SPORTS SEDAN SHOOTOUT — 2019 Audi A4 vs. 2019 BMW 3-Series: Comparison

SPORTS SEDAN SHOOTOUT — 2019 Audi A4 vs. 2019 BMW 3-Series: Comparison

What’s going on people of YouTube? Now it’s often very hard to find a vehicle that can do most everything well But when it comes to German compact sports sedans that honestly may not be the case They give you style performance space for the whole family and are often some of the most affordable offerings in their brands lineups That’s why we’re comparing two of the most beloved entries today be refreshed a four and the all-new 330i so we can find out once and for all which one strikes the best balance All right, so the first thing on the agenda is pricing and equipment as I’m sure most of you are already aware of German cars are notorious for having tons of options, and these are no exception both the a4 45 Quattro and the 330i xDrive started at almost identical $42,000 but in the case of the Audi we have $12,000 of options and $15,000 worth on the BMW All told we’re looking at approximately 54000 and $57,000 total prices, which for luxury vehicles is not a huge amount of difference So to make up for that difference will start the Audi off with one point per thousand dollars or three points Beginning things with the exteriors these cars show off the latest and greatest design languages of the respective brands on the A4 that means the typical chrome single-frame grille But for 2019 the sheet metal and lower fascia is revised for a more aggressive look Of course the BMW has been fully redesigned So it features a new more angular version of the kidney grille which pushes right up against the headlights On this model, they are known as laser lights Which are fully LED just like the Audi’s but you’ll also find LED fog lights in the place where the Audi only has sensors as Far as the side and back the BMW is styled to be the sporty er looking of the two but both look pretty athletic BMW gives you dual chrome exhaust while thankfully the a4 still retains real exhaust outlets just with a different shape than last year Both taillights are fully LED. However, only Audi has the cool dynamic turn signals As far as the wheels our a4 has 18 inch silver wheels Whereas the 330i has 19 at contrast alloys that stand out a lot more Now moving past the design choices we have the mirrors both of which include heating power folding auto dimming and blind spot monitoring and Then on the safety front both cars have a wide variety, but they are a bit more restricted on the BMW While the prestige trim of the a4 gives you all the driver assistance package contents as standard equipment The 3-series breaks them into two packages, which we only have one up That means both have forward emergency braking lane keeping assist and auto high beam headlights But only the a4 includes adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist That said however, the 330i is an IIHS Top Safety pick+ instead of just being a Top Safety Pick Next up we have the warranties which are both for year 50,000 mile for powertrain and basic but the Audi has one year of complimentary maintenance compared to three in the BMW Finally ending at the fuel tanks. They are 15 point three and fifteen point six gallons for the Audi and BMW respectively which translates to 413 and 437 miles of range But that pretty much wraps up the exterior, so now let’s see which cabin spoils the passengers the most So walking up to the vehicles both obviously come with smart entry systems and very nice key fobs But BMW now has remote start which is something Audi is still not offering Now checking out the interiors they have vastly different design philosophies So on the Audi what you’re looking at is a more luxurious theme of beige leather and open pore gray, Oakwood The BMW has the sporty-er design of this example with black Vernasca leather and aluminum Tetragon trim As far as the seats themselves the BMW gives you more adjustments with bolsters and thigh extension But the Audi does have heating and ventilation instead of just heating on a 3-series Be on the seats both interiors are very nice visually and in terms of material selection For the 330i you have a soft touch dashboard with color contrast stitching and all through the middle you have two different types of aluminum and The same goes for the entire center console The Audi has the same soft touch dashboard, but of course in the middle and the center console It has open pore wood instead of aluminum But overall it wins the materials point since it has leatherette trim along the center tunnel and on the door Armrest which are two important touch points neglected by the BMW After startup you can see that both have giant reconfigurable digital gauges While the BMW’s is still really neat I found that Audi’s virtual cockpit has a lot more customized ability and Information plus it continues to be the only automaker with Google Earth Moving back to the steering wheels both are leather wrapped and heated but the BMW’s feels quite a bit nicer since it’s thicker rimmed Trimmed with real aluminum and has leather covering the airbag Now the next major section is interior storage and here the 3-series comes out on top It center console is about twice as deep as the eight fours and the front bin is the same way Both have abundant plugs and wireless charging Heading to the shifters both have easy to use electronic ones with the same operation and when in Reverse we’ll pull up 360-degree camera systems in This respect the a4 is a little behind Since it does not have the latest version that allows you to spin around the vehicle like the BMW does And now that brings us to the audio system, so let’s take a sample So even though the Audi is up on speakers over the BMW, I honestly found both systems to sound fantastic The next step up the dashboard are the three zone automatic climate controls Both