Sports Jersey Buying Guide – How to spot a Fake NFL NHL MLB NBA Jersey

Sports Jersey Buying Guide – How to spot a Fake NFL NHL MLB NBA Jersey

As sports fans, we all love our teams. We
show our support by wearing the same jerseys, shirts and tops as our heroes on the field.
But when you look at the price of them, you’ll say “How much?!”
There’s been a recent increase in the amount of fake jerseys being imported from China
mainly because real jerseys are so extortionately priced.
This guide shows you how to tell the difference between an authentic, replica and Chinese
fake jersey, and furthermore, should you buy one?
Now we’re using baseball jerseys as an example, but this could apply to football jerseys,
soccer shirts, hockey jerseys etc. So here are three seemingly similar baseball
jerseys. They may look the same but they’re all different.
And they all cost different amounts of money. Let’s start with this one, the Authentic
jersey. An authentic jersey is supposed to be the
exact jersey that the players wear on the field.
This is usually denoted somehow by the relevant tags.
Now if you look carefully, all the detail is embroidered in and it’s embroidered cleanly.
The lettering is multi-layered twill and zig-zag stitched, and the material is generally thicker
and of higher quality. The lettering on the back is usually nicely
proportioned and once again, multi-layered and zigzag stitched.
In short, every detail of the jersey is pretty much perfect. But this perfection costs money,
and an authentic jersey is usually several hundred dollars.
That’s not the cheapest thing in the world and most sports fans can’t afford that,
so that’s why teams also make Replica Jerseys.
These are usually toned down versions of the authentic, with not as many features and detail.
Usually they will denote this with a ‘genuine merchandise’ tag, instead of an authentic
one. The details are usually painted on and then
sewn to the jersey. Compare this to the authentic and you can
see where they skimp on costs. The material is usually thinner and not sewn
together in the same way. The same applies to the lettering, which costs
less to manufacture, and there are other distinguishing features that a sports fan can spot as a ‘replica
jersey’. These jerseys cost significantly less than
the authentic, but still out of reach for most sports fans, hence the unprecedented
demand for: Chinese Fake Jerseys.
As the name implies, the Chinese like to make fake versions of … well … everything.
And sports jerseys are no exception. They cost about a 10th of the price of an
authentic jersey, but when you look closely, you’ll see why.
Even though the tag says it’s authentic, it’s nowhere near the same as this authentic
tag. The material is usually paper thin compared
to an authentic jersey and the embroidered details are virtually non-existant.
This is evident pretty much everywhere on the jersey.
The lettering is usually the dead giveaway, as it’ll usually be out of proportion, the
wrong colour, the wrong material, cheaply sewn together, or in this case, all of the
above. Look at the details and you’ll quickly see
the difference in quality. And let’s address the large elephant in
Yes, the Toronto Blue Jays do have a jersey with the word ‘TORONTO’ on it, but that’s
the grey road jersey. This is clearly white so the Chinese really
have no concept of accuracy. Don’t be surprised if your jersey arrives
in the wrong colour, the wrong size, has the wrong details on it, or all of the above.
Don’t get me wrong, the Chinese have improved dramatically over the last few years – and
there’s a select few that could pass off as the real thing. But most of them suck … really
suck. So that’s a quick overview on the differences
of authentic, replica or Chinese fake jerseys. But I know you guys have some burning questions. Ninh, what’s your advice? Are they worth
buying? Generally the answer is ‘no’.
If you care about details like embroidery, logo, material and fit – you might want
to avoid these like the plague. Some of them, particularly the Nike NFL jerseys
coming out of china are quite good, but most of them are terrible.
If you’re really on a budget and you really have no money, but you want to buy a jersey
– these Chinese fakes are worth a buy. Try and find a reputable seller and always
look at pictures of the kind of jersey you wish to buy before you actually buy it. You
never know, you might actually get a good one. Ninh, if I’m not completely happy – can
I get a refund? The Chinese don’t like the word ‘refund’
and they’ll try everything in their power to avoid giving you your money back.
You might be in for a lengthy battle if you want to return your item. Consider this before
you make a purchase. I don’t care about all that stuff you jersey
mentioned – where can I get me some fake jerseys?
Easy, just go to and type in the kind of jersey you want. You’ll get
thousands of Chinese sellers selling you fake jerseys for about a 10th of the cost of a
real one, fully shipped. Buyer beware – they’re not all they’re
cracked up to be. So Ninh, what did you do with that hilariously
fake jersey you bought from China? I actually turned it into a sleeveless jersey,
tapered it a little and added a blue t-shirt underneath. It’s good for workouts and stuff,
but I probably wouldn’t wear it in public. I have my authentic jerseys for that.
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100 Replies to “Sports Jersey Buying Guide – How to spot a Fake NFL NHL MLB NBA Jersey”

  1. This might not be the best idea but can you do a top professional sport busts of all time… (If you don't know what a bust is- A player drafted very high in a pro draft and thinking to be a great player but turns out to be completely awful) but I'm sure you know what it means

  2. I know this guy who has a fake sens alternate and winter classic jersey. The fit is so bad, the big O is wrong, and the white one doesn't even have the friggin winter classic logo

  3. I've bought a few Chinese jerseys, and I sort of figured that the poor details were because they were factory rejects. Since these jerseys are made in china anyways, I figure that it's better (for my money, anyways) to get a jersey for 1/10th the price, and the only reason it may have been rejected is that the stitching is a bit off on one of the letters.

