Sprint Triathlons vs Olympic Triathlons

Sprint Triathlons vs Olympic Triathlons

– [Taren] All right,
Sprints versus Olympics. I should talk about the
different distances of triathlon. (whimpering) Hi. And I’m just sitting here like, “No, man.” Morning Trainiacs,
yesterday, question came up, which is actually really timely because I am deciding
between a few different races that I should maybe talk about sprint triathlons. I should talk about the
different triathlons versus, it’s a good day to be back
with a yellow kickboard. I should talk about the
different distances of triathlon. (whimpering) Hi. Okay, okay, okay. Third try, the different
distances of triathlon. Today, Sprint versus Olympic. Deal? Deal. Just like that, 1,100 meters,
done but you know what? It’s not the quantity of
meters that you put out, it’s the quality, and that
was some quality meters. I mean I was energetic out there. (cicadas singing) I was energetic. (cicadas singing) I was angelic. (cicadas singing) Just spry, filled with
enthusiasm and energy. (beat music) Forget everything I said earlier this week about being well recovered
from the 37K swim on Sunday, I’m not. All right, sprints versus Olympics. (snaps fingers) Hi so the differences
between sprint and Olympic are not as big as, say, Olympic and half Ironman, or half Ironman and full Ironman. Sprint and Olympic, you can train for one, and still do well at the other because the differences in time,
distance, it’s not so huge but there are some
small subtle differences that will help you be a better triathlete in those distances if
you know them going in. So number one, distance obviously. Sprint is a 750 meter swim,
a 20K bike and a 5K run. Olympic, exactly double that. Amount of time that it
takes on average to finish is somewhere around, I
think it’s an hour 27, 28. Hour 30 for a sprint, and somewhere around 245 to 250 for an
Olympic, that’s on average for age groupers. Other differences in how you approach it. Number one is nutrition. On a sprint distance race you don’t really have to worry about nutrition. Because it’s only
lasting anywhere from say an hour to an hour and 40
minutes, you can get away with, basically just in my case,
all I take on the bike is about that much in my bottle. Because I’m not going to drink
that much more than that, that much more than that,
over the course of the bike. And then I might take a
mouthful of water on the run. In the case of an Olympic,
because you are going well past that glycogen store
that’s easily accessible that happens within an hour
30, hour and 40 minutes you do need to worry about nutrition. So you might be taking a
full bottle of electrolytes on the bike, and one
little gel, or chew, or bar that happens on the
bike, and then stopping at a couple of aids stations for that Gatorade on the run. Speed wise, the speed that
you’re going to be doing both races is fairly similar. It’s pretty close to
break-neck speed in both races, just a little bit dialed
down for an Olympic. In the case of a sprint, I’m
basically trying to get to as close to throwing
up as I can possibly be without actually doing it. However, there have been
times that in a sprint race I’ve had jiggly cheeks
like this, oh my god. It happens, on a scale of like one to 10, with 10 being blazing fast doing a 200 meter sprint kind of thing, kind of around an eight or an 8.5. In the case of an Olympic,
you’re pretty close to that but it’s more like, say a 7.5. You’re getting really close to blowing up, but not so close that
it doesn’t feel still a fair bit aerobic, aerobic being more cardio than it is like (puffing) like really hard muscular work. Then that leads into the
difference with how you train. A sprint you can do quite
well in sprints training six, seven, eight hours
a week if it’s really purposeful training,
you can get really fast without a huge amount of volume. Because you’re focused on
one, sole, key, important, solitary, individual
skillset, and that’s going as fast as you possibly
can in as little amount of time as you possibly can. An Olympic, however, you’re
focused on two things, you’re focused on speed and endurance. That’s why the amount of training required to maintain that speed
over an Olympic distance requires a fair bit of more training. I’m articulate today. So to do well in an Olympic distance race, your often doing over-distances. You’re doing 70, 80, 90k bikes. You’re doing 15 to 20k runs. You’re doing 3500 meter swims, because you want to build that base of endurance in
cardiovascular fitness. In a sprint, you don’t
have to worry about that. So sprints, I was getting
away with probably seven to ten hour weeks, and getting all the way down to a 1:07 sprint. In an Olympic, I did a 2:14 Olympic and that was closer to
like 12 to 13 hour weeks. Remember, you don’t have to do what I do, do what you can do. What else, what else, what else? Bragging rights, neither one of them has Ironman in the title,
so when you talk to people who don’t know that sprints and Olympics are actually quite hard races,
they’re going to be like “Oh well, did you do a real triathlon?”. Pfft, whateves. As far as difficulty
goes, I always recommend that people do as difficult,
i.e. as long a race as they can possibly
do while still feeling in control of that race. So I’ve mentioned quite a few times before that I started bouncing back and forth between sprints and Olympics. I would just blow up
in a bunch of Olympics, and I ended up, after a
couple of years, saying “You know what, I’m just
going to focus on sprints. “We’re going to back it
off,” because I know that I can be more in control of
that race than it is of me. And eliminating a lot of
those variables that come with the longer distance of the Olympic that was what allowed
me to learn how to be a triathlete because it
taught me how to train. It taught me how to manage my nutrition. It taught me how to listen
to my body, it taught me how to recover, all of that. And then once I had that
base of fitness and training knowledge in sprints,
it was easy to translate that up to longer and longer distances. (beeping) The coffees ready, yeah! I’m going to wrap this up
because it’s coffee time. There. We. Go. Now. It’s coffee time. Do you like this, do you like this format? Because if you like this format, comment below about which race distances you want to see the differences of. Sprint versus Ironman. Sprint versus half Ironman. Half Ironman versus Ironman. There’s a lot we can get into here, lots and lots of good stuff. (snapping) Coffee! So, Trainiacs, funny story about fatigue and the long swim. Earlier this week, I was like “Hey. “Pfft, everything’s easy.” Remember when I said
that I thought we were in like a nine hour long ice bath, and that’s why I didn’t feel sore, and everything was feeling good? Yeah, yeah! For the last three days
I went for a little run, three days ago, I went for
a little bike yesterday, I went for a little swim this morning. And just those little, teensy, tinesy, wussy little bits of training, oh my god, taken a ton out of me. So in Canada right now, it’s actually our annual biggest summer-long weekend around. It’s July long weekend, to some of you this would be known as Fourth
of July from the States. And everyone around here is like, “What are you doing for the long weekend?” “Going to the cabin for the long weekend?” “You going to the cottage
for the long weekend?” “You going to go get a
suntan for the long weekend?” “Are you going partying
for the long weekend?” “Downtown you going downtown “for the Canada Day festivities?” And I’m just sitting here like “No man. “I’m going home, and I’m sleeping.” That’s it, I might do a little bit of working out with Chris. You know Chris, ugly guy from TubTalks? – [Chris] I just haven’t
spent that much time today on my face, but. – [Taren] But triathlon
Taren, he needs rest. Long swim has caught up to him. Happy 150th Canada Day, Trainiacs! I’ll see ya. I’m tired I don’t want to bike home, but we don’t have Uber. Bye!

