Stitches Gameplay Update

Stitches Gameplay Update

What’s up? I’m Kevin. We’re here to talk about the rework
to everyone’s favorite abomination, Stitches. When approaching the update
for the Terror of Darkshire, the dev team wanted to put
more focus on the warrior’s utility, while leaning into
the “in your face” feel of his gameplay. That, of course, means more Hook talents, while also bolstering
and refocusing other areas of his kit. Take a look. Stitches’ trait, Vile Cleaver, has been retooled
into a more aggressive ability. Previously, Stitches would spread Vile Gas to nearby enemies whenever he took damage. With this update,
Stitches will spread Vile Gas when using basic attacks against his foes. Continuous attacks to enemies will increase the duration of Vile Gas, prolonging its damage-over-time effect. This is particularly helpful in boosting Stitches’ wave-clear ability. Slam, his W ability, now has a slow incorporated baseline. When Stiches smashes the ground, enemies that find themselves
too close to the large lad will take extra damage and be slowed. With increased difficulty of escape, enemy heroes might want to think twice before going too deep
on a Stitches frontline. Though the range has been reduced,
several talents have been changed to increase the utility
of Stitches’ Hook ability. Serrated Edge, at level 4,
deals percentage damage and reduces the cooldown
upon successful hooks. Gas Flare, at level 13, does passive AoE damage around Stitches that will greatly increase
whenever enemy heroes are snagged. And Meat Hook, at level 16, provides a large heal
that can be refreshed with basic attacks whenever an enemy hero
is caught out of position. Looking for a little extra
late-game survival? Stitches’ level 20 talent,
Shambling Horror, passively makes him immune
to slowing effects and grants him a large amount of armor
upon activation. With a more aggressive,
in-your-face style, Stitches brings the goods
to effectively disrupt bad guys. Stitches wants to play, and he’s always looking for new playmates. Do you have the guts
to hook some new friends for him to smash? Leave us a comment or follow Heroes of the Storm around the web, and we’ll see you in the Nexus. HEROES OF THE STORM Playtime gonna be fun!

100 Replies to “Stitches Gameplay Update”

  1. How about a cool skin now, that isn't just a hat or a pair of shorts? I'm talking an elemental look like Thrall's skins, or a cyberninja Stitches. Something good.

  2. Okay level 20 immunity to slows + activation armour is awesome! I hope a couple more the tanks get this too Cough Diablo pls Cough Although i know he is already strong and doesn't need it can i have it anyway please Cough

  3. Hook range reduced (LOL), adding a talent on THIS hero that activates with auto attacks, on single target which they think it will help him clear lanes. closed it at 1:30 or something. pass

  4. I hope Sylvanas' rework is good. I really love her now but she will obv have no place with the new updates to Forts!
    I'm still sad that they reduced Hook's range, I'll miss landing those rewarding skillshots 🙁

  5. Hook is still horribly short and limited in terms of it's utility.. Calling this a rework really shows what a clusterfuck clueless shitfest the internal devteams at Blizzard are.

  6. They took away his self healing like AMP, Savor the flavor, and Cannibalize? He can survive, but is usually easy for enemies to ignore?

  7. Stitches defeating Mal'Ganis? Why I dont believe that with current balance (30.11.18)? XD
    BTW why reworking heroes who were completely fine while Chen is lost among garbage and Malfurion ended up same way after one of those reworks?

  8. What's this? my favorite tank is getting a rework making him better at everything I already enjoy doing? what a nice christmas present, blizz!

  9. Stitches is my favorite tank hero, because of all that self-healing he's able do with his Devour ability. With the right build he doesn't even need healer with him.
    Personally I couldn't care less about his damage output, because for me he's all about survivability and damage soaking. I can leave the dps to my team mates.

    I just hope that they didn't do any changes to how much damage he's able take, because that's the best part of him.

