Stephanie Poetri “I Love You 3000” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Stephanie Poetri “I Love You 3000” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I was on Instagram, you know minding my own
business, and then I did a Q&A on Instagram where I was like, “Hey, send me a phrase
or a word and I’ll make it into a song.” ‘Endgame’ came out the week before that. So everyone was like, “I love you 3000. I love you 3000.” And then when I woke up the next day, a bunch
of people were like, “Dude, this one’s fire!” And I was like, “Okay, okay.” And they were like,you know, “Can you make
it into real a song?” Honestly writing the song was so funny because I’m
saying, “I want you to be my husband.” I don’t even have a boyfriend! You know what I mean? Like I was just like, “Sis, chill.” Basically I just wanted it to be full on acoustic,
maybe a bit of vinyl sounds. So, I just got a friend to help with the guitar. He’s awesome, his name is Austin, shout out. Like I had no budget actually, it was just
me. So I legit shoot the music video with my phone. Like we just walked around Jakarta trying
to find fun things to do. Because I didn’t expect anything to come out
from it. Like I thought it was just going to be a fun
little song, but it blew up and I was like, “Oh, damn like.” Originally it wasn’t outerwear, it was underwear. Basically the reference I had was, you know
how guys they would have boxers or underwear with kind of like funky patterns, and the graphics, and
it’s always kind of quirky. Presumably. I wouldn’t know. Then I changed it to outerwear because I’m
trying to be family friendly out here. I’m not trying to get demonetized, you know,
you guys can relate. In Indonesia, you’re not really dating anyone
until they ask you to be their girlfriend. Like you could be dating for three years,
but unless they ask you to be their girlfriend or boyfriend, I don’t judge, you’re not really
dating. If we have the perfect moment together, we’re
out here and we’re feeling really good with each other, I think that’s when you should
ask me out because it’s so genuine. Whereas like there’s people who plan it for
two weeks straight, but then the day before they had a fight, so it wasn’t really genuine,
but like they can’t cancel it because all their friends came and there’s music playing. You know? So yeah, that’s kind of like what I got from
it. I just want the perfect moment. Yeah so if my friends knew that my boyfriend was going
to ask me to be their wife, I would not want them to tell me unless it’s going to be bad. If it’s bad then let me know, so I can stop
him and be like, “You need to check yourself.” You know? The phrase I love you 3000 was said … I’m
not going to spoil it for you guys in case people haven’t watched because I heard some
people actually haven’t watched it. Was a phrase said by someone to their kid
and I think it really resonated with a lot of people. I didn’t know what rhymed with thousand, so
I went and searched it up and I found husband. I was like, “Okay, that goes well together.” So like I can’t really relate because I don’t
have anyone in my life, so if anyone’s interested. If people were to think of a Hollywood movie
romance they’d probably go with the classics. You know like ‘Notebook’ and stuff, but
I didn’t really grow up on that so my love story is Edward and Bella. If anyone wants to be my vampire that’d be
cool. For ‘Endgame’, there was this thing like,
“Don’t spoil ‘Endgame’. It was a huge deal, and everyone kept quiet
about what happened. I won’t say it, because you know, no spoilers
please. But, something happened, and I thought it
fit the song so well. I wanted to say, “Don’t spoil your plans
for me,” similar to how people shouldn’t spoil ‘Endgame’ to others. For me specifically I know when he challenges me in everything because like I’m super competitive. When the guy can handle my competitiveness because a lot of the times they’re like, you know they don’t want confrontation, they don’t want that kind of drama in their life, so they’re kind of like, “Eh. Okay let’s not go there.” I love for example, like playing badminton
with you and like you know that kind of competitiveness. I need them to be like that, and if they can
handle that, you’s a keeper, you know? But, if you can’t, then you’s not a keeper. What’s running through my mind at this point
of the song is like, here’s my imagination. Basically, this whole song, I’m saying, “Don’t
ruin this for us. You know? Like you’re making it too obvious. I don’t like that.” Then when it actually happens, I ruined it,
like I answered too fast. It’s my fault. That’s just a recurring theme in my life,
so I wanted to put that in. And I think a lot of people can relate. You know, when you’re too in your feelings
and you’re thinking about this too many times, you end up being the one who ruins it instead of the person you thought who was going to ruin it. Just like how the pre-chorus said, “All
my friends they tell me they see,” that’s like a hint. Basically like, my girls, they’re smart, but
they don’t really have to be, because you’re so obvious. All these clues, they’re just coming to me. But, mostly because I keep thinking about
it. Honestly my heart is beating so fast. Three days before you guys emailed me, I literally
told my mom and my manager, “Like, okay. I have three dreams of my life.” And like I said, “The first one is to get
on Genius Verified.” And then I got the email and I cried. Like I have a video of me crying, reading
your email. I was like, “What?”

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