of them have all the controls represented by physical buttons Which is nice but the a4 setup is more intuitive since the buttons are larger and safer to operate when driving But now that brings us up to the vehicles implement systems Starting with the all-new iDrive 7.0 system You have a ten point two five inch display that can be controlled four different ways the touch screen controller a knob gesture or through the advanced voice assistant Hey BMW I’m cold What temperature should I set 78 I’m setting the temperature on the driver’s side to 78 degrees Fahrenheit In comparison the a4 is still using the older-style MMI system, which is controlled exclusively via the control knob Obviously both do have integrated navigation systems, but Audi remains the undisputed champ here with 3d Google Earth satellite maps However, many people still prefer to use their phone interfaces So on the Audi you have standard Android auto and apple carplay while the BMW only has apple carplay Finally anything’s here up front both have regular-sized moonroofs Now in the back here these two are more similar than in the front first off they have nearly identical rear dimensions both the head and legroom and Then once inside the amenities are the same with each having rear vents climate controls heated back seats two USB ports and a 12-volt outlet Moving around to the trunks the BMW beats the a4 here with a capacity of 17 cubic feet versus 13 in the Audi And for what It’s worth it also has a power trunk Well, we still have a super close race. So let’s see who pulls ahead during the drive Jumping into the specs these two are very similar on paper both have 2 liter turbo four-cylinder engines making 248 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque in the Audi and 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque in the BMW that is less than a 5 percent difference on horsepower but a 7% difference on torque and When paired with all-wheel-drive they both deliver identical 0 to 60 times of 5.6 seconds So first taking off in the all new BMW 3-series Definitely feels strong off the line, you know, this is a you know the basic engine but in a similar way to like the Audi a4 These base engines nowadays are really quite powerful. I mean They have a very distinct peppiness to them. They’re not like some lethargic 4-cylinder or anything? They have a peppy-ness to them. So despite some of their horsepower ratings not being too impressive You definitely still feel pretty pretty powerful So it’s setting off in the 2019 a4 You know, the engine is unchanged from last year and this is a really good engine the power that feels excellent right off the line Of course out Audi and Volkswagen are known for Two-liter turbo fours, and this one is an excellent one as well As far as what that power is routed through you have a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic on the a4 and an 8-speed Auto on the BMW. Audi has managed to eliminate the typical cons of a DCT while keeping the pros like lightning fast manual shifts At the same time though BMW has taken a traditional auto and made it respond just as well including to manual shifts Which I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the two Now like I mentioned this does have the 7-speed DCT You know that’s different from a lot of rivals, which usually go with like more traditionally 8-speed automatic or something like that This is very good DCT As we’ve mentioned on previous Audis reviews This transmission doesn’t have any of edible fashion lag And that’s another big benefit of your DCT Is that manual mode is true manual mode, it will give full control over and it is so fast instantaneous Yeah, the paddles were respond instantaneously You know some of the rivals actually have a dual clutch like the in the audi a4 And this is a traditional automatic but i’d say it does respond just as well Now moving on to the actual dynamics both do an excellent job in the typical german way The BMW steering is excellent as expected with nice heft quick response and great accuracy The whole car responds with Swift really button-down body motions But it does have to be pointed out that the ride suffers because of that firmness And we don’t have any like real back road Type of roads to drive on but going around a couple of little corners You can definitely tell like I said, not only how tight the suspension is but also how well calibrated the steering is It’s really quick responding and really there’s just no numbness or anything that a lot of more luxury minded vehicles can have Of course this being a sports sedan it does you have a nice agile feel steering is very responsive weights up nicely. I’m not sure about drive mode we’re in. I guess we’re just in the normal comfort mode I will try out the dynamic a little later but steering feel is still good even in your regular mode overall The a4 is the more luxury minded of the two which has its pros and cons The pro is that the ride handling mixture is better since it feels button-down and agile But it also rides a lot more comfortably the con though is that the steering while quick is quite a bit lighter and has a numbness not present in a 3-series and The last thing to mention is the fuel economy where the a4 gets 27 combined and the 330 i28 combined Obviously that is less than our 5% point threshold Well guys that’s where we’re going to finish up another super-tight comparison video as I’m sure you’ve noticed throughout this video these two are very similar in a lot of regards but also have totally different personalities as Always we strongly recommend checking them out in person and we feel confident that you’ll pretty quickly figure out which side of things you prefer Anyways, thanks for joining us for another car confections face off comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature full Review videos. Take care!

