Sports – The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People

Sports – The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People

Hello, Idiots! Welcome to the Idiot’s Guide
to Smart People. Today’s topic is sports. Following sports is one
of the all-time greatest idiot pastimes.
[1. Pranks, 2. Casual Racism, 3. Sports] To enjoy the game, you only
need to do two things, yell and drink beer,
which just happen to be your only two talents. But unfortunately
your idiot oasis is often encroached upon
by smart people. So you should know
what smart people get out of watching adults
play games with balls. Sports is the universal language
of modern life allowing idiots and smart people
to make small talk when they have absolutely
nothing else in common. The phrase,
“Did you see the game?” puts everyone at ease now
that even the weather is a loaded topic. And smart people’s interest
in sports has continued to rise along with global temperatures
thanks to fantasy sports. Fantasy sports are a trick smart people have played
on idiots to get them to play a socially acceptable form
of dungeon’s and dragons. Smart people spend
an unreasonably amount of time on make believe drafts
and pun-based team names only to become furious when
defeated by their arch-nemesis an idiot with dumb luck. But even with fantasy games, smart people have a hard time
embracing sports as much as idiots
because of guilt. While you and your idiot pals enjoy sports
with absolutely no shame, smart people have
to fight the nagging truth that they’re often rooting
for violent homophobic liars. And even when the athletes
are blameless, smart people know
the teams are run by rich [bleep] holes that are
part of giant sleazy organizations. Of course, smart people put
all that knowledge to good use by immediately ignoring it
once the game is on. But most importantly,
you should avoid any smart person
that constantly makes it known how little they
care about sports. These joyless sacks
of condescension trivialize the physical artistry
of athletes while worshiping
the inane snarkistry of Twitter. In conclusion, no matter
what smart people say, being a true fan is ultimately
a pure idiot idea. Rooting for one team over
another for no good reason and never changing
your allegiance. It’s like nationalism
or religion or anything else we use to distract
from the fact we’re all going to die. Sorry for the reminder! [Subscribe] [boing] [Above Average Productions]

68 Replies to “Sports – The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People”

  1. oow, true as I find the statement (no offence meant here, just a personal opinion)
    you might get some trouble with mentioning the bible as a distraction

  2. All of my Likes for "Fantasy Sports" being a trick smart people have played on idiots to get them to play a "Socially acceptable form of Dungeons and Dragons" hahahahaha

  3. Your definition of "smart" people seems to be what most people would call nerds: people who pay attention to details rather than philosophizing on the deeper meaning of things, people who remember lots of data whether it is useful or not, and people who like spending their time doing brainy hobbies which are not necessarily the most constructive or mind-expanding things. These are usually the kind of people who, when asked about a subject, will quote what some journalist or editorial writer said because they lack the gut instincts to direct their intellect on its own. Therefore, they also have difficulty thinking outside the box. Of course, "smartness" is subjective, but mine is not yours. I would call this the "Idiot's Guide to Smarter People."

  4. Was brought here by an ad for this very video.
    So glad I didn't hit Skip 😀
    You're like a friendlier version of ADoseOfBuckley
    Gonna go watch more vids now. Great job!

  5. This video was stupid and demeaning, I need to figure out a way to block these annoying ass ads that don't seem to be advertising anyone, but rather just simply saying that people are idiots for believing in something. ie religion.

  6. Satire:
    1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    2. a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire
    Ex: What you just watched was a satire.

  7. Stopped vidya at rising global temps comment. We are actually in a period of global cooling. Climate change is BS. It's called the fucking weather.

  8. Great, but, uh, religion tends to emphasize we're all mortal and are all going to die–it's actually humanism that goes on about immortality and transhumanism, etc.

    (Oops, sorry, pointing this out might make me a "smart person".)

    P.S. Not religious, but at least try to write jokes that make sense, thanks.

  9. Nice, but I would say it's not guilt but empathy that keeps smart people from enjoying sports, nationalism, and religion.  I'm rooting for my team because this is the team I root for.  And that other team sucks because I don't root for them.  But I don't think the climate is affected by the levels of human snarkiness about the subject.   

  10. What's one thing smart people & idiots agree is a good thing? Subscribing to our channel: 

  11. Always got to throw in a jab at people who are actually capable and open minded enough to understand that the existence of God is not only possible, but is in all likely hood probable and even factual.  If you who do not believe in God, are so smart, then answer this question.  Where does the wind come from, and where does it go?  If you cannot even answer that, then what makes you fools think for a second, that you are all the end all be all king shits of planet fuck all?

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  13. The more I watch these the more I realize that Above Average is run by snarky assholes that like to portray themselves as superior to everyone in their beliefs about everything. Hur Hur yur stupid if u like sportz. Hur hur religin is dumm but so is non religin. Hur hur politiks is juss a bunch of rich folks controllin the govment!

  14. Sports fans are some of the dumbest people on the planet, especially the ones that devote their entire lives and conversations to it. When some idiot starts talking about sports, my mind automatically shuts off and I just want to get away.

  15. I think the only thing that makes me more annoyed when it comes to people talking about sports, are people who state how much they don't care about sports.

  16. Yup! The idea that one should value one's nation over themselves to ensure a better future for the next generation, is just a distraction so one has an excuse to be oblivious. Don't worry though! Pseudo liberal philosophy and dedicating yourself to calling out that one guy who used "homophobic slurs" on the internet is an honorable and just way to live your life. Way to be progressive guys!

  17. I've never liked watching sports, I would rather playing sports myself even tho I suck~ I just don't see the point of watching a bunch of people running around.

  18. This the most pretentious shit i've ever seen on youtube, and that's really saying something. Of course watching sports is a waste of time, so is going to a party, or masterbating, on top of about 80% of the menial shit people do with thier day. That doesn't make them meaningless activities, not everybody spends thier downtime reading shakespear or studying theroitical physics. Please stop acting like you're better than everyone else, although I feel like you're hatred towards sports is due to childhood insecurities. I can tell by your nasally voice that you likely sucked at sports when you were young…

  19. As a somewhat smart person i have to say this : Sport are a pain to watch for my when i am forced too. The first thing is that sports always have the same rules how boring. Second i can not guess what is intresting about watchingsports . Third it is in no way educational so i do not get shown intresting facts.

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