“Stone Cold” Steve Austin moderates Universal Title Match contract signing: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin moderates Universal Title Match contract signing: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

We got business to take care of,
gentlemen. Braun Strowman. Seth Rollins,
little difficulty signing his contract, for what reason, I have no idea. But I’m here to take care of business. You guys to sign this damn contract so
these people can watch you guys get it on.>>Well,
let’s get to signing that contract. But first of all, we are New York City. We are Madison Square Garden. And that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. So this is what I’m talking about when I say, burn it down. Now, Steve, I don’t know if you know
this but this big goon over here, he thinks you might have it in for
him tonight. He’s a little concerned. Matter of fact,
he thinks I might have it in for him in our tag title match this Sunday. Nobody stabbing anybody in the back. I told you this before, I am the best wrestler on the planet,
I am the Universal Champion. And after Clash of Champions, I’m still
gonna be the best wrestler on the planet. And I’m still gonna be Universal Champion.>>[NOISE]
AJ Styles, AJ Styles.>>Seth Rollins has signed the contract. Braun, it’s up to you now.>>Look, first and foremost,
I grew up watching you. And I have nothing but the utmost respect. But let’s be for real, Steve. A rattlesnake still a rattlesnake. And Seth, you ain’t got nothing to worry
about, I ain’t turning my back on you. I like being Tag Champs, but
I’m gonna love being Universal Champion.>>[NOISE]
>>And you’re gonna get these hands.>>So Stone Cold, turn your little
beady eyes to me and just know this.>>What?>>Sit this play out or
you might get hurt.>>What?>>You see-
>>[NOISE]>>Why don’t you put a little bass in your voice, Seth?>>Why don’t you shut up, Steve?>>[NOISE]
>>You see this man, he looks at a championship. He’d get the Universal Title match. How does that happen? So let me ask you, Steve, since you know
everything, since you’ve done everything, since you’ve been in this business for
so long, you old fart. You gotta know where I’m coming from,
right?>>I don’t know where you’re coming from,
but I damn sure know where you’re going.>>Look at this. Rollins and Strowman going right
after The OC and AJ Styles.>>Strowman launching
Gallows to the floor. Rollins and
Strowman cleaning house to kick off Raw.>>I like where this is headed.>>Move out of the way,
a freight train is coming. And Strowman is not done.>>AJ Styles outnumbered in the ring.>>[NOISE]
>>Rollins went for the stomp, and
Styles sent him over the top rope.>>No, no, no, no, turn around AJ.>>Stunner, again and again. [MUSIC] Stone Cold is back with a vengeance.>>Once a rattlesnake
always a rattlesnake.>>AJ Styles will rue the day.>>[NOISE]
>>And it’s celebration time for Stone Cold.

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  1. 4:25 Once a "rattlesnake
    always a " rattlesnake"
    It was awesome to hear!
    Corey Graves is seriously the best thing on the commentary table of Raw and SmackDown. I also like Mauro coz he brings some JR vibes but Corey is the best right now.

  2. This is stupid first off Braun should have had a different tag champ partner give Rollins 2 belts no wrestler should have 2 belts you have alot others that sh o uld be champ.Then hes gonna fight Braun for the universal title .you need better storylines then this.

  3. The fact that WWE brought back Steve Austin one night an The Undertaker out the next proves that they have absolutely NOTHING!!!

  4. Seth Rollins think's he's the best wrestler in the world? LMAO!!! Dude he ain't even the best wrestler on Raw, that honor goes to AJ Styles.

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  6. Im tired of people like aj styles and dolph ziggler disrespecting legends. Im glad steve austin stunner him lol. We need the rock back as well for erick rowan. Roman reigns is going soft ever since he gave up his universal title.

  7. Austin just doesn't suit that kind of dead crowd. It actually looked awkward I'd pay a lot to be there. That crowd is just like oh look its Austin.

  8. Stone Cold Steve Austin retired 16 years ago and is still the most over superstar in history and has a big pop everytime he comes out.

  9. Seth Rollins: "First of all, we are in New York City. We are in Madison Square Garden. And that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. So this is what I'm talking about when I say Burn It Down"
    Umm… Seth…. Wtf does that even mean???

  10. How funny is that he didn't do the "middle finger sign" standing on the 4 corners of the ring since the "WWE" has been "PG-13" for more than 6 years , but there were "beers"?

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