Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] Jedi, over here Imperial sap refinery lies dead ahead What does the Empire want with tree sap? Nothing good They refine the sap into a powerful compound and they’re rushing to expand production We have to stop them That’s the plan We don’t know their endgame but they’ve spread themselves too thin This map we’ve recovered proves it Beep boop? Here you go, bud These refineries double as brutal prison camps We’ll use those cutters to create a distraction while you take your lightsaber and free the Wookiees inside We’ll need their help to stop the Empire Understood Watch yourself in there. You hear that? He said he needs my help Trill C’mon buddy Over there! One of the cutters turned on Are they running some kind of drill? Maybe. Think we should call it in? That’d be a breach of protocol If there’s a disturbance, their squad should call it in Yeah, better do this by the book Move it I got… Taking aim Gonna need to get through here Attention all units We’ve lost contact with our troops stationed at Cargo Pad 119-Gamma Keep to your posts and stay alert Watch out Let me out A Jedi This is what I’ve trained for Caught you I will make you hurt You’ll pay We’ve got them on the run, keep pushing! Looks like you’re blocked. I’ll fix that Never seen a trooper like that before You’ve got to get these Wookiees out of lockup Keep moving, Jedi Vent’s open. Go! Think you can help me BD? Flame beetles! They’re coming through the walls! Hit their nest! That trooper He’s dead Beep. Boop You sure you want to plug into this thing? Whistle Okay A shortcut? That’s why you wanted to move this thing Beeeeep… Booop…. You had no idea that was there, did you? You just wanted to turn that cutter on Shoot it Not an easy target Provide cover. Give me time Patrol to base Got another breach down here, some kind of webbing Hey, who’s that? AHH! Just heard from the captain They’re coming Oh This is it At least we have the high ground What was that? Cutter seven is active Reporting a live cutter near the cell blocks Immediate aid requested It’s breaking through and destroying everything! Look alive! Don’t be his next target! The Jedi will be here any minute And our reinforcements In retreat Good Sir? The fewer distractions the better Jedi incoming Get down You cannot escape All Jedi will perish Little help Need to slice this No guards? Hey! Here to free you You’re not alone Visitation is not permitted [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Anyone notice how pathetically slow it is? The melee troops literally jog slowly towards you while bullets glide past your head at about the same pace. If you wanna make the game challenging change that. And is he even using a light saber? Wheres the realistic damage on that? Honestly all I gather from this play through is how nice looking but slow the game is.

  2. If Vader doesn't brutally murder Cal in the finale, I am giving this game a bad review. Vader only kills Kenobi in the original trilogy, and I want to see him put his power on display against Cal.

  3. If you make another game that plays like The Force Unleashed it's going to sell like another The Force Unleashed. Make a star wars witcher game instead and pray gamers can forgive.

  4. No brutalism? Like in starwars unleashed 2? Heads was flying,arms,legs that wa satysfaying. (Sorry for my English)

  5. Cliche sword swinging, saber looks more like a glow stick than an actual lightsaber, no dismemberment, lock on mechanics like it’s some dumb dark souls game, and for a 2019 game it has the graphics of a PSP platform, EA really doesn’t want people to buy there games honestly it’s amazing how little they try

  6. I hope u dont fuck up our expectations again, EA.
    I hate u guys, from the deep bottom of my heart, from the inside of my fucking soul.
    I'm already in love with this game, and I hope u guys don't fuck it up again.

  7. it looks good, but this is EA and i dont trust EA at all fuck you EA,
    so i will be very cautious, i will check reviews and only then if i think its worth my time i will buy it pre owned so that EA doesnt actually get any money from me. because fuck you EA

  8. My question is with all this new disney bs of there being other jedi. Where were these bitches. When Luke was fighting the empire? Why did he have to shoulder the burden alone why did he not show up with five jedi when he faught Vader.

  9. Laws of physics : cut through metal with a beam of 1500+ Celsius China : NOPE. Fake news. When you think they want to make more money, instead they give us half ass games and no freedom of creativity and truth. Integrity is worth more dollars.

  10. I don't get it. Anyone who plays this game likes star wars (unless you're some weirdo). If you like star wars you've seen at least one movie, and in each movie there are arms, legs or bodies being sliced (unless you've only watched a new hope). Why would you censor that?

  11. Why would you trust Electronic Arts with the Star Wars gaming franchise. Sacrificing gameplay and enjoyment for money. F*ck EA

  12. If I won’t be able to be a sith while playing this,I’m not going to buy it. Just give us the force unleashed 3 instead of this

  13. This looks good, maybe I should pre-order?
    Light side of the force: Don't do it, remember what has happened in the past with EA. Remember … Battlefront 2

  14. This SUCKS!! The lightsaber looks and acts like a glowstick, how can they even fuck up that?? I mean take a look at Star wars Jedi academy, you can actually cut people with a proper lightsaber, feel powerfull and the fighting mechanics of the game is AMAZING. But thats not all.. THE GAME IS MADE IN FUCKING 2003 facepalm

  15. Might as well just give the Jedi on of those "vibro" staffs. Saber should be a 1 hit period. Maybe to compensate, add more storm troopers. Ya know the cloned, endless guys in white. Great choice ea.

  16. Looks more like a story less like a game no dismemberment slow paced combat it doesnt seem like I'd feel all that powerful playing jedi academy right now its combat is slow as well but the back flips and acrobatics of your character makes you feel powerful this seems too sluggish

  17. Some obvious criticism aside,(Cough-no dismemberment) it does look really good and like it will be fun with a good fast paced story.

  18. Looks pretty cool. Could stand to be a touch faster. It's a shame you can't play as a noble Imperial agent rather than a dastardly rebel 🙂

  19. Is ea using a sociopathic ginger as the main character because that’s the only people who buy their games anymore?

  20. Is anyone else annoyed by the ugly ginger main character. It's like Disney said, "Ok ok, we will allow a male protagonist, but he has to be really unpleasant to look at."

  21. Sorry i played both of Force Unleashed and seeing this it looks very slow mo and bland. Looks like they're trying to play into the Dark Souls type genre but it looks kind of bland to me (not even a big fan of Dark soul types to be honest). Also for a game coming out in 2019 i'm not fully impressed at all with graphics or character movement. Sorry but no pre-order from me. Will wait for reviews first.

  22. It looks like most other EA games, but just with a different skin on it (Star Wars skin this time). Next will be terminator probably.

  23. Le jeux se déroulera à quel moment de l'histoire SVP ? Avant le 1er épisode, après le dernier, ou entre deux épisodes existants ?

  24. Kashyyyk….Wait a minute. I KNOW this world. This is the Wookies' homeworld. I know it since The Force Unleashed and Revenge Of The Sith.

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