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  1. I'd say comparing race strategies especially comparing how you race the bike as a % of FTP has been a question mark for me

  2. Hi from Brazil Taren! nice explanation! I am just one year in Sprint triathlon! maybe one year more of hard work I will feel comfortable and confident to go for the olympic triathlon. Thank's for inspire us!

  3. Hey Taren, great video, I enjoy your content everyday as the first thing after waking up ( works because I'm living in germany). I would be realy interested in a comparison of the sprint/olympic section and half-ironmans. I would also be interested in an interview with nicole, how she managed to make the transition into the pro field. Keep going ! 🙂

  4. great video Taren, can you make a video explaining the difference between olympic and half ironman? Im at the point where Im comfortable with Olympic, and Id like to bridge the gab to the half ironman.

  5. Another great video! I was wondering if you could talk about how to do well if you can't train much. I can only train 2-4 hours a week so I need really hard 30-60 minute workouts. Any tips to help me train properly?

  6. Very helpful videos. I have watched almost daily since you have gone daily. Many of the tips, suggestions, and recommendations you have spoken of I have been incorporating, and I believe it is paying off. Thanks Taren.

  7. Finished my first ever triathlon (sprint) 2 weeks ago today! Your videos are sooooo helpful to me. Now I am SO CRAVING for more races.

    I trained for my first without a coach except only for a swim coach. Now I feel like a need a triathlon coach. Do I have to? I feel like doing a couple more sprints in the next year but I also feel like I know absolutely NOTHING about proper training, nutrition, etc.

