STARLIT ON WHEELS Gameplay – Racing Games For Kids for Android & iOS

STARLIT ON WHEELS Gameplay – Racing Games For Kids for Android & iOS

Welcome everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Starlit on Wheels is a beautifully designed mobile racing game for kids. It is available on both Android and iOS phones, including tablets and iPad. It is based in the Starlit Franchise, famous for its puzzle and adventure games for kids. This time, you are a racer in super karts. You race to win, but if you do not win, do not worry – you get some rewards that let you collect coins and eventually buy a box full of treasures. Most important ones would be to upgrade your cart to make it faster, cooler or add extra features to it such as nitro boost or better acceleration after drifting. You can play a story mode that you race against AI or race against players in predesigned courses. Additionally, you can design your own racing track or compete in thousands of amazing tracks made by community. There is simply no way the game can get bored because every single time you log in there will be new things to do, new tracks to race and constant upgrades to your car collection. As an adult, I really enjoy this game and I will definitively play it. As for kids, it is a must-to-have game and your kid will have really fun with it. My score? 7+/10 for adults and wooping 9/10 if you target ‘games for kids’ category. I hope you enjoyed this video and watch it to the end. There are really some cool tracks there. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. Do not forget to subscribe, it really helps with growing the channel. Thanks for your time and see you again!

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  3. Tell the creators to add Android 5.0 support because it won't work on Samsung galaxy s5. Plz reply

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