Sports Star Relationships With Uncomfortable Age Gaps

Sports Star Relationships With Uncomfortable Age Gaps

Professional athletes often have it easy when
it comes to attracting beautiful women. With tons of fans watching them on the field
or on the court, there’s never a shortage of gorgeous fans interested in dating a star. Sometimes these women just so happen to be
young…very young. Though many popular athletes were once married
to women with whom they were close in age, some left those marriages behind to begin
relationships with younger women who captured their hearts. Apparently, the massive age gaps just couldn’t
keep these older athletes and their young partners from falling more deeply in love. These athletes’ relationships are proof that
love knows no bounds. Here are some sports star relationships with
uncomfortable age gaps. Derek Jeter’s ‘old soul’ mate Once upon a time, Derek Jeter was one of the
sports world’s most eligible bachelors. He dated everyone from Mariah Carey to Jessica
Bielaz, though no one locked him down for long. But the former New York Yankees star changed
his relationship status from single to taken when he met Sports Illustrated swimsuit model
Hannah Davis in 2012. Despite their 16-year age difference, a source
told Us Weekly, “Their relationship works because they are
both supportive and sweet to each other. […] They almost never fight.” Perhaps they get along so well because Davis
is more mature than her age would suggest. A family friend told the New York Post, “Her mom told me, when Hannah was about 16,
that she was an ‘old soul’. […] She definitely has a wisdom beyond her
years.” The couple later tied the knot in 2016 when
Davis was 26 and Jeter was 42. And in August 2017, the couple welcomed a
baby girl. Julius Erving’s younger mistress Pro basketball player Julius Erving’s philandering
past is no secret — thanks to his autobiography, Dr. J, where he spilled the tea on his womanizing
ways. As he explained, the Hall of Famer was married
to his then-wife, Turquoise, at the height of his career. The couple had four children together, but
having cheated multiple times, Erving would father two children outside of his marriage. The first child was with a woman named Samantha
Stevenson, and the second child was carried by his mistress, Dorýs Madden, who is 19
years his junior. But Erving and Madden’s relationship wasn’t
just a fling. Instead, it appeared to be the real deal. Erving and Madden got married in 2008 after
he finalized his divorce, and they went on to have two more children together. Michael Jordan’s 15-year gap After divorcing his ex-wife, Juanita, in 2006
and being ordered to pay $150 million in the divorce settlement, fans thought for sure
that basketball legend Michael Jordan was done with romance. But the sports star hit a slam dunk when he
met Yvette Prieto in 2008. After getting engaged in 2011, the high-profile
couple tied the knot in 2013, when Jordan was 50 and Prieto was 35. The following year, Prieto gave birth to twin
daughters. Wladimir Klitschko’s knockout lady It’s pretty obvious that Nashville star Hayden
Panettiere has a thing for older men. During the height of her acting career, she
dated her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia when she was barely 18, and he was 29. After their 2009 breakup, Panettiere upped
the stakes when she went completely gaga over former professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko,
who was 13 years her senior. Even Panettiere knew that she and Klitschko
were an odd match, telling Cosmo in 2014, “On paper, a relationship between the two
of us looked crazy. From where we live to where we come from,
the differences in our lives are fairly big.” After meeting at a book party and becoming
an item in 2009, they briefly split before getting engaged in October 2013. The couple later welcomed their first child
together in 2014. Steve Nash’s young lover Although his first marriage to Alejandra Amarilla
— with whom he shares three children — may have hit the skids after nine years, that
didn’t deter former professional basketball player, Steve Nash, from giving marriage another
shot when he met Lilla Frederick. He and Frederick, a former college volleyball
player, got engaged in March 2016, according to TMZ. They later tied the knot in September of that
same year when Frederick was just 26 and Nash was 42. Frederick gave birth to their son, Luca, in
2017, and the sports star and his young bride were ecstatic about the new addition to their
family. Nash captioned a pic: “Mom’s a serious champ
and we’re in love with this little guy.” Hines Ward’s gameday gal Former Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward
