Starlink: Battle for Atlas: Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

Starlink: Battle for Atlas: Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

NARRATOR: In Starlink:
Battle for Atlas, you’ll lead a group of
heroic interstellar pilots on a risky mission, explore the
massive star system of Atlas, navigate through
its seven planets, and unite their
inhabitants against a villainous destructive force
called the Forgotten Legion. Use modular starships
to seamlessly mix and match their unique
gear and skills on the fly. For this walkthrough, let’s
choose Mason Rana as a pilot and opt for the highly balanced
Zenith for the starship. As for weapons, let’s start
with the Frost Barrage and the Shredder. Let’s jump right
away into the action as we play Mason,
member of the Starlink Initiative on his way to
Haven, one of the seven planets of the star system. Legion Drakes detected. Hyperdrive disrupted. NARRATOR: But on
our way, we come across an outlaw being chased
by members of the Legion. Usually, outlaws are not on our
side, but an enemy of a Legion is a possible ally. Ah! Getting knocked
out of hyperdrive. Wait, those Drakes, are
they just chasing someone? Sage, open coms. Channel open. Hey, pilot, looks like
you could use a hand. Beat it before I beat you. You sure about that? What do you know, stink-brain? Maybe I’m luring
Legion into my trap. But so long as
you’re here, I’ll let you take a few potshots at ’em. Nice to meet you too. One down! NARRATOR: With the
Legion squadron defeated, we can move to our
destination, Haven. Man, this place is a
frequent danger zone. It’s Atlas, kid. Our space has all kinds of
loot caches and shipwrecks. And if it’s worth picking
over, it’s worth fighting over. Why else you think those
Drakes were after me? Indeed. We expeditions stay within
our planetary gravity wells for a reason. Even the Prospectors rarely
see space these days. See? Even the egghead’s
got street smarts. It’s the way we live. Or else we don’t. OK, just made it to Haven. Wow. The view definitely
beats the last one. Might be hard to spot
your friend, though. Just keep your eye
on for an old refinery. Should be near a river. I’ll do my best. NARRATOR: We jump ahead
in time to Eli’s refinery. Former Bounty Hunter
extraordinaire Eli has now settled as a Prospector
and is a potential ally. He tells us about a
Legion ship crash site. We can find information
about the Legion and who is behind the
abduction of St. Grand. Looks like I’m
nearing the crash site. That info you want
is lodged inside, so you’ll need to hack it. Just make sure you
stick close by, otherwise that hack will sever. Goo luck. Launching decryption. NARRATOR: Unfortunately,
our hacking attempts have attracted evil creatures. So let’s try to
switch our weapons and inflict more damage. To make short work
of the enemies, we’ll use the Orbital Strike,
Mason’s special ability, to give a devastating
blow to our attackers. Each pilot has their own special
ability, so choose wisely. Warning. Legion reinforcements
have arrived. All right, that’s all of it. The data is a little garbled,
but I got a read on that SOS. NARRATOR: We’re now on our way
to the origin of the signal found at the crash site. Wow. What’s that in the distance? That is a Warden Spire, a
relic of a long forgotten era once said to hold
valuable treasures to those who dare disturb it. However, they haven’t
been active for centuries. Still, they do
remain well guarded. So you’re telling
me the Legion army is controlled by an old tower? That’s where the signal leads. Hopefully, we’re
about to find out why. I need to try something else. We must be doing
something wrong. Keep switching up your weapons. Maybe a different
combination will work. Hey, I think the Spire
is reacting to my weapon. Wonder what a
different one would do. NARRATOR: We will need
two types of weapons to solve this puzzle, an
ice weapon, and a fire one. It’s opening. Fascinating. I’m reading a very
faint power signal. Imagine the data we could
collect if we add power to the other Spires. For now, let’s
just grab what’s inside and see what we find. My stars, that’s
advanced Warden technology, a modification once
used to specialize their ancient spacecrafts. Cool. I wonder if it will
work on my ship. Indeed. I believe it could integrate
with our ships quite well. NARRATOR: On our way
back to the refinery, we witness a Prospector, one
of the local inhabitants, being raided by outlaws. Let’s give him a hand. The refinery is under attack! Boom. That’s how you do it. Glad you flew on by, pal. Appreciate it. NARRATOR: As you can
see, below our ship, the world is filled with
vegetation and wildlife for you to discover. –reporting. Extractor down. Repeat, extractor down. NARRATOR: Take time to scan them
to gain experience and exchange this information with
an expedition faction to get rewarded
with better gear. Partial scan complete. NARRATOR: Let’s
jump ahead in time again as Eli sends us on
a quest to find him an orb processor in exchange
for better gear and information on the Legion. Since we’re about to get into
a fight with a powerful enemy, let’s switch our ship to the
Nadir, a less maneuverable but more robust option. This fire giant seems to
channel fire to attack us. So we’ll opt for cold
weaponry to take him down. Each of the weapons are
efficient on their own, but it’s when you combine
them that you can really get devastating results,
like the Frost Vortex. That’s no cyclops. I’ve never seen
anything like it. And those nova crystals on
its back look remarkably hot. You may need to cool it
down to have an effect. Boom! Take that. We’ve tracked some
outlaws to their hideout. Your map has been updated. Equinox, fire on my mark. Fire! Nice going. The orb processor is
going to be tucked inside the ruin somewhere. So you’re going to need
to find a way inside. Analysis. The nova may be more
easily dislodged if targeted with heat weaponry. All right now, the goods
should be somewhere inside. Wow. This place looks ancient. OK, I think I’ve got it. Careful now. Those processors
were built to last, but they’re heavier
than a skinner tusk. You might have a touch
of trouble taking flight. NARRATOR: Let’s get the
processor back to Eli, allowing him to
upgrade his refinery. Ah yeah, that’s the ticket. Time to upgrade
this old rustbucket. Now ain’t that a pretty sight? Soon, you and me are gonna be
up to our eyeballs in Electrum. NARRATOR: Everywhere
in the star system, you’ll forge alliances by
helping local inhabitants, and by pushing back
the Forgotten Legion. Doing so will give you
better gear and information, helping you get one step
closer to saving Atlas. This was only a
small glimpse of what you can expect to
experience in Starlink: Battle for Atlas,
releasing October 16.

