Stone Cold & Rock Returns To Smackdown On FOX 2019 AEW Wrestling Subscription WWE NEWS

Stone Cold & Rock Returns To Smackdown On FOX 2019 AEW Wrestling Subscription WWE NEWS

Here’s your news for
September 26 2019 We’re starting off with some news
from ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
today, as the former World Champion has had many
appearances in WWE in 2019. Austin was the main attraction at
RAW Reunion in July and appeared
on the red brand in Madison Square Garden, with many
wondering whether this could all
be leading to an in-ring return. Speaking on his Podcast, Austin
said he gets asked the question
a lot, saying: And I tell them, ‘Man.’ I say, ‘You
know, it’s a tough thing to think
about.’ Physically, would I be able to have one more match? Yes, most
definitely, and I could make it to
that match without being injured. Although the risks are always there,
just because I think all of the
surgeries, I had… where I had the spinal stenosis, and getting that
bone spur taken off my spinal cord I’m in a good place. Nerves are
feeling a lot better than they
use to. Austin is one of a small handful of
legends who’ve remained retired
after hanging up their boots, though there is always the demand
for more than just the occasional
stunner from the Bionic Redneck. With the company’s Saudi Arabia
shows seeing legends like The
Undertaker, Goldberg and even Shawn Michaels returning to the
ring, could Austin lace up his boots,
16 years after his last match? Only time will tell. Though we don’t know if Austin will
wrestle again, we can report that
the former Champion will be on SmackDown’s launch
on FOX next week on October 4th. Austin will join some of the all-time
greats, including Mick Foley, Hulk
Hogan and Kurt Angle, though its The Rock, arguably Austin’s
greatest rival who remains
a mystery. As Age is reporting that though
WWE is keeping a lot of
appearances a secret, fans should keep their eyes peeled for
the Great One, who could use the
20th Anniversary show to promote his upcoming
film ‘Jungle Cruise’. With the SmackDown name itself
coming from The Rock, it’d be great
to see him there, though he is a busy man, and couldn’t even
commit to his upcoming UFC 244
appearance until the date got closer. A showdown in the ring between
him and Austin would be a great
way to end the show, though don’t think the Rattlesnake has
forgotten that it was the Rock
who beat him in his last match at
WrestleMania 19. More news from WWE now and
SmackDown Superstar Tucker
had his car broken into. On Twitter, Tucker asked fans to
message him if they see his stuff
being sold online, and said it was bad way to end what had been
a nice trip to San Francisco. Hopefully Tucker will be able to
get his stuff back soon as he
and Otis prepare for the big changes about to
happen to WWE SmackDown. Speaking of the blue brand,
ShowBuzzDaily is reporting
that the final show on the USA Network ended on a
high, with the viewership
increasing from last week. This week’s show averaged 2.09
million viewers over the two-hour
period, though expect that number to rise next Friday with the huge
20th Anniversary show WWE has
planned. One star who for years was
synonymous with the blue show is
OC leader AJ Styles, and though his United States title reign could soon
be entering it’s third month, he will
face some stiff competiton. After several run-ins with Cedric
Alexander, the two will square off
on next week’s Season premiere of RAW, a rematch from the pair’s
battle on the Clash of Champions
kick-off show. Other highlights announced for the
show include a special edition of
MIZ TV featuring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, an appearance by Brock
Lesnar, just days from his WWE
Title match on SmackDown Alexa Bliss facing Sasha Banks
and Rey Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins
for the Universal title. One Superstar who will presumably
have an impact on RAW’s season
premiere is RAW Women’s Champion becky Lynch, though
The Man will certainly have a
busy week ahead. On the premiere SmackDown on
FOX, Lynch will team with Charlotte
Flair to face the Boss ‘n Hug Connection, though a graphic
released for the match has got
some people talking. In this image, The Man quickly
spotted that Bayley was behind
the Boss, despite her being the SmackDown Women’s Champion,
and brought it up to the Hugger. Interestingly, Bayley replied back to
Lynch and agreed with her, adding
that the title she was holding had even been
photoshopped in. Perhaps next time WWE can use a
picture where Bayley is holding the
title, which shouldn’t be too hard to come by, given that she’s still
the current SmackDown
Women’s Champion. Also the ladder match between
Owens and Shane has been added
to the lineup for SmackDown’s FOX premiere. The match has a
stipulation where Owens and
Shane are both putting their careers on the line. Now, there’s been a lot of change
with WWE’s schedule recently,with
NXT moving to the USA Network, SmackDown moving to Friday’s
on FOX and 205 Live moving to
Fridays as well and it seems that things aren’t
too different across the pond. During this week’s NXT UK, it was
announced that the show will move
to Thursday nights starting next week, though it’ll remain it’s air time
of 3pm ET and 8PM BST on the
WWE Network. Next week’s show will certainly have
a lot to tune in for, including NXT
UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray facing Tegan Nox in non-title
action, and Piper Niven vs. Isla
Dawn. Next week will also be the first time
NXT Airs live on the USA Network
for it’s full two hours, as due to the network airing the final two
episodes of Suits, the past two
episodes of NXT have been split over USA and
the WWE Network. More NXT news now, as Sportsnet
360 has confirmed that there will
also be a one-hour version of NXT airing on Friday
Nights in Canada. This one-hour edition of the
developmental brand will be edited
to show the best parts of the weekly broadcast, and leaves Canadian
fans a 4 and a half hour block of
WWE programming. Starting from 6:30pm eastern,
fans can tune in to Afterburn,
followed by NXT Friday Night SmackDown and
finally Main Event. That being said, that is a lot of
wrestling to take in, and with fans