may not be on the field during game days anymore, but the team’s home stadium of Heinz Field
was the backdrop for his 2014 wedding to Lindsey Georgalas. TMZ reported that the former wide receiver
had been dating Georgalas since 2012. Just after walking down the 50-yard line to
say their “I do’s,” the couple appeared on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap in 2015
when Ward was 39 and Georgalas was 24. During filming, Ward swapped partners with
actor Verne Troyer, and told AJC that his young bride was hesitant to appear on the
reality show, but she was definitely game. Fun fact: On their episode, Georgalas attempted
to redecorate Troyer’s game room, and the Austin Powers star let out a huge fart, in
protest. Bjorn Borg’s ‘perfect life’ Swedish tennis champ Bjorn Borg was swarmed
by fans during his heyday, thanks to his long and luscious hair and, of course, his skills
on the court. He once told The Telegraph, “There were girls on the way to the practice
court, girls by the match court, and girls waiting in the lobby of my hotel.” And after two failed marriages, he was finally
able to rifle through a bevy of eager women to finally find the girl of his dreams. The five-time Wimbledon champ married Patricia
Ostfeldt in 2002, according to Hello! magazine. Borg was 46 on their wedding day and Ostfeldt
was 35. While their age gap may not seem that extreme,
keep in mind that when Borg was 10 years old Ostfeldt wasn’t even born. Even though they have more than a few years
between them, Borg believes he’s finally with his one true love. He told the newspaper, “It feels as though I have found the right
woman for me and I’m now living the way I want to live. I have the perfect life now and I wouldn’t
change a thing.” Tiki Barber’s bombshell intern Scandal erupted when former New York Giants
and Today show host, Tiki Barber, was exposed for having an affair with his babysitter-turned-NBC
intern, Traci Lynn Johnson. What made the story even more scandalous was
the fact that Barber’s wife, Ginny, was pregnant with twins at the time he was engaging in
the affair. Eight days after his divorce was finalized,
37-year-old Barber wed 23-year-old Johnson at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau. Their union wasn’t without backlash, though,
especially after details leaked on just how aggressively he had pursued Johnson. A source told the New York Post, “On her 21st birthday, he sent her 21 dozen
roses to her dorm. He also gave her a diamond and sapphire bracelet. At this point, she had a boyfriend, and told
him that she and Tiki were ‘just friends,’ but nobody bought it.” With the scandal finally behind them, the
couple has appeared to be more in love than ever, and welcomed their second child together
in 2016. Robert Kraft’s new love Robert Kraft lost the love of his life, wife
Myra, when she died of ovarian cancer in July 2011. The owner of the New England Patriots found
comfort in his football organization who graciously dedicated the 2011 football season to Myra’s
memory. Kraft described to the Boston Globe how he
felt, having lost his wife, saying, “I sort of feel robbed.” But a year after her passing, he found companionship
in Ricki Lander, a dancer and actress who was 39 years his junior. While getting to know one another, Lander
accompanied Kraft to various events, including the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar party and Fashion
Week. But, in an unusual twist, TMZ reported in
early March 2018 that Lander had secretly given birth to a baby — and it wasn’t Kraft’s. At the time, Kraft’s rep issued this statement: “While Robert Kraft is not the biological
father, he is thrilled with Ricki’s blessing of having a healthy child. With respect to her family’s privacy, we will
not be commenting any further.” Kurt Angle’s Arby’s amore Olympic gold medalist and WWE and TNA Hall
of Famer, Kurt Angle, had just ended his first marriage to Karen Smedley, when he met Giovanna
Yannotti. The two connected on the set of the 2009 movie
End Game, according to an interview Yannotti gave in 2016. Completely ignoring their 18-year age gap,
Yannotti fell in love with the sports star’s “big blue eyes.” After developing a friendship over a few years,
he finally asked her out on a date to Arby’s. Friendship eventually turned into romance,
and the couple later married in July 2012. As of 2016, Angle and Yannotti have had three
children together. Because when it comes to true love, age is
just a number. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Before I even heard the comentary, I KNEW it would be a Female….. You never see an, "Uncomfortable" video on old hags dating younger Men. Its only uncomfortable to older single women…

