Stadia Connect 6.6.2019 – Pricing, Game Reveals, Launch Info & More

Stadia Connect 6.6.2019 – Pricing, Game Reveals, Launch Info & More

Hi, I’m Phil. Thanks so much for joining us today for the
first Stadia Connect. This series gives you a look at Stadia news,
events, new titles, bonus features and more. We’ll be posting these Stadia Connect videos
from time to time to bring you the latest from Google straight to all of you, the players. We’ve got a bunch of exciting news to share
with you today so let’s get started. Three months ago we gave you a first look
at Stadia. A new generation game platform powered by
the best of Google. Today, we’re gonna tell you about the first
wave of games available at launch. We’ll share pricing details including an
exclusive launch offer and you’ll learn how to become one of the first Stadia players. Stadia has been years in the making across
different Google teams Google’s mission has always been to make
information more accessible for everyone. With Stadia, our goal is to make gaming more
accessible for everyone too. We designed Stadia to bring together game
players and game watchers from around the world into one global community of gamers. And Stadia makes it easy to play your favorite
games on any screen in your life. At launch later this year, you’ll be able
to play Stadia games on your TV, desktop, laptop, tablet and on Pixel smartphones, starting
with Pixel 3, as well as the brand new Pixel 3a that we announced last month. Wherever you are, Stadia lets you play the
latest games. No downloads, no patches, no installs. Just grab your controller, and you’re in. This level of access and availability represents
a huge shift in the gaming world. Instead of a console or a PC, you’re using
Google’s data center as the platform. We handle the intense gameplay
processing and graphics. So there’s no console required to play your
favorite games. That’s what Stadia is all about: The games. Today, we’re unveiling the very first wave
of games coming to the platform at launch. We’re working with hundreds of leading publishers
and developers around the world to deliver their biggest and best titles to Stadia. We’ve lined up an incredible selection of
games spanning nearly every genre including fighting, sports, role-playing-games, first-person
action, and racing titles. And we’re just getting started. This worldwide exclusive unveil comes straight
from our friends at Larian Studios. So Larian is a company where we try to give
everybody a lot of freedom and because we want them to come with their ideas (oh thanks man) Forget it (laughter) My name is Swen Vincke. I am the founder and director of Larian Studios. So Larian Studios was founded in ’97 in Ghent
in Belgium I’ve seen the entire evolution of the games
industry. We keep on driving the state of the art forward
so fast. You don’t have that in music. You don’t have it in movies. But in videogames, you have it and Stadia
is like the next leap. I mean, it is quite revolutionary. Larian Studios was founded to be able to create
big epic RPGs in which the world reacts to what you’re doing and which you could play
together with your friends. When we released Divinity: Original Sin 1,
I tried approaching Wizards of the Coast trying to tell them that we should be the ones making
Baldur’s Gate 3. They didn’t necessarily believe me back then. But then we started making
Divinity: Original Sin 2 and then at some point they just reached out to me and they
said, well you’re the guy that wanted to make Baldur’s Gate 3. Do you still want to make Baldur’s Gate 3? And I said, “Pfft, yea of course I still wanna
make Baldur’s Gate 3.” And that got conversation rolling and before
you knew it, we were constructing story. It was awesome! It was a geek dream come true. Baldur’s Gate 3 is the biggest game that we’ve
ever done We had to triple the size of the studio to
be able to do it. Production values are very, very, very high,
but the game deserves it. I mean, it’s a…people have been waiting
on it for a very long time, so, it deserves to be top-notch in every single aspect and
it’s shaping up to be a beautiful game. But the coolest thing about it all is that
by bringing it to Stadia pretty much everybody is gonna be able to play it at the highest
quality settings because Stadia is democratic, in that sense, if you want. It doesn’t differentiate between what platforms
you’re playing on because everything is server based. We can’t wait for you to play
Baldur’s Gate 3 on Stadia. And whether you’re playing an RPG like Baldur’s
Gate 3 or any of the other titles and genres we’ll share today, we know that players
demand the most responsive experiences from their games. And we have architected Stadia to give you
the fastest possible response between what your fingers are doing and what your eyes
are seeing. So what does that mean for the internet connection
you’re on right now? Let’s quickly dig into the numbers. Our highest quality gaming experience is remarkable,
with 4K, HDR video at 60-frames-per-second and 5.1 surround sound. We’re able to deliver this experience to
users with a connection speed of around 35 Mbps. And with Google handling the processing load,
you can enjoy smooth gameplay even if you don’t have that kind of connection. So let’s say you have a connection speed
of just 10Mbps. You can still get at least 720p video at 60
frames per second, with stereo sound. We’re really proud of the experience we’re
able to deliver. And it’s all thanks to more than 20 years
of work at Google, building and optimizing our networks and data centers to support services
with billions of users, like YouTube, Gmail, Android, Google Play, Maps, and of course,
