“Stone Cold” Steve Austin toasts AJ Styles with a Stunner after Raw: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin toasts AJ Styles with a Stunner after Raw: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin.>>Once again it’s been a blast for me to
come back again to Madison Square Garden.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I appreciate each and every one of you showing up and
that’s the bottom line. Come out here, get Seth Rollins
signed up with Braun Strowman, for the Universal Championship,
they come out and handle business. Congratulations, Cedric, for a hell of a
damn win against The Phenomenal AJ Styles. And I wanna say this,
I know you got your posse with you. OC, respect to all of you. Bobby Roode. AJ, you and I got off on the wrong
foot and here’s the thing. I respect everything you’ve done. Hell, I’m probably you’re biggest fan. I’ve watched you journey
from start to finish and now here we are in Madison Square Garden.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And what I truly think was just
a lack of communication, just somehow we misunderstood each other. And I don’t think that I wanna
leave her with any animosity or bad blood towards you. So I’m extending my right
hand in friendship and offer you a cold Broken Skull IPA. Will you accept this
gesture of friendship?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>For friendship? Are those beers any good?>>What?>>I said are those beers any good?>>What?>>Speak up, speak up, speak up.>>I gotta say it louder?>>What?>>Are those beers any good?>>What?>>I can’t say it any louder.>>What?>>Can I taste one?>>What?>>Can I enjoy one?>>What?>>I gotta get in there and
hake your hand, okay.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Well, I’ll tell you what, you talk a lot of trash when
you got them guys around you. And OC trying to get you back,
Gallows, Anderson. You all done been to my house. I know you like the back of my hand. If I’d say to AJ Styles, and I look him
eye to eye like I’m doing right now, AJ I’m here to offer
this beer in friendship. I ain’t gonna stun your [BLEEP]. I just wanna enjoy an ice cold beverage. So that when you go your way, and I go
my way, that there ain’t no animosity, and hey- Would you all like to see
us shake hands and drink a beer?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>AJ, the people would like to see it. I’d like to propose a toast to the best
damn hands in the business for the last damn 18 years,
The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. I would like to extend my hand, props. Personally I think you’re
a big pile of trash. But when the bell rings, as far as getting
the job done, ain’t nobody like you.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Good night everybody. Thank you for coming out. Love the Garden. And that’s the bottom line
cuz Stone Cold said so. Sal, where you at Sal? Sal Vulcano, where are you? Where’s Sal Vulcano at? [MUSIC] [LAUGH]
>>Please, let me have some beer.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen before I leave,
I got to drink a beer with my man fromImpractical Jokers,
the one and only, Sal Vulcano. Cheers, Sal, one more time, there we go. [MUSIC]

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  1. Watched that stunner in 0.25x the kick just grazed the stomach changed the camera angle to show the impact of a fake stunner

  2. Real talk if the guy that throwing beers ?to Austin don't get into the Hall of fame I quit watching WWE I'm about to head to the competition

  3. Vince McMahon must be pretty desperate if needs SCSA to booast "Raws'" ratings. You're going to need more than that Vince to turn this show around and get people to watch this joke of a show.

  4. The internet has smartened everyone up just enough so they think they know everything.nowadays people tune in hoping for something great to happen. 15-20 years ago the great things were happening weekly.thats why legends like Austin will always get the pop. ( Not the heat). He was a major part of the great things that long time fans remember and miss.

  5. Please dnot watch WWF its totally demonic
    Its come from hell guys. You are gone trap after you dead . Hell king want you in hell please brother and sister.
    Read holy bible king James version
    Lord Jesus chirst is our god
    Jesus is coming soon
    Repent brothers and sisters

  6. 3:50 guy on the phone to his friends: see I told you I told you… I won the bet… Now I can go to Disney Land..

    Idiot fellow …. Sitting there and texting

  7. Its been said time and time again when stone cold offers you a beer or handshake minus the ones in the ring don't except lol

  8. Thought this was hilarious, then heard him ask for Sal and lost it. Two of my favorite TV shows brought together, amazing lol.

  9. Стив Остин легенда. Смотрю тебя еще с телеканала стс. Эх, таких больше не будет

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