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  1. Great review guys as usual but please don’t forget me for the Volkswagen review I am really considering it but need a review from you guys thanks in advance!!

  2. This review is awesome!!! But neither of these would be my pick… 2019 Volvo S60 all the way! #swedishmafia🇸🇪

  3. I really like these videos, they are Always really cool how you guys compare two cars against each other. I like the BMW’s new look way better but the Audi is very nice. I will still buy Japanese at the end of the day.

  4. I always enjoy your reviews. In a couple months, I'll actually be purchasing a new car, and I've based a good deal of my research on your videos. Thanks for these.
    As far as this comparison goes, the lack of Android Auto and Google Earth in the Audi are the real deal breakers for me. I'm not an Apple user, and I find it a bit disparaging that BMW hasn't included that in it's media system. I also like to use navigation, and the Audi cockpit is just marvelous. It's far more than 1pt difference in the actual driving experience. Finally, I find that the Audi is a bit quieter and less distracting in cabin over long distances. I don't feel as tired after 8hrs in an A4, like I do in a BMW 3 series.
    That said, I think I'm going for the Audi S5 Sportback. But, even though I live in Louisville, I'll probably be visiting the Lexington Audi dealer, just because they've been so helpful to you, …and you've been helpful to me. Thanks again.

  5. Yes it is 2019 ibs White Audi A4 45 Quattro Vs 2019 Portimao Blue Metallic Bmw 330i Xdrive optional Equipment $10.720 Optional Equipment $13,975,Destination Charge $995,Destination Charge $995,$53,715,$57,170,15,3,15.3 414,470,Gauge Cluster,Gauge Cluster Head Up Displays,Cup Holders 360 Backup Camera Systems 16 Speaker,19 Speaker,Climate Controls,Navigation,Panoramic SunRoof 27 Combined 25-34-28 Compares Mercedes Benz C300 Ulimate Luxury Sedan Faceoff Comparison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the audi(premium volkswagon) would have been crashed if you stop giving 3 full point for its cheaper price

  7. My problem with most modern Audi’s is that they place the engine entirely in front of the front axle because of the geometry of the AWD system. The BMW has the engine quite a bit further back to reduce front heaviness

  8. Well done gentlemen! Quality best in class comparison video of these German kindred spirits. BMW 330i wins the sporty eye candy contest for me between these two. However, when it comes to which would I actual purchase between the two? I would hands down want the A4 for the long haul; a ride or die daily driver. In my opinion A4 is best combination of modern intuitive intelligent tech, modest clean minimalist cabin with an athletic power train that is zippy off the line and can take on the curves with ease. Plus she meets all my google/android needs 😄

  9. For me Audi is more luxurious than the bmw , too bad they don't produce manual transmission anymore , i think they don't sell very well .. super complete comparison 💪 Thanks guys

  10. Very thorough comparison. I would go with the 330i… skipping out on the M sport package shaves 5 grand off the price.

  11. I think the Audi is better inside and out, and I just would like to be seen in it more, can’t explain it,just how I feel. I liked the video,good editing

  12. Good job. Regarding the Audi drive select, I would suggest that Auto is the standard setting rather than Comfort, because the latter makes the trans upshift very early and really dials back the throttle mapping. It also sets the steering to be super light regardless of speed. It’s more equivalent to BMW’s Eco Pro mode IMO. Did this cost the A4 a half point? Maybe, maybe not 😉

  13. To be honest…..Living in Germany and driving Audi and bmw for over 15 years, my Next car is going to be a Lexus. Tired of horrible maintainance costs and unreliability. My actual car is an BMW X4 and its a nightmare and turns into a Money pit

  14. Did you just call those Audi pipes real? I agree they are not as fake as the closed off they make, they still have small pipes dangling in them. Hate that

  15. I saw the 3 series on the parking lot and it looks much better then on pictures. Holy cow its real good looking

  16. I like both. Though, because I live in the Caribbean I am disappointed the all new BMW doesn't offer ventilated seats.

  17. Nice cars, I prefer the exterior look of 3 series, including the last version. The Audi is nice but it looks a little too much like a Jetta to me.

  18. After replacing 6 tires in 3 years because of rigid run flats hitting potholes in my BMW, I’ll never buy one again.

  19. These cars are so close, I think 4k cheaper version is the win here, not to mention more comfortable ride. I am planning on getting a4 with similar spec soon.

  20. Car and driver did a article in 2000 . lowest IQ by car make winner BMW I can confirm by watching them drive around.

  21. Audi for luxury.. Great review /points system that u follow is awesome 👍

  22. Really a 6 popper is powerful! Yes something Porsche has known for decades. There are 4 cylinder cars that are peppy! A modern 6 cylinder should have no problem being peppy in a car this size.

  23. the most fascinating thing is that you guys are wearing winter jackets, gloves and other winter equpment, while the release date of the video is 27.5. Either you've edited this video 3 months or you live somewhere on the north pole 😃

  24. That was a pretty darn good side by side comparison in and out, although when you’re giving us a song sample to here in one car versus the other how about using the same song sample in each car (duh)

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