Google Search. The latency and speed demands of online gaming
aren’t far off from the demands we’ve been meeting for years. We handle the back-end so you can play the
games you want, when you want, on whatever screen you prefer. Back in October of 2018 we put this idea to
the test with Project Stream. We invited users to stream Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey at up to 1080p and 60 frames per second. It was a phenomenal gaming experience, on
a wide range of PCs and laptops that were simply running a Chrome browser. With Project Stream, we demonstrated that
we can transmit the live instance from the data center to your screen faster than your
eye is transmitting those images to your brain. That’s critical for fast-paced games on
Stadia, like Mortal Kombat. It’s truly a new paradigm for gaming, and
since we announced Stadia a few months ago, we’ve gotten a lot of interest about this
new way to play. In our conversations and meetups with game
developers, they’re excited about the possibilities of an ever-evolving play experience. And we can’t wait to get Stadia in the hands
of gamers later this year. So let’s share some more details about the
platform, and what you’ll need to get started at launch. You’ll get the best experience playing with
our new Stadia Controller. It’s designed specifically for streaming
games, and it includes a capture button for your game footage, and a button to access
the Google Assistant. Of course, you can also play Stadia games
with any supported game controller, or with a mouse and keyboard. The only other thing you need is a screen
to play on. Want to play on the HDTV in your living room? Just plug in a Chromecast Ultra. If you’d rather play on your laptop, desktop,
or tablet, open a Chrome browser window. Our vision is for Stadia to run on any screen
that runs Chrome. Or you can use the Stadia app on your Pixel
3. We’ll be expanding to more screens down
the line, too, including more smartphones. When you’re ready to play, the Stadia Controller
connects directly to your game running in the Google data center. That direct connection is key to providing
the highest possible performance, and the best streaming experience. We have so many more details on the Stadia
Controller, which you can find at We’re also a tweet away at @googlestadia,
to answer all your questions. We’re very excited to introduce you to a
number of new titles coming to Stadia at launch…. Let’s take a look…. I’m a Wolf. Raised to be the Alpha. Trying to follow. Alas the Beast can’t be tamed that easily. This wild territory is the perfect den for
my kind. A free world where I can roam and explore
with no end. But I came here on the hunt. Hidden among sheep focused on their superficial
dreams. Moving up the food chain step by step before
I dominate them all. One target always clearly in my sights. To secure the future with technology others
develop but were too fearful to deploy. By tooth and claw I took this island. And by tooth and claw I will rule it. The Wolf knows when a predator nears. Can a Ghost take on the lone Wolf? Maybe. Tracking. Analyzing. Stalking. Patiently. Tirelessly. But there is no place for the weak and
the wounded here. We are Wolves. Stand by. Ok. Standing by. In position. 3…2…1… I’m coming for you So Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 happens seven
months after a deadly pandemic that started in New York spread not only across the nation
but also across the world. And you, as an Agent of the Strategic Homeland
Division has been called to Washington DC to help take the city back and save the country. So one of the major challenges is to take
an RPG and to create a fast paced, action-packed shooting game. We learned a lot from the first game and we
improved on that. And what we have today, I think is, the best
cover based shooter RPG out there. One of the real benefits of choosing Washington
DC for the second game is that we have all of these amazing iconic buildings. The White House The Capitol We have the Air and Space Museum. We have the Lincoln Memorial. And of course, there’s even a control point
at the base of the Washington Monument. Stadia means that you can play your game anywhere. The collaboration with Google has been really
awesome. They’re very open. A very open company. At least with us as partners. We know games and they know infrastructure. So together we can bring a powerful, visually
appealing experience to all Stadia users. Together we can make the best of it. The exciting part about partnering with Google
is that they really have the bandwidth and just the physical infrastructure to pull something
like this off. Bringing The Division 2 to Stadia has been
a learning experience and immensely thrilling journey so I’m really looking forward to
seeing what we can do in the future. That’s a look at just some of the amazing
titles we’re bringing to you at launch. And now, here to tell you about Stadia’s
pricing and availability is my friend and colleague, John. We’re launching Stadia with a diverse mix
of games from lots of genres and world-class game publishers. There’s truly something for everyone. With Stadia, you can put your money toward
the things that really matter: the latest, greatest game experiences that you can play
anywhere. To unlock those experiences, we’re offering
a premium subscription for our Stadia players. Introducing Stadia Pro. It delivers the best of Stadia for just $9.99
per month. Stadia Pro gives you regular content that
we add to your library for being a Stadia Pro member and our highest streaming quality
— 4K HDR, 60 frames per second, with 5.1 surround sound. And we’re going a step further to celebrate
players who want to be the first playing on Stadia. We know there’s a passionate world of players
