Stolen pinfall victories: WWE Top 10, April 30, 2018

Stolen pinfall victories: WWE Top 10, April 30, 2018

[MUSIC] Cena looks exhausted doing what he
did to Braun took a lot out of him. Elias.>>[INAUDIBLE]
Strowman with a power slam.>>Where did Braun even come from?>>And
now trying to do the same to Elias and Elias, sends Strowman outside the ring. Cover by Elias. Looking to take advantage. He does.
>>He does!>>Elias wins! Elias wins!>>Here is your winner, Elias!>>A massive victory. [SOUND]
>>MNM in trouble. Bautista center of the ring. Look at this.>>Up high!
>>Bautista Bomb.>>Bautista Bomb connecting.>>Looks like Eddie, [CROSSTALK]
>>Eddie just tagged himself in.>>Eddie just tagged himself up.>>And leap frog isn’t that good for
the stomach.>>Wait a minute.>>Look at the cover.
>>What the hell.>>Eddie has stolen
the victory away from Bautista. [SOUND]
>>Spear on the corner by Jordan.>>A tag was made by the Usos [INAUDIBLE].>>Cable didn’t know a tag was made.>>No, I think they did that on purpose.>>One, two, three.>>Whoa, Usos comes in and
picks up the victory.>>He made the, [CROSSTALK]
>>Here are your winners, the High Gross American Outlaw and
The Usos. [MUSIC]>>Morrison is contemplating it.>>Yeah.
>>But it’s every man for himself, Starship Pain!>>And Miz sends Morrison flying! And Miz looks to pick the bones! And he does!>>What?
>>Miz wins the title! [MUSIC]>>Look out!
>>Kane with a Chokeslam!>>The Chokeslam by Kane. And Bautista, [CROSSTALK]
>>Bautista got out here.>>The New World Heavyweight Champion,
Triple H.>>Triple H is the champion. But Kane can’t believe it. [SOUND]
>>Kane!>>Michael’s made the tag. And Sweet Chin Music as he tags JBL. And tonight the show stopper
is the show stealer.>>You’re right Sean just
stole one from The Undertaker.>>This one just planted. He won’t kick out of this.>>Cover.
>>Kevin Owen, [CROSSTALK]
>>Wait a minute. What the hell.>>Styles pulls Owens out of the cover. Wants the cover for himself.>>He stole it! He stole it! [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner and the new United States champion,
A.J. Styles!>>Got caught.>>Lesnar’s so quick. Shot to the midsection.>>My god! At 500 pounds.>>Angle with a.>>Cover.>>Angle hooks, [CROSSTALK]
>>Cover!>>The leg. Angle pins Big Show!>>And I don’t think Brock’s happy.>>Winner’s Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.>>Kurt took that win.>>Kurt blind tagged, got the win for
the team, but Lesnar ain’t happy. [MUSIC]>>And there’s Connor to
the [INAUDIBLE] to retain the title but Kofi Kingston got him. Kofi, cover!
>>Wait, wait, wait.>>Hooks the leg!>>I think Kofi made
the tag in the corner.>>Here are your winners.>>But when? I didn’t remember seeing it.>>Kofi hopped up on the apron and
I think he made a tag.>>He must have because New Day
are the new tag team champs. New Day rocks tonight.>>Look at Big E go!>>Wait a minute.>>The Big E’s gonna be getting
down all over Brooklyn tonight. We could be a pedigree away.>>He got him.>>And that did it. The Game sticks the pedigree. Triple H, [CROSSTALK]
>>Where’s Matt Hardy?>>Hardy, Hardy, my God! Jeff Hardy Swanton, Swanton.>>One, two, three!>>He’s got him.>>Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy wins! Jeff Hardy’s realized
the dream of a life time!>>The new WWE champion, Jeff Hardy! [MUSIC]

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  1. And where is CM Punk`s pinfall, at a triple threat match between Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Punk for the opprotunity to face John Cena at Summerslam 2011 for the WWE Championship?)) That was also great moment as for me, and a HUGE moment for Punk

  2. Chris Jericho winning WHC in Scramble Match in 08 Unforgiven by pinning Kane when 5 seconds remained and stole the title from Batista

  3. If I got blind tagged and my partner pinned my opponent for me after drowning him I'd be confused, but ok with it because win is a win

  4. Wwe miss that stolen finisher moment when cm punk pin del rio after throwing rey mysterio into the steel post and win wwe title

  5. What about the one where eve was pinning Melina I think and than Alicia came out of now where and stole the pin making her win the title

  6. Where’s Trish Stratus stealing the pin for women’s championship? when Lita was on Gail and Trish pulled Lita down and pinned Gail and became the champion. That should have included

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