  2. either a salty soyboy or feminist created it this.. all throughout time, why do younger women date older men, because they are usually more mature and have more security.. duh..

  3. YUCK.. these women getting cash.. They probably won't even give up any goods to these men. It's not that much money in the world.. Some of those old geezers look NASTY.

  4. "Sports Star…(golddigger listing) :))Nothing new. Stereotype. Pro Athlete + ex-model (aka Gold-digger). 🙂 And never have air-tight prenups. Spend their time paying off alimony for 3 or 4 ex-wives…

  5. Surprised Vitali Klitchko didn't kill Haden P making little Vitali… At least it wasn't "dumb Pro boxer + Dr " (Mike Tyson and Holyfield were both married to doctors for a few years). 🙂 Easy pickings for these women. 🙂 Hollyfield's Dr. wife had to give him a few children though. Guess it was wroth it. 🙂

    Hayden looks like Vitali's daughter. 🙂 Guess he's into that.

  6. Only 15 years between Jeter and his wife. How is that uncomfortable? Uncomfortable for who??? Most men want younger women believe or not!!!

  7. There is no such thing. Just because something is uncomfortable to you doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable for them. Plus love doesn’t have an age

  8. These guys have something going for them — that's why they have money. These women are apparently in demand so one could conclude "they too have something going for them." It's a formula. Fame = money = luxurious lifestyle. Age is just relative to young and beautiful. So yes, these guys are going to find beautiful women to commit to – dah… Even the ones that don't have the young and beautiful, have mates that are attractive and upwardly mobile. I suppose those of us that are jealous or unhappy with their lot should work on getting their 'shite' together or continue to get off by reading gossip columns

  9. 150 million to 1st wife who was black; that second marriage divorce payout will be so enomous that there will be a fund raiser to put his back on his feet.

  10. I don't think I've seen females in a high position like a famous actress sport star or music artist that's a bit old with young good looking men I mean there's maybe some but not as much as the opposite sex

  11. For ladies it all about getting the $$$$$$$$$$ after the marriage and living the A list lifestyle! The pro athlete it all about get the trophy wife!

  12. More power to them all. Men need to be taken care of sexually, and women like to be cared for. Just stating the facts, it's that easy. I mean I wish marriages lasted forever, but if the love is gone, the choices available leave no one happy.

  13. 1. Men age better than women.
    2. Money talks and hoes walk!

    7:10 good on Kurt Angle. He is a legend! I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention that he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist (which he won with a freakin’ broken neck).

  14. This is America money rules everything,when the young babes get older they can take some oft he old man's money and he can buy him a younger honey, shout out to our repulsive looking president!

  15. Uncomfortable? Beyond 2 to 6 years after high school, the only thing women are doing is having worse and worse dating experiences and being indoctrinated with social media poison.
    These relationships in the video are pretty much ideal male to female age gaps. The majority of women physically peak when men are just emotionally maturing.
    So a guy at 36yo is just discovering what he truly wants while a woman is facing multiple life-altering realities (deteriorating beauty, biological clock) that affect her mental state.

    Men should focus solely on their physical and mental health, skills development, and building wealth. Start looking for a serious relationship at around 36yo with a woman who's age 21yo to 24yo. Avoid the aspiring doctors, lawyers, power sellers, and other career-driven women. Let them do their own thing. A healthy 36yo guy will be confronted with endless offers from career-driven women on the hunt but avoid them at all costs! Don't even engage in casual physical relationships no matter how tempting or how many times she tries to get you up to her place. Focus is key!

    And make sure you establish a revocable trust to protect your assets in advance and discuss the need for a prenup before getting engaged.

  16. Why do you say "uncomfortable"? The age gaps aren't "uncomfortable" to the participants in these relationships…who are you to judge?

  17. The only people who have issues with these people relationships, are those who no one is asking to marry them.
    Leave people's lives alone and pay attention to your own.

  18. 10-15 year age gap makes a lot sense. Men need about a 10 year head start due to a their lack of maturity and accomplishment. Any man who gets married before his late 20s, is setting himself up for failure. Add to difficulty of getting past wealth and fame, all of these men will be hard pressed to be successful in romance.

  19. Uncomfortable to who you ???      No  such thing as an uncomfortable age gap, people need to mind their own business when it come to relationships,  forced marriages are not included in this,  everyones  idea of a lovely person is not the same , THANK GOD !!

  20. she makes it sound like it's just about love we know it's about the men wanting young women to make them self feel young and relevant in a woman they're getting you know the life that they kind of would like to live so come on let's just call it what it is

  21. To the victor goes the… Strange that we never see any gossip on celebrities relationships of the same age — who are probably in those relationships for the same reasons as those with younger mates. There are a number of people with younger mates or wish they were — so what?!

  22. Age gap depends on how old one is. Example, if you are 31 year old man then 16 year old girl will look very bad, and that's double right. Now, if you're 40 year old man then 20 year old woman will not be bad, and that's also a double. If you're 50, then the bar goes a bit higher to 35. That's all for men. Now, vise-versa for women to men is not so ideal. Women age and mature much quicker than men therefore ladies give yourself a chance and avoid all the fights and the shxt that comes with similar ages. Best regards from Somalia people.

  23. Crazy thing is majority of these woman dont look younger than these men. Damn it goes to show woman age really fast

  24. Uncomfortable Age Gaps? My father was 52 and my mom was 21 when they got together.That's a 31 yr. difference and they lived happily ever after until he suffered a stroke at age 70 that killed him. Neither one was rich.

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