  4. I'm all over the place, being a fan of the Denver Broncos in the NFL, a fan of the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, and the Washington Capitals in the NHL.
    Why am I all over the place? I really, really do not know.
    But anyways, great video. Thank you so much for this, because I don't mess around with fake jerseys. I do not want one at all. So, I'll probably go for a replica, or maybe if I can, an authentic.

  5. NHL jerseys are really easy to tell the differences. The material of the authentic is really different and they have the fight strap.

  6. yeah man I'm a die hard blue jays fan, go to their games all the time, and the Chinese jerseys are so bad that they're hard to look at. They can't even get the logo right

  7. I got myself a near perfect Blackhawks fake jersey off Aliexpress, came from Chicago. All immaculately stitched and even had a fight strap!

  8. i bought i chinese fake jersey of earl thomas III and they didnt even put the III at the end of Thomas

  9. I ordered Chinese jersey for lynch and it was actually really good, even the tags were still on, looked like the guy worked at a jersey factory so he smuggled some out to make more money

  10. +Ninh Ly I bought a Tony Romo Jersey from the store for around $100. Everything on it looks neat and it has a tag that says "Engineered to the exact specifications of the National Football League." It may be a replica because of the price, but it seems very authentic to me, what do you think? Btw I love your videos, please keep making them.

  11. I have a huge jersey collection (373) and I hate seeing people try to pass their fakes off as "real" jerseys. My advice to you if you don't care about the player on the back is wait until a player leaves or is cut/traded. You can get a replica for about half the cost. (I do it all the time when I go to games and usually spend about $40-$60 us.

  12. Ninh please help me,is this a reputable seller?

  13. I once found a fake Sharks jersey that was selling for around 15 dollars. I could obviously tell it was fake, but I still bought it so I could cut out the logo and shoulder patches and sew them on my leather jacket. I thought it was a good buy.

  14. I've been a 3-sports fan since the 60's, & have never spent a penny on a frickin' jersey. I'm a grown man – why would I wear another man's surnane name on my back? Those who do – and y'all should feel stupid – are just slaves to marketing.

  15. I got an Eskimos one from that site a couple years ago, only difference was that the small cfl logo was a different shade of red , really good detail though

  16. buying fake jerseys means you support pirating and bootlegging. i now. know better and threw out mine. i was fooled and dumb.

  17. Ninh are the jerseys on worth the buy or no? Just wanted to know cuz I already bought one and am thinking about getting another

  18. @Ninh Ly, I  just wanted to let you know that NFL quarterbacks often wear a red jersey during training camp/ practice denoting that they are a player to not make contact with. However, the NFL does not produce retail versions of these for fans, so unless you purchase the team issued version, it is for sure a fake. So that is why you saw a red Saints jersey.

  19. Wow I’m really impressed by how you converted that Chinese jersey into a sleeveless one. Good idea man?. Keep up the good work!

  20. In terms of buying a fake jersey, I'd say no simply because there's a high chance it was made by kids in a sweatshop. Those kids, to my understanding, don't make a whole lot of money either and are practically slaves. That's why it's always better to buy the real thing. If you can't afford one brand new, try eBay. I've found a ton of replica and authentic hockey jerseys for a reasonable price. Granted they're blank with only the logos on them and are usually older jerseys, but they're totally worth the money in my opinion.

  21. i'm kind of surprised at these prices. i went to the nfl shop(online) and I want to get a von miller jersey from the denver broncos and it's only 100$ plus S&H. and they say it's "authentic" is it REALLY authentic? or just a replica. because i'm kinda confused

  22. Like another person has said you can get official jerseys cheaper if it has a player that no longer plays for that team. Another way is if a new company starts making the jerseys, the older company's jerseys are usually cheaper. Reebok NHL jerseys are usually cheaper now that Addias is the new official maker.

  23. I have 2 MLB Cardinals jerseys. Authenic(flex base). They are blank but i love them & yes they cost me over $200 but i rather have something real than a fake. U even have a few cheapy shirts from wal-mart/k-mart & you cab wear that to a game & work well.

  24. One thing I have noticed on the mlb replica jerseys is that they don't have player numbers on the front witch can be kinda noticeable on teams like the dodgers or White sox

  25. I agree, you should support the team.
    I agree, the prices are too damn high. I'm from a mid income country and I know the struggle of many fans to get the autentic jersey, I had been there.
    There are many teams that desn't care and they will charge you a small fortune for an autentic jersey, therefore I can't blame the fans for getting a fake and cheaper jersey.
    Great Video by the way.

  26. execpt SOME fakes are getting so good you really have to look to be able to tell

    Nike didn't make enough Croatia Jerseys because no one expects them to have a deep run in the world cup this year…. so supply and demand kicks in and…. the real ones made in Georgia go for an outrageous price…

    I spotted some fakes and got one… holy shit is it good! best knockoff I've ever seen

  27. 0:12 wait isnt that the pro shop at patriots place? Either he brought that Jersey in, its not fake, or gillette stadium is sellimg fake merch

  28. I wonder what the merchandise situation is for states that have more than one team for the same sport. Not when they play in the same city like Chicago or New York but like Ohio with the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds, do the stores in the northern half of Ohio carry Indians merchandise while the stores in the southern half of Ohio carry Reds merchandise or do all stores just carry both.

  29. Jesus Christ $160 for a sports jersey?, i thought spending $90 on Premier League top was bad enough.

  30. My dad got an Authentic Orlando Apollos jersey for like, 75% off, as a High School graduation present. Thanks dad!

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