Stir Crazy | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim E18

Stir Crazy | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim E18

right now I have to be so rational and sit in my cabin and just think don’t do anything stupid basically just gonna be gonna be sitting in here until storm alley lets us move [Music] sup guys we are not in England I wanted to be the England but we’re not not a great start to this week I’ll be honest you know I was swimming not necessarily angry but my way of coping was just kind of swimming like I had a job to do like I said there wasn’t so much smiling and swimming it was more just you know swimming with sheer intent and a purpose and and it was working it worked we were actually making some pretty good mileage all down the east coast of Scotland that was until today and that’s because storm alley has decided to pay as a visit we kind of knew it was coming but just lies just come at the worst time and that’s just because I don’t mind swimming through Jellyfish any more like chafing salt tongue I don’t I don’t mind any of that as long as I get back to Margate and then I can I can go and you know see the family and give everybody a hug but one thing I cannot stand is is not making progress and whilst you know storm alley and 80 mile-per-hour winds aren’t fun because they don’t make for good swimming conditions the worst thing about this is is we we can’t go out there you know at the moment fishing boats and and and ships have come into Dunbar Harbor and are just seeking safety so right now I have to be so rational and sit in my cabin and just think don’t do anything stupid maybe they’re just gonna be gonna be sitting in here until storm alley lets us move [Music] so we’ve had this ongoing issue with a bent prop shaft which has been just a background anxiety really because this has been going on since right down the south coast where we actually in the dark here on lobster port and just the Rope got wrapped around one of the propellers and just kink the shaft slightly so there was a slight bend in it and we actually managed to bend it out a bit manually in on a beach in Cornwall but it you know to get it really true needed to come off the boat and be in a workshop and be on a lathe and straighten properly of course with two engines that’s a crucial part of of making sure that we’re okay for picking Ross up in the water when it’s rough but we just had not had the time to do that you know the pace has been so relentless and we’ve had this amazing forecast Ross has kept going kept going kept going and so all of a sudden here we are we’ve got 36 hours where I’ve been able to do that and personally I feel really happy about that it’s a hold up but it’s just a huge relief to have been able to find a bit of time to do that essential bit of maintenance and get that repair done Wow morning guys today there is hope not a lot of it not a lot of hope quite a small portion like it like a snack of hope and but it is there and that’s because Matt’s woke me up this morning and said he’s checked all the weather reports and that there is a very brief period a small window where storm alley kind of let the guard down just a little bit and and if we’re able to sneak across the Firth of Forth we might be able to make the last 10 miles which means we’ll actually come back into to mainland Great Britain and we can start thinking about England which which feels amazing to say but this is going to be unlike any swim we’ve done so far on the Great British whim and that’s because what to date we’ve always swim with the tide because it never makes sense to swim against it right now that’s not the determining factor so it’s rather than looking at the tides we have to look at the weather and we have to look at what’s gonna be safe for the boats for the crew and for me in the water so we can actually be swimming all day through the day for as long as storm alley let’s a swim I just would rather swim in the middle of a hurricane right now then sit in the harbor and not do anything [Music] [Music] you’re 300 cook in the store after five minutes indicates why we weren’t going anywhere but we all get have to wait it was a gamble there you know it’s no point to me against it sorry it’s 2:00 tomorrow 6:00 no no no we knew is we knew is exactly where we don’t normally swim you know an answer and that’s the impact it’s just better to not waste your energy I think you know most important used to stay warm against it okay snap obviously didn’t go to plan that’s probably we’re gonna do a Kiner just notch that one down as a little bit of a false start that was the first time that we tried to swim against the tide and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about mother nature is she doesn’t want to swim you you want Natsume that day just what we’re gonna do now is we’re going to wait out in the middle of the sea for another two hours hope there the tide starts working with this and also the winds and the waves from store valley don’t come rushing in and cancel a if I’m completely honest with myself I’m probably not thinking that recipe of the boat are probably swimming on a little bit too much emotion so I would have kept on swimming against the tide right there that was like get out conserve your energy eat get warm get out your wetsuit and let’s go again in two hours and just still keen to get out there as the tide changes [Music] [Applause] okay that will probably go down as one of the worst ones at the group pretty swim so far that’s hard tight dough slack which allows me to pick up a little bit of speed and then we get about five hours of swimming under our belt things are actually going okay the tides been turning and it’s actually helping us all about two o’clock in the morning when Matt gets a radio through from a level 11 storm warning on the way so Matt turns to me and says Ross I think we need to call it you know for Matt to say that you know for the last 110 days me and him have swam through some pretty ropey waves so when he says we should call it you know Matt obviously knows best I now realize that that’s actually how you swim in a storm you know for all of the kind of bravado and go ah you know man versus hurricane and everything it’s no like mother nature would always win I’ve learned that the hard way before you don’t compete against mother nature those I love the saying there you don’t conquer a mountain you’re merely allowed to stand upon it for a brief moment and that’s kind of the case with this you know you don’t conquer an ocean you just blessed er drift around within it sometimes back in the harbor now but it’s a little bit better – the clocks and miles so [Music] you get to England mate we’ll get this strong man at the border this is the last point eight miles time to go home engine here we come soon have fun you’re on the board of eight okay you’re away guys can’t quite believe I’m saying this but as a 524 p.m. today the Great Britain is back in English waters and it just it feels amazing to say that more it means more to say that than it did Lands End crossing the Scottish border John O’Groats just because and I said this at the start of the swim I said what we see berrak upon tweed but me is is the start of the the home stretch a long home stretch but a home stretch nonetheless when I got back on the boat there was there was relief there was there was a celebration there was a lot of emotions in them me and Matt had our customary hug it feels if it was amazing to say they were back in England gonna miss Scotland Scotland was amazing from the people the scenery the food I really will miss Scotland but happy to be back in in English waters it was a tough swim as well Scotland wasn’t gonna let me over the border quite quite so easily and a little bit sunburned as you can tell from what goggle marks also as well just like a few rogue jellyfish we’re just kind of guarding the border to England and so I took a few of those by just I just didn’t care nothing nothing was gonna stop me from getting to England today I’m really here there big man everybody take it Amy said don’t worry we’ll be there feels amazing still still not a huge celebration but more other celebration so it’s you know maybe you know maybe I’ll have I’ll have two puddings tonight double pudding celebrations boom one o’clock in the morning next tight that’s that’s the plan but feels amazing feels so good to put the English flag up so good it’s hard to explain so this week and it just feels amazing to be signing out in English waters so don’t forget you can always follow my progress at [Music]