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  1. Why did you even bother to make character models? Has ace combat taught you nothing? those generic characters have generic dialogues with generic voices and they bring the game down never shutting up.

  2. So do the not switch versions get something to make up for the switch getting a whole different story involving Starfox? It seems like the all around superior version.

  3. Me: So, do we have to buy the toys? Ubisoft: Of course not! Forcing you to buy the physical toys on top of a full price game just to unlock existing in-game assets would be greedy and money grubbing. No no.. of course you don't have to buy the physical toys (*cough* you just have to pay for the cough "digital" versions of the toys instead *cough*). Me: Uh huh.. This totally doesn't reek of typical Ubisoft monetization BS.. Nope, not at all..

  4. It looks so fun! I'm definitely buying teh Star Fox starter pack! Maybe.
    But I have some questions..

    1 | Do I really need some giant clunky fucking toy sitting on my controller? And I also never use joycon grip, nor will I ever again since I only use the pro controller. Mainly for comfort and larger thumbsticc draw distance. But only when docked. When I'm not docked, I still use pro controller with my lil hybrid case I use for standing it up n stuff, but unless I'm elsewhere that isn't my home, then I'll use Joycons attached

    2 | Are they like interactable Amiibos? Like, unlock it forever and not required to use the ship toy itself in-game but still optional for use in game. Bcuz either way, I'll still use it in game lol. I just want Fox McCloud and his ship in physical to unlock them in game and to collect. I will always use physical version in game, bcuz it'll be cooler than just in-game screen menu. But for the rest, am I able to unlock the other characters or ships or weapons in game? Or do I have to buy them as well? I know toys are an option, but I don't wanna have to spend more money just to continue playing in certain areas. Or the game at all. :c Errybody keeps bringing up microtransactions…

