Sports Pay Gap – Behind the News

Sports Pay Gap – Behind the News

Really lovely running from Pearson. She’s been run out! Stephanie Gilmore has been… Oh, she’s done it again. Yeah, I think Australia should be
mighty proud of itself when it comes to producing
top female athletes and it seems like you guys agree. I like Sam Kerr
because she’s extremely skilful. I like Sally Pearson because she’s
just, like, a really good athlete. I really like Erin Phillips
because she’s an amazing athlete and I personally find her
a huge inspiration for girls and women who want
to start playing sport. Some new research has shown
the popularity of top level women’s sports
is on the rise. And more than half of Australians
follow women’s sports. That’s great news for people
like Nicole, who spent her whole life
getting to the top of her game. Yeah, I mean, I love it.
It’s so much fun. It’s so fun to play in front
of a lot of people but, like, just obviously having
a love for the game and playing it at that kind of level
it’s, you know, competitive and challenging but it’s fun. Now a chance for Seekamp… Nicole Seekamp has just played
in a WNBL Grand Final. She also represents her country and has even won a gold medal
at the Commonwealth Games. She also helps to train
up-and-coming stars, like Amy, who has big ambitions of her own. Yeah, I’d like to hopefully probably
do what Nicky’s done, play WNBL, hopefully, and maybe
represent Australia one day. But while becoming an elite athlete
is an awesome achievement, it doesn’t always come with a big
pay packet, especially for women. In many sports there are big gaps
in the amount that men and women get paid. For example, in the W-League, the minimum salary a player can earn
this season is $12,200. In the A-League for men over 20,
it’s over $64,000. AFL players earn around $370,000
on average, while average AFLW players
earn just $9,700. As for basketball, Nicole says
there have been steps to make pay fairer
but women still get less. Thankfully now
for our younger players, if you sign a contract
you get a minimum wage, so that’s a big step for us. But still it’s not enough
to live off, so a lot of people do have
to get jobs. Some say low wages are stopping
many sportswomen from reaching their potential. That’s why recently the heads of
17 Aussie sporting organisations got together to come up with a plan
to close the pay gap between men and women. The plan says there is no good
reason why, in the future, women shouldn’t be paid
the same as men. But it’ll take effort from lots
of areas of sports. For example, making sure girls
have the same opportunities as boys to play and train. And building the profile
of women’s sports and women’s sport stars in the media so that they attract valuable
sponsorship and broadcast deals. The plan pointed out a few examples
of sports that have already managed to lower the pay gap, like tennis, where men and women receive the same
prize money at all major tournaments. And Cricket Australia, which pays both men and women
the same hourly base rates. For many, it’s a positive step. It probably won’t be enough,
you know, I think it’s a good start but there’s always going to be
something that comes up that needs to get better. So it would be good to find out
what some young sporting stars have to say. Did you get that? Come on, ref, that was a foul! They’re all doing the same thing,
you’ve just got a different gender. What’s the difference? I would think it’s really disturbing
to see that people actually think that women should get paid less
than men in sport. I don’t think it’s enough,
I think they definitely should be getting paid the same
and it needs to change.

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  1. Female professional athletes get paid less because they just aren't as popular as male professional athletes. The amount athletes get paid is directly proportional to the income that the sports organizations make.

  2. If you think they deserve to be paid the same amount like superstars in the NBA you should see a doctor, you might have a head injury

  3. In the premier league, does a Bournemouth player complain that he doesn't earn as much as a Man City player? NO. Because he knows he's not as good and he doesn't play for a club who's annual profit dwarfs that of the one he's currently at. Simple maths.

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