  8. Happy 150 Anniversary ! I like the hours per week it takes to train for Sprint and Olympic. Those are the two distances I am interested in. The problem I have is how to use my time wisely! Some weeks I neglect swimming, other bikes, other yoga which helps stretch out all those sore places.

  9. The distance that TOKYO Olympics are using is a sprint. so doess that mean Olympic is now sprint??????

    In Australia we now refer to 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km as a Standard Distance.

  10. I'll do my first "real" triathlon in a few weeks, really looking forward to it. It'll be a sprint to try out the distance first, depending on how it goes, I will choose my next distance accordingly.
    I am wonderring how I should pace myself. Should I choose the same intensity that I would normally for the individual disciplines or rather like one long effort, with the heart rate in a zone that I would choose in one prolonged effort?

  11. Haha great job on this one! Been sat here being all smug just waiting for it to kick in!! (Bit of an ultra distance lunatic for charity events, definitely not competitive) Anyway 70.3 vs full for sure. Big boys pants vs super hero pants! ?

  12. Hey, Taren, new subscriber – great videos for info and motivation! I'm a runner background guy interested in maybe doing a sprint triathlon within a year, however, I'm lacking in the swimming area (therefore I'm focusing on a lot of your swimming technique videos). I noticed in one of your swim vlogs a month or two ago you swam nearly 10k in session! Is that typical for your half ironman triathlon training, or was that special super-endurance training for your recent river marathon swim? Seems like a looooooooooooooong way off for me to get there!

  13. Could you show how your bike is set up for T1, especially your shoes clipped in the pedals and rubber banded to the frame? Perhaps, with your bike on your trainer, you could demonstrate how you mount your bike, start pedaling, then get your feet inside your shoes. Thanks.

  14. That part of the video when Taren states the distances you should be striving for to step up to Olympic distances and you turn away from the screen because you think he's staring into your soul.

  15. I had my first sprint 2 weeks ago. I was really uncomfortable in the water. The lack of visibility was so disorienting, somehow it was only 500 m so it was over in a few minutes (8 min). I really enjoyed the overall experience and never really lost control over myself on the bike and the run.

    Next week I have my first Olympic and the distance scares me all of a sudden. In a pool 1500 m doesn't scare me and I'm actually really comfortable once I find my rhythm. Any tips on how to overcome it or do I like Nike says "just do it"?

  16. Thanks Taren! I'm training for my first triathlon, and when I tell people, they almost always respond with "Wow, I could never do that." I find myself downplaying it and telling them, "Well, it's just a sprint…" Most people still seem impressed that I'm attempting a triathlon. No one I have talked to about triathlons has ever said anything to question the "realness" of my triathlon. I have found the triathlon community super supportive and nonjudgmental regarding the distance I'm doing.

  17. Hi – I registered for a sprint (S), but the day before, there is a super sprint (XS), the XS would it be a good warm up to do the S triathlon on next day? really don't know, burned before starting or warm up ??? need help – thanks for your advices !

  18. Thank's Taren! I'm going back to sprint races and become a better triathlete. I did 70.3 and a hand full of olympic distances. You're right I need to be in control of me during races . Kona is still my number one bucket list before I disappear in this wonderful planet.

  19. My wetsuit is so tight around my neck that I can’t breath and panic in the water. Would it be weird to wear “floaty shorts or pants” at a race. I just want a little buoyancy so I’m not at a total disadvantage. They always say at the beginning of our race- remember you can’t drown in a wetsuit- does that apply to the shorts too?

  20. Taken, dude you are awesome. So inspiring. I'm so glad to be following you. I have so many videos to watch. Plz keep sharing. You ROCK dude!

  21. …'did you do a real triathlon'… yeah and that usually comes from a guy that's about 50 lbs overweight. Back at them "I didn't see you on the course Wednesday night"…

  22. Finished my first triathlon with Your tips. I’m 45, overcame chemical poisoning, and have come back to life! I placed 17th overall. Thanks, Taren! I love Tri!

  23. Just did my first sprint on Saturday. Was looking at doing one or two more races this year but can't decide if I should do more sprints then try olympics next year, any opinions?

  24. Hey, Taren! Coming from the future to say that in 2019 your videos get A LOT better! =) Jokes aside, useful info there. Thanks!

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