Steep Gameplay Walkthrough: World Premiere – E3 2016 [NA]

Steep Gameplay Walkthrough: World Premiere – E3 2016 [NA]

Welcome to the world of
Steep — a massive open world, partially set in the Alps,
at the intersection of Italy, Austria, Switzerland,
and France. We’re currently flying over
Aiguille du Mont-Blanc. And in case you’re wondering,
Aiguielle means needles. The first thing we’ll do is land
on the small rock over there. Notice the man on the right,
walking up to the summit? That’s another player
from the community. From here, we can
now enjoy the view and observe the world around us. That big guy in front of you is
Mont-Blanc, the biggest summit in the region. In the distance, you
can see the Matterhorn, one of the wildest
spots in the game. And on the right
you’ve got the Aravis range– the range we come from,
where Ubisoft Annecy stands. In Steep, we developed a
really cool observation too. We call it Mountain View. Mountain View allows you to
zoom out from your position, observe the world and
navigate into the environment. Our mountain range will be
populated by drop zones. Drop zones are entry points
for you to drop into the world when you’re ready. Now let’s go back to
our initial position. Besides drop zones,
the game will offer a wide range of challenges
for you to test your skills. The one in front of us
is a wingsuit activity. And as the other
player drops in, we’ll follow him and
trigger the challenge. This is a proximity
flying race challenge. We just secured
the silver medal. And as we land, we
could choose to move onto to skiing in the Aiguille. But we’d like to introduce
you to another region. So let’s switch to Mountain
View and head over to Aravis. The purpose of
this next sequence is to show you what
it’s like to play online with other players, such as your
friends or community members. As you ride, you’ll keep meeting
other players who are also having fun on a mountain. Let’s switch our point of
view to follow those riders. As you probably notice, the
game will support Go-Pro views. Hold on. We really need to pause here. Too much has happened
at the same time. Now, I’d like to show
you something special. If we go back to Mountain View,
take a look at that trail. Every line you do in the
world creates a trail, and that trail is really cool. It not only allows you to check
what you’ve done on your ride so you can analyze
your line, but it also allows you to launch a
replay of what you’ve seen and what you’ve done. You can rewind, pause,
control the camera, go slow-mo, follow any
players you’ve met. And the idea here
is to allow you to push that replay
of your performances, or just crashes to
all social networks so you can share
it with the world. Even better, not only can
you share your videos, but say you like that
jump over the cliff. You know it’s a tricky one. You can push it as a
challenge to your friends. You define the rules. Share it so it becomes
part of the content your friends will
see in their game. But let’s catch up
with our red paraglide.

54 Replies to “Steep Gameplay Walkthrough: World Premiere – E3 2016 [NA]”

  1. Where is grinding? It is such a bland game. There are big white spaces that could have grinding ramps and logs and such.

  2. I've watched this like 5 times, even after playing the beta, and each time it's like I'm watching it for the first time. It's amazing and I'm so hyped for it~ I grew up with SSX so something like this is just what I wanted.

  3. Just downloaded the Beta, it took 2 days but know it's finished and I can't play it. I guess Beta servers are over on the 21st which really bums me out because I was looking forward to playing this

  4. This game has more stupid online DRM for no fucking reason. It's nothing like SXX because it doesn't have solo free skate I could understand if this was actually a more competitive game but since they're trying to compete with a game like SXX this just ain't gonna cut it.

    It's like the same issue as hitman except Ubisoft is just doing it to do it. If you have bad internet don't buy this game because you'll never be able to play it.

  5. Well the price may seem high, but for people who are complaining $80 for a winter sports game, should look at NBA 2K17 Gold Legend.

  6. Game is awsome but … soundtracks sucks only 2-3 good songs , most annoying ones are that french song and bring the beat back one really i must mute the music to enjoy the game at its fullest plz next update add a music box type setting where u can chose the music …

  7. the keyboard controls for this game are impossibly hard, the timing for jumps is very tricky, those two things are what is making this game hard to enjoy. I just ordered a remote for my pc, hopefully this will make it easier. because this games looks awesome, and with better controls it would be awesome

  8. Everyone here commenting about how they can't wait to wingsuit paraglide, ski and snowboard, meanwhile I'm here planning which mountains I want to walk up on by foot 🙂

  9. Wow!! How did i just end up here?! This stuf is soo cool,so virtual!! This makes me experience the ability to ski and fly with wingsuit n parachute on which i have always wanted to do since i was a kid! This is such a dope thing! For somebody from tropics like me!!

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