Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay and Combat Mechanics

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay and Combat Mechanics

[XBOX SOUND]>>All right. I don’t
want to complain, but I’m in LA and I still
have not made the trip to Galaxy’s Edge down at Disneyland to build a lightsaber. But I can hold out a little longer because we’ve got
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on our very stage, and
our very special guest, Stig Asmussen, Director at Respawn. Stig, welcome to the show.>>Thanks for having me.>>What a great week. You guys
have had with this trailers.>>Yes, it’s super exciting>>It has been unbelievable. You have this huge gameplay
reveal at EA Play and I want to dig into
that in just a moment but could you first
set the stage for us. Where are we in
the Star Wars universe and who are we playing as
in terms of the timeline?>>Yes. So this takes place
between Order 66 and Episode 4.>>Right. Now, Order 66, for
those of you that don’t know->>It’s the operation
that the Emperor executed that basically said, turn all the clones on the Jedi
and there was thousands of them.>>I believe the line
was, “All of them”. Something like that.>>Yeah. So you play as Cal Kestis. He’s a Padawan that actually escaped.>>Yeah.>>During this game, he’s on the run. He’s hiding early in the game. He gets outed and becomes branded
as an enemy of the state, and the hunt is on.>>Now, we were watching
this. The gameplay looks fun. But everyone’s asking, wait a minute, who’s this new droid? What’s that all about?>>It’s BD-1.>>Okay, BD-1. What does he do?>>He’s Cal’s companion.>>Okay.>>He’s on the mission with him. He is what we would call
an explorer’s droid. So he’s got a lot of
missions of functions that we’re really helped
Cal out when he’s out, when he’s like savage plan.>>We can see here we
got a beautiful 3D map to tell you what’s going on.>>Yeah. That’s Metroid-inspired. Our level design in
the game is Metroidvania.>>Oh, wow.>>So we’ve looked at map from
Metroid Prime very closely and we’re trying to reverse
engineer it in a Star Wars way.>>Now, I want to talk
about the philosophy for the combat in this game. What do you do to make encounters? What do you want it to feel like?>>Powerful.>>Powerful.>>But we also want
it to be grounded. We don’t- I mean, you are a Jedi. I think we’re looking at
the original trilogy the most for what we’re trying to do.>>Yeah.>>But like I said, we
want it to be grounded. It is a video game so he’s going to do things
that are more powerful than you’d see in the movies, but he might not seem as over-the-top as some of the other
lightsaber Star Wars games we’ve seen in the past.>>Now, we’ve seen
a few abilities here. Tell me about just some of the
abilities we’ll be able to wield.>>Well, he’s just able
to throw his lightsaber and return it like a boomerang.>>Now, here’s stopping time.>>This is Force slow.>>Okay.>>Here’s Force pull. We just went away from it but. he, then it, is
able to throw him back into the lightsaber bowl while it’s still frozen in the air.>>Now, when I was watching
your EA Play stream, we saw- we’ve kept
getting skill points, but we never saw the skill tree. Tell me about the progression.>>Behind closed doors, were showing people the skill tree and we’re going to release a video in a couple of days that has- It’s roughly 25 minutes long so has another 12 minutes of gameplay and in there, I believe we
go into that skill tree for- Actually, we don’t. I don’t want to- Okay. Don’t make any promises. But yes, we have traditional
skill tree in the game that allows you to
upgrade your abilities as well as your Force powers.>>Of course. Now, as I grow in power, will I become an Order
66 murder machine? Or do I have to take
each encounter like seriously?>>You got to take
the encounters seriously. Early in the game, when you don’t have all your powers, there’s still going
to be a challenge.>>Sure.>>As you get more powerful, those, when you re-traverse, those original challenges
might not seem so hard, but we’re going to
bring new challenges as you get deeper in
the game that test you.>>Now, Respawn and the entire team is known for creating
incredible movement. We saw this in Titanfall. So how does that work? What did you take from
that to bring to the Jedi?>>It’s all about feel. Our game is very twitchy. There’s no lag when you’re
using the controllers, and that’s kind of
a Respawn philosophy.>>Right.>>You just really feel connected
to the player at all times. I have to ask what it’s like
to work in a Star Wars game. As somebody who grew up
with the original trilogy, and I’ve seen them all many times, and I’m a huge Star Wars fan, that’s going to be really- I assume you’re a Star Wars fan.>>Of course, I am.
Huge Star Wars fan. It’s influenced
my entire career growing up. It’s incredible. It’s
also super stressful. Some days I feel like the weight
of the world is on my shoulders. But coming to an event like this and seeing the excitement
really makes it worth it.>>But I also know that working with folks like
Lucasfilm and so forth, they give you parameters you
can work between, right? In terms of your
character development, what they can do, right? You have some creativity.>>Yeah. It’s more
of a collaboration. We tell them this is what we
need to make a great game, and they work with us to
find things in Star Wars that play within the rules that
we’re setting for gameplay.>>Yeah. It’s totally
different than movies, but it’s a lot of fun. Anyway, Stig, thank
you for coming by. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is set to launch on November 15th. You better get back to the studio. You’ve got some dev work to do.>>Yeah, we do. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Sorry but this game looks WAY too easy. This guy isn't a Jedi master yet he can slow time? That's master level stuff. Also all the force abilities look really stiff in all their uses.

  2. Ugh idk if I trust this game I mean I want it to be good and it looks good but you know, burned once to many on star wars games.

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