Steep: Road to the Olympics Expansion: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Steep: Road to the Olympics Expansion: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

DRAGONS, “WARRORS”} As a child, you would wait
and watch from far away. But you always knew that
you’d be the one that work while they all play. In youth you’d lay [CHEERING] Of all the things
that you would change. But it was just a dream. [SNAPPING] [GUNSHOT] ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] [SNOW CRUNCHING] [WIND WHISTLING]

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  1. The song was specifically made for the League of Legends World Championship in 2014. With the video, and lyrically it was designed for League. This does not, however, mean that another game can't use the song.

  2. This looks awesome, and according to some comments, it may very well be free. Needless to say, I'm excited!

  3. not only is this not free… it's not included in the season pass and you can expect it to be around $24.99

    the exact price isn't set yet because the exact amount of content isn't definite yet.

  4. When I was a kid I dreamed of a game like this and now finally Ubisoft has done it for me. My heart goes out to the creators of steep 😉

  5. Everyone complaining they took the song from league. No one seemed to care when it was for a wonder woman trailer

  6. To those who didn't want to pause the video to see all sports, they are: Downhill, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle, Ski Cross, Halfpipe, Ski Halfpipe, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Parallel Giant Slalom, Super-G and Big Air.

  7. As soon I as I all the snowboarding challenges, it brought tears to me eyes. Especially slopestyle. GRINDING is finally being used and I'm so stoked. Definitely, the best game I ever bought Day 1 🙂 Keep up the good work Ubisoft!

  8. Is this DLC free or not? Because i saw that they put Steep™ – Winter Games Edition on playstation store for $59.99? so does it mean it costs money?

  9. Bad move again ubisoft we need to pay for a expansion wile we payed a season pass wich meens all dlc for most games i bough evry season pass for my hundreds of psn games yet i hardly see bulshit like this where the season pass ends after a year i have had many season passes that end after 2 or more years never 1 this is insulting i bought like 30 ubisoft games in my time probebly more …. to bad i won't buy it and il pass on more ubisoft games from now on bad move !

  10. The pipe has like 8 foot walls and the big air jump has ZERO lip to it with a vertical drop right after. Whoever designed this should have spent a minute to google the dimensions or call someone with experience. Epic fail.

  11. that's an absolut scam! 30€ for a season pass and another 30€ for a new map! Do thinks that's okay? #boycott #boycottUbisoft

  12. I woulds like to request stand alone items of Jacket/coats and hoodies that don't have a backpack. I notice some new complete outfits that don't have a backpack. I would like to pair coats without a backpack with my choice of pants and what ever else. PLEASE 🙂 #loosethebackpack

  13. I'm pre-ordering today! I love that the game updated correct flip rotations. Super realistic m/. I know Max Parrot did a 1440 double rodeo that was 2 720 rodies back to back instead of switching the axis at the 540. It's AWESOME to do all 4 TRUE to LIFE doubles,triples and quads. The rails feel better now in every way. I've gotten pretty steezy with the new mechanics.

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