Stinging Scorpion vs. Pain-Defying Mouse | Deep Look

Stinging Scorpion vs. Pain-Defying Mouse | Deep Look

There’s an arms race underway in the Sonoran
desert Mouse vs. scorpion Locked in a battle of one upmanship, each
animal evolving better, stronger chemical defenses against the other. Consider the Arizona bark scorpion. Its tail contains the most powerful venom
of any scorpion in the United States, delivering white hot electrical pain. This sting sends hundreds of people to the
hospital each year. That venom isn’t just potent… It’s sophisticated. Researchers at The California Academy of Sciences
in San Francisco are studying how this venom became increasingly complex over time
to deal with the threats scorpions face. They milk the scorpion. They use a piece of
wax paper to coax it into stinging. That droplet contains a complex brew of chemicals,
including neurotoxins that quickly paralyze prey, like this cricket…. But venom also serves as a powerful defense…
against being eaten That’s… where the mouse comes in. Do not be fooled by its cuteness. The southern grasshopper mouse is a ferocious
hunter, which is rare among mice. And it’s got a taste for scorpion. Which would seem like a death wish. But it
isn’t. Scientists at Michigan State University are
studying how the battle unfolds — not just physically, but at a chemical level. This mouse is on the attack. But the scorpion… is not having it. See how it keeps stinging the mouse? For any other animal — including you or me
— this would hurt. Badly. And for a second, with the grasshopper mouse,
it does. See how it’s rubbing its face? But after a brief moment of pain, its nerves
go numb. Most animals its size would be dead by now. But the grasshopper mouse has evolved a specific
defense against scorpion venom. A protein built into the mouse’s nerve cells
— binds to the toxin. It blocks it. Instead of creating pain and paralysis, the
toxin does the opposite. It acts like a painkiller — an analgesic. After the first couple stings, the mouse barely
feels anything… Bad news for the scorpion. Researchers think this trick could point the
way to more precise pain medications for people, with fewer side effects. Once upon a time, the scorpion’s venom was
enough to protect it. But today — in this desert arms race — the
mouse has the upper paw. At least for now. Hi, it’s Amy. So this… is what scorpions look like when
you shine a UV flashlight on them. They’re fluorescent. Why this is? is a mystery. But it does make it easier for researchers
to find them at night, which is when scorpions are active. Deep Look episodes are easier to find if you click
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100 Replies to “Stinging Scorpion vs. Pain-Defying Mouse | Deep Look”

  1. Researchers predict more development of drugs to make more money and without a cure for anything except a depleting bank account..

  2. I wonder if most animals can shut off their pain receptors at will… we humans are pathetic. We need machines to survive anything at all. Humans are designed to suffer in agony. That’s why we are such a violent species.

  3. A protein evolved in the mouse to stop the pain. Why doesn't the scorpion just evolve into a large mouse trap?

  4. You know the ting about a rat? They have lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes. Don't seem to be living at all when it comes at you.

  5. A mouse that likes painful food? Hmmm, wonder what other species does this?

    Anyone up for Ghost Pepper Hot Wings?

  6. finally what happen to the mouse… i suspect mouse also no more , any more being alive still…

  7. 2:28 must've been at least 25 shots to the face before he finally subdued the scorpion.

    If I had to work that hard for my food I'd probably die of starvation…


  9. You might win and eat me today, but thousands of your kind will soon be dissected by human to research your blood..

  10. Did evolution fail? Oh no God just created a counter measure to these scorpions, I love the subtle brainwashing in these videos hinting evolution… it’s pathetic…

  11. Ok so it's immune to the pain-causing effects of the scorpion venom. That doesn't explain how it's not dead.

  12. Scorpions are really poisonous when they sting you. They look alike as spider. A spider and a scorpion are not insects. They both have 8 legs. The difference about a scorpion and a spider is that spiders have fangs and the scorpion has a poisonous stinger. Interesting.

  13. "do not be fooled by it's cuteness"

    i know right, did you hear that roar? ferocious

  14. Evolving come on. These creatures were created the way they are from the beginning. GOD is creator. Why don't you aknowlege this fact and repent.

  15. It's the cutest and most interesting mouse I've ever seen …??
    Sadly, city mice are not as cute as him…
    By the way… is he dangerous for the crops too? Or does he eat insects only?

  16. Funny, I remember seeing a SciShow video about this. From what I remember of it, the scorpion’s venom attaches to the base of pain receptor nerves and makes them go off constantly. The mouse, instead of the typical way of evolving an immunity (changing the pain receptor so the toxin can’t bind it), has a change in something further up the nerve that makes it also bind the toxin; thus, while the toxin does start up the pain sensation, it also ends up clogging up the nerve to prevent the signal.

  17. Next thing you know the scorpions tail evolves to a gun and it just starts shooting the mouse. It ain't having that no more.

  18. Great video but I’m not okay with letting animals kill each other in a captive tank. Filming the events in the wild is one thing but having two animals trapped in a small enclosure with no way of escape, is not cool. Please don’t encourage this.

  19. I was sleeping one night when I felt a pinch just above my elbow ( I sleep face down arms underneath pillow). I ignored it, but then it started to burn so I got up to go to the restroom to check myself out. I seen that the area burning had a large red circle that was growing quickly and didn't know what was going on!

    When I got back to my bed I lifted my pillow and a scorpion that looked exactly like this one had been sharing the bed with me all night until I finally brushed it close enough to sting me. I hate scorpions!!!!

  20. It doesn’t matter if the scorpion can produce a safe pain killer the FDA isn’t gonna approve any of it. They are filthy rich off of medicine & it’ll never change

  21. WOOOW THE ANXIETY I Had when watching the Scorpion stabbing the mouse so many times!!! ( and i was eting my chill cheese fritos chips)

  22. My dad has a fruit garden but instead of scorpions vs mouse it's scorpions vs ants this war has being going on for 7 months we still don't know where the scorpions/ants come from

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