out there who want bigger, better, more accessible gaming experiences. After announcing Stadia, we’ve heard from
so many gamers who share our excitement. For those fans, we’ve created a custom, limited-edition
set of exclusive features and content. We call it the Stadia Founder’s Edition,
and you can pre-order it starting today. The Founder’s Edition includes everything
you need to get started with Stadia, and you’ll have the first access to Stadia when it launches
later this year. We want to make sure your games look great
on the biggest screen in your home, so the Founder’s Edition comes with a Chromecast
Ultra, for streaming at up to 4K HDR at 60 frames per second directly to your TV. You’ll also receive a limited-edition Night
Blue Stadia Controller as well as three months of Stadia Pro. And we know gaming is more fun with a friend. The Founder’s Edition comes with a 3-month
Buddy Pass, so you can gift Stadia Pro access to a friend or family member. You can also pick up an additional Stadia
Controller for $69. It comes in Clearly White,
Just Black and Wasabi. And here’s the best part of the
Founder’s Edition. You’ll be among the first players to secure
your exclusive Stadia Name. So you’ll get the Stadia Name you want,
and the bragging rights that go along with it. So, you’re getting a Chromecast Ultra, the
limited-edition Night Blue Stadia Controller, three months of Stadia Pro for you and a friend,
and you’ll be among the first players to select a Stadia Name. It’s all in the Stadia Founder’s Edition,
and it’s coming to these 14 countries. And we’re working hard to expand Stadia
to additional countries in 2020 and beyond. We do have one more surprise. Gamers who buy the Stadia Founder’s Edition
will get the complete Destiny 2 experience, as part of Stadia Pro. Let’s take a look. Destiny is about being a super powerful hero
set loose in a really beautiful world. The first time I fired my super, I was like screaming,
I’m so badass right now! I have been playing games for 30 years,
and I’ve never experienced that. Destiny is about playing with your friends. My best moments are with other players. The first time I beat Vault of Glass
I know who was there with me. And it just makes it feel so much more rich. Bungie’s always been at the forefront of
exploring new ways to bring our games to our players. We are now our own publisher,
did you know this? With Stadia we get to be the tip of the spear
with something that’s new. Our push now is to remove all the barriers
we have to playing Destiny. Whenever, wherever. with whomever you want. We’re allowing players to have access
to all of it. All of our planets,
all of our cooperative strikes, all of our competitive modes,
Gambit, Raids. It’s all there for players to jump in and
have fun with. Shadowkeep is the next chapter
in the Destiny story. It’s a pretty haunting tale. There are these nightmares that are walking
the moon. You’ll have to find a way to conquer these nightmares and face your fears. We have a lot to do with Destiny 2. We’re not done yet. We now are in control of our own destiny. Behind us, we have an incredible community. And with Stadia, I think we’re going to open
up an entirely new opportunity for players to come in and play with their friends from
around the world. Looking to the future… always brings us back… To the past. Can you feel them? I can still hear their voices… Their endless torment reshapes our moon. Nightmares now stalk the surface… Walking shadows, seeking vengeance. Our old fears… they rise again. And in the dark below… Something wicked has awakened. We must bring an end to this suffering. One way… or another. A big thank you to our friends at Bungie for
partnering with us to bring the full Destiny 2 Experience to Stadia. The base game, all previous add-ons, the newest
expansion, AND the Annual pass. They’re all included in your
Stadia Pro subscription. And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to
transfer your Destiny Guardian to Stadia from any other platforms. To recap, the Stadia Founder’s Edition comes with Limited edition Night-Blue Controller Chromecast Ultra 3 months of Stadia Pro The full Destiny 2 experience First dibs on your Stadia Name. And a Buddy Pass to give Stadia Pro
to a friend for 3 months. Good luck deciding who you’re going to give it to. When you add everything up, that’s almost
$300 of value. And you’ll get it all in the Founder’s Edition
for just $129, which you can pre-order now. We’re excited to offer the Founder’s Edition
to gamers around the world, but it’s only available for a limited time, in limited quantities,
so don’t wait too long to pre-order. If you don’t want the Founder’s Edition
or Stadia Pro, you can still buy and play Stadia games without a subscription. Simply buy the games you want, when you want them. We call this Stadia Base. And any games you purchase, they’re yours
to play whenever you want. So whether you’re ready to go all-in with
the Founder’s Edition Bundle or if you prefer Stadia Base, you have options. Alright let’s bring Phil back for a few
final details and surprises. Thanks for tuning in to this first look at
some of our most exciting launch titles, pricing details, and how to access Stadia
right at launch. You can get more details and info at Or you can find it in the description here. Or tweet us @GoogleStadia. We’ll have much more to come soon, including
additional announcements from some of the world’s best game publishers. Thanks for watching — I can’t wait for
you to experience Stadia for yourself. And with that, we’re excited to show you
one last collection of games.

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