Stephen A. Smith’s Closed Caption Transcriber | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Stephen A. Smith’s Closed Caption Transcriber | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– [Narrator] Stephen A. Smith is an outspoken sports commentator known for being overly wordy. – They can’t articulate and
elocute the way that I can… – [Narrator] Incredibly bombastic, – Oh! Oh! – [Narrator] And ranting about almost any topic that comes up. – Codine, weed, and alcohol! – And I’m the person who transcribes him for closed captioning. (sighs) Being Stephen A. Smith’s
caption transcriber is draining. The speed with which the
words fly out of his mouth you can’t keep up. It’s like fighting back
the ocean with a thimble. (frantic keyboard typing) It’s not just the speed it’s the non sequiturs, half thoughts, random noises. Normal speech is subject, verb, predicate, and it’s logical. Stephen A’s is like a shotgun blast of words and sounds. (sighs) Showtime. (frantic keyboard typing) When Stephen A. Smith is
live, you have to focus. Anything can set him off. One time, someone said
Tony Romo was a top 5 QB. Stephen yelled for 6 minutes straight without taking a breath. – Let’s leave it there, we’ve got an even bigger
beef in the NBA in your city. (Log-off notification) (relieved sigh) – [Narrator] Stephen A.
has certain trigger words that set him off. I’ve created a flow chart
to help me anticipate some of the word explosions. For example, someone says
“Carmelo isn’t top tier,” he’ll say “Blasphemous.” Or if somebody compliments the Cowboys, he’ll yell “Blasphemous.” That one comes up a lot. – It’s blasphemous! It’s blasphemous. The blaspheme… – [Narrator] So I’ve
created some shortcuts to help me keep up. So, F1, “This dude is on another level.” F2, “What Lebron James needs to do.” And F3, “I can’t believe
what I am hearing, insulting, embarrassing. If a
man wants to climb a mountain and declare himself king, he damn sure better be
wearing hiking boots.” That one’s particularly useful, because he says it a lot
more than you would think. I guess my dream scenario would be that Stephen A. Smith says
something so offensive he gets fired. Problem is, he talks so fast nobody
would even catch it. I’d give anything to trade places with the guy who transcribes
Phil Simms’ broadcasts. Not only does Simms talk slow, I’m pretty sure he only
knows like 4 phrases.

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  1. If you don't subscribe, that's BLASPHEMOUS:

  2. Stephen A. Smith is that guy whose job is just to yell a controversial and stupid opinion to generate publicity he's like the worst thing ever from ESPN


  4. anyone knows whats the music playing in the background starting from the 1:30 mark? ive heard it before but cant quite catch it

  5. I can't believe what I'm hearing. Insulting. Embarrassing. If a man wants to climb a mountain and call himself the king he damn sure better be wearing some hiking boots.

  6. I can't tell if this is a joke or if he actually is trying to type on a keyboard and keep up with the speaker. I am a stenographer and write upwards of 260 words per minute and I would barely be able to keep up with this guy speaking as fast as he does. So how is the guy in this video able to do it on a traditional keyboard?

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