Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds

Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds

How the mighty have fallen. These once-shining stars destroyed their careers
and personal lives with terrible behavior and deplorable actions. From Lance Armstrong to Tonya Harding, find
out which athletes ruined their careers in one fell swoop. Hope Solo “I have a fighter in me kinda a fighting spirit
and I embrace that because I’m passionate about my sport and what I do.” Hope Solo’s fall began in 2012 when she tested
positive for a banned substance, according to Us Weekly. She claimed to not know the medication she
was on contained the illegal drug. Then, in 2014, things got even uglier for
Solo. Solo was arrested for domestic violence when
she got into a fight with her half sister and nephew, during which she was tackled to
the ground – and threatened an officer while cuffed. Later at the booking station, when asked to
remove a necklace, she boastfully told the police officer that it was “worth more than
he made in a year. Then, in 2015, she was suspended by U.S. Soccer
for her involvement in her husband Jerramy Stevens’ DUI arrest. Most recently in 2016, Solo was slapped with
a six-month suspension for calling Team Sweden a “bunch of cowards,” after the US lost to
them in Rio. “I am sorry. I said it was a cowardly way to play and I’ve
been lambasted in the media… Terminated contract. Effective immediately.” Until she saves her off-field behavior, Solo’s
career will never recover. Lamar Odom Despite a stellar 14-year career in the NBA,
Lamar Odom has a long and bitter history with drug abuse. In 2012, Odom ended his run with the Dallas
Mavericks. As Mavs GM, Donnie Nelson, put it,
“He’s dealt with a lot of personal issues. At this point, we need to be able to count
on some things.” But the downward spiral continued when Odom
was arrested on a DUI in August 2013. Odom’s most brutal fall from grace came in
October 2015 when he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel after a drug binge, as
reported by Us Weekly. “I cheated death, and I had a lot of loss
in my life, In November 2017, Odom collapsed at a nightclub
but insists it was due to dehydration. But still, it was a nightclub. At 2 am. Ray Rice NFL fans knew former Rutgers star Ray Rice
as a powerful running back who delivered shots to defenders, but when TMZ published footage
of Rice dragging then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, out of an Atlantic City elevator after an
altercation, the rest of the nation knew him on a completely different level. Rice was indicted on third-degree aggravated
assault. In March that year, Rice avoided trial, and
was accepted into a pre-trial intervention program. During that time, the NFL suspended Rice for
a measly two games and fined the star athlete $58,000. By September, Rice made headlines again, with
new footage of the elevator incident showing Rice violently knocking Palmer unconscious. The Ravens released him from the team, while
the NFL suspended him indefinitely. Rice later beat the suspension on appeal. He told USA Today Sports in 2016 that he’s
owning his mistakes, and looking for a second chance. “This is what happened…for.. For everything that I had to gain back and
it had nothing to do with fame and fortune it had to do with making your wrongs right.” Lance Armstrong One of sport’s most decorated and celebrated
athletes, Lance Armstrong shocked the world when he was stripped of all seven of his Tour
de France titles in October 2012. According to ABC News, the U.S. Anti-Doping
Agency published a report with testimony from 11 of Armstrong’s teammates stating he used
illegal drugs. Sponsors like Nike dropped him from campaign
ads, but Armstrong continued to deny doping — until a damning January 2013 interview
with Oprah. “Did you ever take banned substances to enhance
your cycling performance?” “…yes..” “Did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions
to enhance your cycling performances?” … yes.” The fallout left plenty of people disappointed
including his Livestrong cancer charity. Armstrong was later stripped of his 2000 Olympic
bronze medal. Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson NFL star Chad Johnson’s career came crashing
down after he was arrested for headbutting his then wife, Evelyn Lozada in August 2012. Johnson was charged with misdemeanor domestic
battery, spent one night in jail, and was released on a $2,500 bond. But less than 24 hours later, the Miami Dolphins
officially terminated Johnson’s contract. Regarding the incident, he told Inside the
NFL he takes full responsibility. “I’m human, my time had come, I made a mistake.” “Chad has to go deep down inside and figure
out where he went wrong at what point did you lose focus on what’s most important?” Ryan Lochte “What you see is what you get.” Ryan Lochte’s career as an Olympic swimmer
took a dive after he was caught in a ridiculous lie. Lochte claimed he and his teammates were robbed
at gunpoint on the way home from a party during the 2016 Rio Olympics. But the truth quickly unfolded to reveal Lochte
and his buddies had drunkenly vandalized a gas station bathroom, and were stopped by
an armed security guard. The swimmer ultimately apologized to fans
and the city of Rio in an interview on Today saying,
“They put on a great Games. And my immature, intoxicated behavior um..
tarnished that a little.” But the aftermath not only brought shame to
the American team, the U.S. Olympic Committee suspended Lochte from swimming for 10 months. He also had stipends withheld, lost sponsorship
deals, and was banned from visiting the White House with Team USA, according to the the
LA Times. Tonya Harding “The media had me convicted of doing something
wrong before I had even done anything at all.” Tonya Harding’s career as a figure skater
was permanently put on ice after it was revealed her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and a handful
of other men allegedly carried out an attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan’s knee, just six
weeks before the ’94 Olympic Games. Gillooly pled guilty, and all went to jail,
except Harding, who eventually pled guilty to hindering the investigation and confessed
to knowing the details of the plot. “Many of you will be unable to forgive me
for that. It will be difficult to forgive myself.” In total, she received three years probation,
was ordered to complete 500 hours of community service and pay a $160,000 fine. Kerrigan would recover and go on to win silver
at the games while Harding performed poorly. Harding was ultimately banned from U.S. figure
skating, for life. “How do I get a fair shot here?” “We also judge on presentation.” “suck my d—.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Hope Solo's naked selfie, that showed butthole, coochie ,and face all in one pic ended her career.. none of that other stuff mattered. It was the photo.. trust me