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  2. I now always look fowards to my Thursday mornings. I buy myself a redbull, go to college and during my morning break I watch another inspiring episode. Great job Ross, keep going and never give up. Much love from Québec!

  3. Yo Ross, you've spoken about different delicate parts of your body being effected by the sea, how's the downstairs doing with all the salt?

  4. I know you're crushing it Ross, but Matt sounds like an absolute legend.
    What has his sleep schedule been like? Great crew and good luck on with the rest!

  5. Every morning when im struggeling to get out of my bed I say to myself, man up, at least you dont have to swim around England!:D Keep it up!

  6. Massive thumbs up to the boat Captain Matt, he is an absolute legend! Knowledge of the sea, organising the boat maintenance, managing everything. If i had a bit of what he has got i would be a happy man.

  7. You are an absolute inspiration! Every mile that you did from day one on with a race ahead of you that seemed so absurd, makes me believe that I can achieve greater things in my life as well.
    Even the weather gods arent gonna hold you back! Swim home buddy

  8. When do you think you'll be passing Alnmouth/ Amble/ Blyth? I would LOVE to come and cheer you on/ bring you a cake! 🙂 from one very pathetic summer outdoor swimming to the most amazing one! Love Kathryn

  9. I love to watch your videos! Every time a new episode pops up I click on it as fast as a reaction time of a pro sprinter 🙂 Keep it up sir, u r in the home stretch now! amazing

  10. all I could think thru the storm last week was how was ross doing out there!! hope your good bro, keep it going! you got this!

  11. Woohoo!! Home stretch!! Way to go, Ross!! Way to go, Matt!! (I check your progress every day and got quite a smile when I saw you cross the border.) Keep up the great work, team!

  12. You are now featuring in my sessions working with the NHS on How to be resilient! Not so far now – home before too long. Great stuff!

  13. so I just had to pause the video when I saw the banana counter. I counted to 107!! And I'm talking 107 groups of 5; 107×5=535 ROSS EDGLEY HAS EATEN 535 BANANAS SO FAR!!!!!!

  14. Keep going man, finishline comes closer. Maybe mother nature just wanted you to have a bit of recovery.
    P.S. congrats to this huge achievement and i love your laught

  15. Killing it Ross! This will go down in history as one of the most incredible feats of any man ever! Showing what it means to “Break in through to the other side!” Pure class mate 🌟

  16. Please how long before you get to Saltburn-by-the-Sea I see ur at Blythe coz I want to come down to sea front and see you guys go by ??

  17. the guy is true inspiration. i knew about ross way before this challenge and he is insane but this is a whole new level. everyday when i wake up and dont want to leave the bed i now ask to myself "what would ross do? he is out there wrestling ocean waves and i complain to do much easier tasks. time to get up"

    thanks for the inspiration mate, trully. i wish you good fortune in your challenge. may the gods of fitness keep you away from injuries and the poseidon give you a silky smooth sea.

    ps: i think i could swim around the country i live in too, since im relatively fit but unfortunately austria has no seas, so yea, thats my excuse. you win this round ross.

  18. You know. in one of the last Vlogs you said your body is slowly breaking down and i thought "man than give your body a little more rest time to recover, dont bury yourself trying to be too fast and then fail and quit because your body wont allow it anymore" now came something bigger which is on your side because it forces you to swim less for a certain perdiod of time and your body will say "thank you weather for holding him a little more on the boat" i think its great that you have a more of little break and as soon as the weather gets better your body will feel way better. Good Luck my english friend.

  19. Just stumbled across this and the tracker is saying you’re currently at Hartlepool which is where I’m from, good luck with the rest of the swim!

  20. Just incredible stuff Ross – stick at it! I'm curious about the rules – judging from this, are you not actually allowed off the boat?

  21. 15 days depending on the wheather… For me I am loving the vlog good content and Ross to do it is great ! Go Ross from Portugal 🇵🇹Very inspired and hubell

  22. Hi Ross, I know you’ve been in this journey for a while, but decided to catch up. I have just binged watched all 18 episodes, and I can honestly say you’re an absolute hero. I can’t even comprehend swimming 2 miles let alone around the UK. Truly inspiring. #swimwithasmile #focusontheprocess #rhinoneck

  23. My son (Oliver 6) and I have been watching this from day 1. We had a plan to do 3 peaks as Oliver would be the youngest to ever complete the challenge. Motivations have slowed but, after these vids, we have new energy towards it. Thanks for the videos and we hope you return safely. Sir Ross Edgley!!!

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