  10. I don't get why so many people are requesting road maps and whining about the amount of content the future holds for HOTS. Why does a MOBA constantly need new content? It's a competitive (sport-like) game; it doesn't necessarily need new content. Do they always add game-changing new content to football, or basketball, or Rocket League? No. The joy of the games, the competitive nature of the games, is all they need to maintain player interest. Maybe the only game-changing thing you need is to get better at the game :O

  11. Please do not remove his level 7 E quest talent.
    Stitches and Chen are pretty much the only remaining Heroes with a potentially eternal HP regen.

  12. Not sure how I feel about this rework. The change to Toxic gas and adding a slow to the cleaver was definitely a good idea, but I'm on the fence about the hook changes. Decreasing the base distance of the hook is going to have severe negative impacts that you may be underestimating. Or I could be overestimating? Won't be sure until I get to try it. When I first heard about changes to the hook, I was thinking "new talent that allows the hook to go through creeps? awesome!". Still a little disappointed that this is not a thing.

  13. As a big stitch player…im not happy to hear about shorter range on the hook…… The only thing cool about him is his hook and your gonna nerf it???

  14. "What's up, I'm Kevin and I'm here to talk about everyone's favourite abomination, Diablo Immortal."
    – Kevin, December 2018

  15. Stiches nerf feels bad man. Reduced hook range and no slam build any more. I really dont know if the wave clear will be better than the old slam build. Also he was almost top Dmg. He really doesn't need that rework…

  16. I love HOTS but recently I've been scared that Blizz is going to give up on it, I don't know why. Like, something in the back of my mind telling me that it's not profitable or maybe it's a failure in their eyes. That would break my heart… Don't give up on it please

  17. Meh, I don't even play Stitches but I loved his range. It made things interesting, even being caught by it. You don't have to be "out of position" hardly, just have a clear line of sight and you're afraid and thinking about it. I like the idea of people making their own opportunities, rather than just waiting for somebody to be "out of position".

  18. WHY?!?! Stitches is perfectly fine! In fact he is better than fine, he is awesome! Rework a hero that actually needs it ffs!

  19. Great spin on word play.  You nerf his hook range.  You make him a tank that can run away and spin your words to say he's 'more in your face tank'.  Effectively taking a tanks engagement tool and promoting that he can 'escape' easier.  Neither trait that anyone should desire on a tank.  Effectively making stiches into that much worse of a choice than garrosh.

  20. level 1 they removed Magic Shield talent which I was always using (ex: vs kt, ming..), they reduced the hook range (I was waiting for it and I hate it, I was very good at hooking perfectly.) They buffed W which I don't care.. the only time I was going slam build was when I had another "warrior" on my team (like mura, diablo..) At level 13 they removed "Flea Bag" and this skill was very good.. (probably why the rework) when I was facing a full stunt team (diablo, uther, mura…) I could have Devour like 3-4 times just by getting stunned.. At level 16 they aren't talking about it in the patch notes but they removed "stoneskin" which I was using alot (giving 30% max health as shield) + level 20 talent Hardened Shield +75 armor.. and finaly Amplified Healing removed (no more 30% from all healing sources) I didn't tried the new stitches yet but IMO this is kinda bad news for me.. weaker at low level (no magic shield and AMP HEALS) and level 16-20+ (no more shields lol).. more damage overall.. but shorter hook unless u get the new fishing hook 50% instead of 40% range. If u were very good at timing the shields at 16-20 u could be tankier than any other tanks. Now I feel like stitches is weaker.. more damage yes (and slow) but a better tank ? I don't think so.. Edit: btw stitches really needed a rework ? may be some changes.. but rework ?

  21. Excelent rework, but I think that the talent at level 1 "savior the flavor" is kinda op, he will be pretty much unkillable if he also regens 10% of maximum mana

  22. They better not removed fish hook from his kit.
    Also why make his passive a auto attack base? The whole reason I love his passive it forces melee enemy to have to have to suffer damage to hurt you. By making it a auto attack base the enemy can just lock him down and attack without suffering repercussions from his passive.

  23. Nice additions. Stitches has always had what I legitimately consider to be the single best talent tree HotS. These somehow make it even better.

  24. After seeing this and especially the Sylvanas update, I'm just uninstalling the game. I don't want to keep playing and watch great heroes get flushed down the drain.

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