words had to be said tho! The silence was electric enough!

  10. Those last three frames were part of what made WWE so enthralling when i was a kid. The shots from the back of the arena, the zoom in of Taker at the top of the stage. Always loved the camera work of the 2000's.

  11. American badass Taker upload on the wwe network?
    I think it’s gonna happen folks, biker Taker is gonna return.
    I hope so, cause the deadman gimmick is old now, ABA Undertaker would make more sense for him now.

  12. WWE NOW !!

    Seth Rollins vs Aj Style (stone cold vs angle)
    Eric Rowan comming (kane)
    Braun Strowman (big show)
    CM punk (triple H)

    Drew Mctyr (undertaker part)

  13. Kids that see Kane in this video Don't know how badass it was to see him come out every week and choke slam the hell out of people.

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