already complaining about the length of Pay Per Views, its
difficult to think fans would be
prepared to sit still for nearly five hours every single week. Over to AEW now, and the
company’s new weekly TV show
‘AEW Dynamite’ will air weekly on Fite TV. In a press release, the broadcaster
said that the show will be available
for $2.99 an episode for viewers outside North America. A subscription service called AEW
Plus will also be available, and
give fans access to the live show and behind the
scenes footage for just $4.99
a month. However, this service wouldn’t
include Pay Per Vie events
such as Full Gear which will have to be
purchased separately. This news is certainly big for the
new promotion, and comes just
days after AEW announced it’s television deal to
air in the United Kingdom. Though Dynamite will not air live in
the UK, the show will air in full on
ITV 4 on Sunday morning at 8:20am, with a one-hour
highlight show airing on ITV 4
on Mondays at 11:45pm. Though the prospect of waking up
at 8 in the morning on a Sunday to
watch wrestling angered many fans from the UK, who were
expecting a better deal, Tony
Khan has said he is working on a live viewing solution soon
for the UK and many other
countries. Until then, fans will just have to
settle with the current deals
they have, and AEW Dynamite will air live
on October 2nd at 8pm EST
on TNT. More AEW news now and though
the company recently filed a
trademark for the line “A little bit of the
Bubbly”, it seems they
weren’t fast enough. Whilst AEW’s trademark was filed
on September 18th, Chris Jericho,
who coined the phrase after becoming AEW World Champion
at All Out, was able to file it first,
making the claim on September 10th for the use
on merchandise. Now, Jericho has the power to use
the phrase on everything from Hats,
shirts, sweaters and bandanas, and for the classier AEW fans,
Jericho can actually use the phrase
on Champagne and Wine bottles. AEW isn’t the only ones looking at
trademarks though, as WWE recently
registered for a trademark for ‘Lasskicker’ the term Becky Lynch
went by before becoming the Man. Though Lynch may not be calling
herself the Lasskicker anymore,
there is still plenty of merch with the name, though she may have to go
back to it if the recent issues with
Ric Flair aren’t resolved. Flair, who believes he is the rightful
owner of The Man, has even
threatened to take WWE to court, though hopefully an agreement
will be reached ahead of Lynch
teaming with Flair’s daughter Charlotte on
next week’s SmackDown. The company also filed trademarks
for Rhea Ripley, Steve Cutler, Rig
Bugez and Total Bellas. As we reported earlier, the final
SmackDown Live on the USA
Network saw an increase from last week, garnering 2.09
million viewers, up from last
week’s 2.06 million. This 2.09 is a solid average for
SmackDown in 2019, with the 2.39
million viewers for the March 27th show being the highest, and the
1.82 million for the May 14th
episode being the lowest. It’ll be interesting to see whether
these numbers go up when the
show moves to FOX next week. We’ve got some NXT news now,
as Cathy Kelly has updated fans
on the condition of several injured Superstars. During the show’s premier on the
USA Network last week, several
stars got hurt, including Velveteen Dream, who is currently listed as
dealing with day to day lumbar pain after losing the North American
title to Roderick Strong. Arturo Ruas was listed as having
a broken finger thanks to Pete
Dunne but has now been medically
cleared to compete. The same is true for Kona Reeves,
who suffered a lacerated cheek
during a dark match. It’s obvious that the roster of NXT
wants to impress, especially now
with the show moving to a new home, but its clear that
their safety should come above
anything else. Speaking of taking a breather from
the ring, many Superstars on the
company’s main roster are doing just that,
after a recent gruelling work
schedule. Recently, many WWE Superstars
and road crew got through a
weekend house show loop in the Philippines, China and Hawaii,
and though these locations
have great fans it was certainly an exhausting time. The PWInsider reports that “pretty
much everyone” who was on the
tour will get the next few days off, and with the huge week the
company has ahead of them,
including RAW’s season premiere, SmackDown on FOX and the Hell
in a Cell pay per view on Sunday a few days to relax is definitely
for the best. We all know that leaks are more
common now than ever in the
world of Politics and it seems WWE isn’t immune
from classified materials getting
out. Last month, Evan Mack auditioned
for a role with the company in
Stanford, and fans can even watch what happened,
though not because WWE
wanted them to see. The video was marked ‘For Internal
Use Only’, something that fans
clearly aren’t, though the audition from the former AfterBuzz host
may be why WWE copyrighted
‘The Bump as a TV name. Evans is a known TV and web
personality, and giving him his
own show called The Bump could definitely mean big
things for him in WWE. And finally today we’re ending with
news from MMA’s Cris Cyborg as the fighter has continued to
tease a crossover into wrestling. Cyborg recently visited the WWE
performance Center and though
she’s said she is interested in both WWE and AEW, it seems she has
one woman on her mind. In a tweet, Cyborg simply stated
“2020 Lacey Evans. 2020”,
indicating that she may be joining the WWE next
year, to face the Sassy Southern
Belle. In response, Evans said “waitin
on you sweetheart”, before
calling the fighter hashtag nothing
but a nasty. We’ll have to see if Cris Cyborg
ever ends up in WWE, but it seems
like she might already have an opponent for her if she makes the
jump to the McMahon-led promotion. Finally we have the NXT
results guys Keith Lee defeated Dominick
Dijakovic Dakota Kai defeated
Taynara Conti Matt Riddle Defeats Killian Dain,
Earns NXT Title Shot Against
Adam Cole On 10/2 NXT Rhea Ripley defeated
Kayden Carter Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch
defeated Chase Parker &
Matt Martel Cameron Grimes
defeated Raul Mendoza Kushida, Tyler Breeze & Fandango
vs. Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner
& Alexander Wolfe

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