  2. What did you expect, these people are the smartest. They just needed to be good or great at one thing. Using their brains is not one of them.

  3. Tonya Harding should have gone to Jail for that attack on her opponent, their intent was to shatter Nancy's kneecap, she would have been disabled for life.

  4. What I Learned From This Video: You can take the person out of the ghetto, but you will never take the ghetto out of the person.

  5. Hope Solo. Only Baronelle Stutzman (of the flowers at gay wedding court case) might have done more to make sure the nation had more reasons to despise the tiny corporate colony town of Richland, Washington state, where Solo grew up.

    I live near door in the city known even less– the main claim to fame is Kennewick Man.

    Come at me, Seattlites. You know the area as "the Tri-Cities". Come at me. You can't pull a small town condescension I haven't already heard.

  6. Some did for not going to jail, and cops and police and media for not going to jail on time. then coming over to other country, thinking there not going to find truth, cause of treament of people in china and USA and trying to get girls to sleep with them for money.

    while them having problems such as STD, thinking after entering Soviet thinking no one's going to do anything.

    Now there coming here, cause they can ! just like people think isn't going to happen, look around over 60 percent of country is jail.

    other one's they make look bad who try to live and make something out of themselves. others will sit there, watch person kill someone then wake up, and call cops. making themselves look stupid.

    Real skater name is Avril Lavigne. As she said she was filling in for Tonya.

  7. Why everyone point to Harding? She's a victim not criminal. It was funny to watch NK skating well after that "leg trauma".
    Pure BS to promote Nancy. Cool, she lost anyway.
    Harding is one of my all-time favs.

  8. Why did Solo get in trouble for saying something against the Sweden team?isn`t that something athletes say against their opposing team,as far as i know what she said wasn`t that bad.

  9. Hope solo should be in jail for talking like a "Kardashian"! Using that vocal fry crap…..I would put her in jail just for that!!!

  10. One of the reasons I like going fishing I don't have to use drugs to put bait on my hook and I know the fish don't get paid for me to catch him.😜

  11. so im 1 minute into the list and the hope solo thing doesnt fit your list. you list multiple moments which lead to her downfall. not "in seconds" or "one foul swoop" which you said at the start

  12. Where’s Zinedine Zidane? He destroyed with his head but the chances to win the World Cup in the World Cup Final in 2006

  13. As a gymnast one of the rules my coaches had is to keep your mouth shut.

    If Ray Rice truly tries and makes amends to that woman I think he deserves a second chance.

  14. Wait hold on that ray rice crap sounds biased… Like I've scene the footage & ur forgetting the part where his gf is wailing on him in a flurry of punches, & then he swings once in self defense. I do like the way you painted the story though, making Ray out to b the villain

  15. I have no idea who most of these athletes are apart from Lance Armstrong and Tonya Harding . Obviously Americans sport players

  16. People when me and my team were play a soccer game one person kick so far it hit me in nose!
    Then the game was off as so as possible it was a long time ago but it haunts me to this day…

  17. I can’t believe ray rice got only a 2 game suspension and some pocket change for nearly killing a women like wth

  18. Ryan Lochte talks like he is incredibly stupid. Tonya was involved she knew that the plot was going to happen; it's great that she is banned for life

  19. She claimed to not now the medication she took contained an illegal drug lol. People are stupid as fuck to believe that all athletes take drugs and cheat. The fact they are born with athletic genes is a natural advantage and to me is the same as taking steroids. The world of sports is pure fantasy and I don't support it.

  20. They forgot to mention Kermit Washington his career ended by straight-up punching 🤜 the life out of Rudy Tomjanovich Jr.?!?!?!?!?!

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