    3 | Can I buy it anytime at a store or do I have to pre-order to get the starter pack phyiscally/digitally? I'm not entirely sure if I want this game at all because of the microtransaction problem. If there is one, anyways. But I must know! I don't wanna get ripped off again :c

    4 | Will there be motion controls for aiming as an option? I'd love that so much! Especially in a game like this, I want to be able to hold my joycons seperately to control. Example, using my right one as my steering stick, and left as the throttle. If not, idc. It'd just be a cool feature having a real steering system like in a plane or something. But if it is just gyro, I'll use it for handheld with my cons attached. It's hard to aim in a game with such little draw distance on these joy cons and feel as if gyro aiming would be better in handheld than with a controller/grip while docked

    5 | I'm new to this Starlink and Starfox series n stuff, but, is it a singleplayer only game? Or is there online Co-op/splitscreen for the story? Also, is there an online PvP spaceship shooter simulator? I've seriously always wanted one my whole life. (Especially in VR with real steering flight steering wheel or control stick kinda controller and view from the pilot's seat. Complete customization of ships, so much unlockable ships, guns, attachments, etc. So many maps like being in orbit over planets or stars or suns, flying so high in the sky thru vertical land terrains, asteroid fields, etc. Lasers flying all over! Explosions. Dropping bombs on giant enemy ships till they are destroyed, or just TDM, or getting thru defense into the planet that the enemy team is trying to defend. Do you know how fucking awesome that would be?? Especially in VR!) I'm most certain there isn't online PvP tho but I'm just wondering anyways c:

    How I'd want it to be
    I wanna be able to grab my StarFox ship off my shelf or outa my desk drawer and set it on my desktop in front of me and attach my guns n stuff to it. No requirement of a custom controller. And use my pro controller regularly with comfort and with no joycon grip requirement or a giant toy sitting on it and requiring me to hold my hands in a stable, level position. Bcuz the top will be heavier and throw me off in game. Especially with a gyro feature. (While docked at my desk)

    I wanna play to unlock more things and continue playing without microtransactions. (You know, like a normal game is and how erry game should be!) It's no different than needing DLCs to finish the main game story or to even have much of one. ''CoughDestinycoughcough'' If the toy ships are optional and the only microtransactions, then shut up and take my money! I know if I buy the StarFox starter kit, it'll unlock the whole Starfox story.. But that worries me with the other story, Atlas. I'm personally more interested in that than I am with the Starfox story. Mostly bcuz I have no idea what's happening in SF. But the Atlas story was more interesting and I wanted to see how it turns out more than capturing a Wolf. And without paying for it

    If I'm absent from my home on vacation or something, I don't wanna have to bring my massive ship toy to play the game (Tho I honestly probably will). Especially when I'm gonna be in handheld most of the time. And I heard you don't need it, but only for 1 week. Which I'm confused and worried about. Bcuz If I go on vacation, it'll most likely be camping for 2 weeks or maybe even a week longer. No internet connection. And then the game would be completely unplayable after a week.. I hope that isn't the case

    Please, if you do respond, Ubisoft, don't link me your QnA page. I want real answers straight from you. Or answers to these exact questions on the page at least. And I want them straight forward. Don't hide the words behind different ones to make it seem less bad or more good. We the Community want straight forward answers. Honesty is Key to Respect

    Is this basically just pay to play in a $60 game?
    Are there really Microtransactions?
    Will the game even be $60 if we do need to buy in game DLC stuff to just play it start to end?

    And ask yourself this.. "Who should be the most satisfied in the end?" Should it be you, or us?
    Trust me, if you make a game like this without any MTA and fully accessible to the game for just $60, you'll be making more money than with the MTA and gained respect. With respect, comes returning Customers wanting more games or more for their games. And if there is MTA, make them optional. Bcuz if they are, people will definitely buy them. Either way, you're still making enough money. MTA shouldn't be in your games. Or any game. Unless they're free of course

    Be wise about this

  5. Someday I hope there will be a Space game where the robot enemies are planetary but finite.
    Where they may have factories that build them during global/regional high alert but there will never be random spawning. If this happens, just like Battlefront, there can be planetary conquest gameplay.

