Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Racing Games

Steam Winter Sale 2017 | Racing Games

hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to another steam winter sale 2017 video and in this video I’ll be
looking at car games racing games bikes etc anything with wheels basically
now this was surprisingly harder than I thought and the reason for that is car
racing games with official cars like licensed cars they tend to get removed
from digital distribution after a few years so about five years seven years
ten years depending on the license so if you go online now on Steam and if you
try to search for dirt 3 for example dirt showdown you won’t find these games
you won’t find stuff like f1 2010 driver San Francisco one of my favorite racing
car games that is no longer sold and from I guess it is between 5 to 7 years
is what the licenses are in some occasions it’s a bit longer for example
the first grid game that came out in 2007 I believe but it got removed
earlier this year so about after 10 years so 5 7 10 the dirt games get
removed after 5 years f1 games it seems are getting removed after 7 and other
games around 10 years there are one or two exceptions but that seems to be the
general trend so with that being said let’s look at what is still there and
sold currently now first up we have a racing sim and this is Assetto Corsa now at the moment the two main racing Sims on pc are assetto corsa and
the project car games there are two project car games and assetto corsa now
this is constantly getting updated and the cars look amazing in this one and it
has got a lot of very beautiful classic Italian cars a lot of red cars basically
and they’ve also recently added a new update which is version 1.1 6 and
they’ve added 7 your cars and this looks amazing like I’ve been debating whether
to get this or not because I don’t have a proper steering wheel setup so with
the controller I wouldn’t be the same but I mean these cars look amazing and I
would love to get all of these so if you are into sim racing if you have a proper
wheel or if you just want to check these out this is probably one of the best out
there next we have the now as I said all the previous DiRT
games have been removed so right now you’ll only get DiRT Rally and DiRT 4
and DiRT Rally is pretty good it was a bit more realistic and which made it a
bit difficult but it’s still very good and this is 80% off I think this is the
lowest it has gone and this is $11.99 assetto corsa was also $11.99 by the way
f1 2015 now you can pick any fun game you like they release one every year f1
2010 has been removed and f1 2013 has also been removed and I believe that is
because f1 2013 had some older cars from the 80s and 90s so maybe they had some
different licensing for that so that is no longer sold but the other f1 games
are and you can pick any like f1 2015 is $10 75% of 2016 is $15 and 2017 is $36
so if you want an f1 game maybe something like this is its recent enough
but also not too expensive grid Autosport another racing game but with
more GT type cars and this is a good game I play the first grid game I was a
lot of fun I haven’t played this one but as you can see mostly positive reviews
and in this is 75% off down to $9.99 now an older Sim game Sim racing game and
this is GT legends now I was very surprised that this is still sold this
is from 2005 and this was one of the early Sim racing games and this is
surprisingly good even now after like twelve years since it came out so if you
want get hold of this this is only $3.99 and this is a pretty good game I
actually had a disc like a physical disc and this was pretty hard pretty
realistic Test Drive Unlimited 2 now this is an open-world driving game now
the reason why you see mixed reviews here is basically because the
multiplayer is dead now obviously this is a very old game now and the reason
why I have it is we don’t have a lot of open-world arcade racing games on PC and
this is a pretty good game you have on two islands and you drive around you
collect cars you buy houses you put your cars in there you go to showrooms and
this is quite a nice game there isn’t much out there like this in fact I don’t
think there’s anything out there like this Forza horizon comes close but even
that isn’t as sort of immersive as this and also another reason why I am
recommending is this might be removed in a year or two so it might be worth
getting even just for the single-player couple of bike games and first up we
have ride there is also a sequel to this one right – but if you haven’t tried
these out check the first game this is 75% off for $9.99 super bikes racing game
and this looks good has got very positive review so yeah definitely have
a look the last game on my list is road redemption now this is a bike game with
co-op and multiplayer as well as basically combat on bikes this is very
much like the old Road Rash game from the 90s I saw Jim
sterling as well as angry Joe played this and this was a lot of fun so yes
definitely check it out this came out in October and it’s already down by 30%
down to $13.99 so those are my recommendations for the car racing games
or by games and like I said there isn’t that much there on PC it seems so check
these out if any of these are interesting that’s it for this video
I’ll be making a few more videos on different themes as well and I’ll see
you for the next one thank you

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  1. Timestamps/ Games mentioned in this video :
    01:18 Assetto Corsa
    02:12 DiRT Rally
    02:34 F1 2015
    03:10 Grid Autosport
    03:26 GT Legends
    03:54 Test Drive Unlimited 2
    04:42 Ride
    04:58 Road Redemption

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