STIKBALL: The Squishy, Sticky Indoor Baseball

[MUSIC PLAYING] When you’re ready for a
ball with unexpected fun, grab Stikball. Stikball as a soft rubbery
toy with an adhesive surface that’s easy to throw,
and lands with a– [SPLAT] Use it as a stress ball. Bottom of the ninth,
two outs, a perfect time for a commercial break. Throw it around indoors
or invent your own game. [SPLAT] Oh. D3, ground rule double. No, no, no, no, no C3
is ground rule double, D3 is you got hit
by a pitch, now you harbor lifelong resentment
against the pitcher. I thought that was C7. No, no, no, C7 is you
get caught using PEDs. Or maybe it’s you
date a Kardashian. Either way, your career
is never the same. Play with a friend
using Stikball mitts for a new old fashioned
game of catch. Buy Stikball with Stikball mitts
and shop hundreds more gifts at D1 is when you try your
hardest to work your way up to the majors, but your
own hubris gets in the way, and you didn’t heed the advice
of your small town girlfriend who you’ve left for the
glamor of the big city. No, no, no, no D1
is when two guys are running trying to
catch the same foul ball, and they hit each other. And then we insert a sound
effect that goes, boak. If you want another fun
plaything to throw around, tap here. And tap here to see another
awesome Vad19 video. Tap here to get
your own Stikball so you can create
your own games. Oh, home run. No, that’s see your
father in the stands and realize he’s always
been proud of you. It’s only worth one point.

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