    No more endless hamster wheeling Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield, LoLegends monotony.
    Win the war, control a planet. Turn it into a Nature Reserve, Mining Colony or Trade Hub.

  6. Ubisoft's about 5 years late to the Toys To Life market. Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions are dead and gone, Skylanders is close behind them barely treading water and amiibo is clinging to life only due to Smash Bros. The TTL market ship sailed years ago. Good luck. I expect this will be bargain bin within 6 months.

  7. Thanks for deleting my comment Ubisoft… Let me just say, I'm SO surprised. Publishers deleting comments that are critical of their games says an awful lot about their confidence in their own product.. especially when the comment was simply pointing out some basic facts about their monetization scheme. Does your game not force consumers to buy "digital" version of toys if they choose not to purchase the physical versions? Is buying these digital or physical toys not a requirement to unlock existing in-game assets after paying full price for the game? I guess Ubisoft would prefer to keep these types of critiques quiet since they are already so well known for extracting every last nickle and dime from consumers. You can delete my comment Ubisoft, but you can't simply press the delete button on the growing awareness amongst gamers relating to loot boxes, shady monetization schemes, and fight against the culture of preorders.

  8. Mehhh, disappionted about mason? wtf, he looks like an older guy, soooo… should have an older voice, i mean mature sounding, deeper, like the narrator!! ? lol. The voice coming out of that mouth doesnt fit how he looks. Anyways, just saying.

    …I should be sleeping.

  9. This type of thing has been done before by various console makers, especially Nintendo i think.
    Either where you have to place something infront of a camera or on a board infront of a camera etc.

    How many games like that pops up in your mind?
    Yeh none, exactly.

    Going to be an expensive flop ubisoft, also very much aimed at a younger crowd.. again a bad idea considering there is already a problem with kids and spending money on games going on.
    Also i agree its too much a no man's sky vibe, not a bad thing perse as i personally kinda like game lol, but in this case it will just remind people of it in negative way as you can already see happening in the comments here and pretty much elsewhere.

    My advice : pull the plug before its too late or postpone it very much so, and do a massive ad campaign on it while you're expanding on it in every way imaginable.
    Listen to this extremely experienced gamer who has literally never been wrong before on things like this, just like i warned you about another game that flopped big time.. something with honor in it eh?

  10. Ubisoft is always trying to find ways to get people to spend more money on games. Collectible toys that are integrated with the game itself. Sounds like “pay to play” to me.

  11. Only think missing that I'm disappointed in is the polite having the ability to jump in and out of the ship. Other than that I have no complaints looks fun.

  12. No Man's Sky with a pointless toy gimmick, while maintaining 'free' progression locked behind an artificial grind? Count me in!

  13. Где русская локализация? В Русских магазинах продается по цене как и везде, а поддержки языка нет. Как в это играть? Похоже на ущемление прав.

  14. Erm, are the little toy things mandatory? Because that's kind of a big no for me, I'm sure the game is aimed at a younger audience and that might be fun for them. I was thinking of getting this game on Switch since I don't really like many Nintendo titles, got the switch just to play Zelda would be nice to have another game for it as I like to take it with me on road trips.

  15. I was worried there for a little about how I was going to fit this game in my schedule of awesome releases this fall. Then I found out it was a toys to life money grab. Potential wasted.

  16. So with those towers at 5:30, do you need to buy weapons of all the different elements to open them up? I would assume so. If that is the case, what types would there be? I assume it would be fire, frost, void (or whatever the purple weapon type is), and physical (shredder, etc.).

  17. I thought, toys to life was a dead genre, I used to play Disney infinity and skylanders when I was young, who knows….maybe it'll bounce back….

  18. Wow Ubisoft ripped off no man's sky but i wonder if this story is any good and if there is more to do or if hello games is better. I will keep an eye on this.

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