Sports Vocabulary In English with FRIENDS

Sports Vocabulary In English with FRIENDS

Let’s learn some sports vocabulary and more with the hilarious clip from friends right now, let’s do it So Chandler’s new boss has a pretty funny way of showing approval to his employees Let’s see what it is by watching the scene with subtitles Then you will learn all the most important vocabulary pronunciation and more And then finally test yourself by watching again subtitles. And by the way, every week here we help learners to understand fast speaking-natives without getting lost, without missing the jokes, and without subtitles. So if that sounds like something that you
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  1. 11:29 Oops! GOT TO* is often reduce to GOTTA (not go to)! Learn how to understand FAST speaking natives with our FREE 3-Part Mini-Course. Sign up here 👉👉

  2. I have watched "Seinfeld" and found some scenes or sentences I don't understand.

    This is the first conversation between George and Jerry in the "Pilot." George bought a new shirt and Jerry pointed out that the second button's in the worst possible position and asked George did he try on when he bought the shirt. Then the conversation goes,

    <—–Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)—–>
    George: Yes it was purple. I liked it. I don't actually recall considering the buttons.
    J: Oh, you don't recall?
    G: No, not at this time.
    J: Well, senator, I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it.

    I think to recall means remember some memories or someone. I don't understand why all of a sudden, conversation ended up with Jerry saying "Well, senator, I'd just like to know what you knew and when you knew it." If this is a joke and supposed to be funny, why is that?

  3. Ethan, thanks for your, as usual, great job. But, personally for me, 26 minutes video is a little long, I'm losing concentration. I'd rather prefer to watch two 15-minutes videos. Or, even better – 4 15-minutes videos.)) Many thanks for hilarious and educational pieces of art.

  4. I gotta tell you that never ever seen such a craziest teacher in my life and his creative ideas…
    Thanks for being here…..

  5. Could you please explain to me the phrase " I have a rather " at 9:51 that what it means? I have searched but nothing seems good to me?

  6. I really appreciate your way to explain expressions and prononciation ! This needs a lot of work! Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much . really I appreciate your efforts .actually I'm medical student at the first years in college and I am facing trouble every days .I can understand almost of things but when I wanna to speak I can't do that .can any one help me to pass this problem and I will be thankful to him .note (I am Arabic guy maybe I will exchange my experience in Arabic language If who want♡♡ thanks .this is my what's up number +967717042269

  8. could you please make a video about learning english with full house?
    LOVE U, you've helped me A LOT, greetings from Colombia

  9. What is mean across when we use it. I know the mean like across the street but I saw this word all the time that I don't understand. When we use it . The main point
    Your videos are very helpful, a new thing so interesting. Thank u🙏😊😍

  10. When you explain the vocabulary. It’s too fast . And can you use more simple word to explain the Vocabulary. Cause it’s kind of difficult for us to understand what you’re trying to explain. Can you do the video just like Vanessa. She’s awesome. Cause she always use the simple word to explain every vocabulary . I am totally understand every video that she talked.

  11. This is by far the best single English learning channel with fun included. Great for non native English speakers. Take my bow from Bangladesh.

  12. This not only helps me to learn new vocabulary but also improves the way I explain things. really really appreciate it👍🏻

  13. Very good video! Persevere with creating nice content and you can expect to increase really fast! Subscribe to our channel then we'll subscribe to your channel!

  14. Regarding to the example in 15:24 If I said "the cheff is my guy" wouldn't it be taken as I have a romantic relationship with the cheff?

  15. 15:56 "I got a kid starting Dartmouth in the fall" hmmm..I don't get the point of mentioning that and the smacks..sorry Ethan..and thank you :*

  16. May I know what does it mean when Chandler said "there's two in Martini, so everybody back to my office"?

  17. This lesson was so funny I'm getting more attractive to this channel because of its way of teaching English through fun

  18. When Joey said: "You know, how football pkayers pat each other after touchdowns", I cannot hear the word "after". Are there any changes here? Please help me

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