Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Ashley Graham

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Ashley Graham

Congratulations, for being on the cover
of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. That’s a big deal.>>It’s a huge deal.>>Yeah, because a year ago you
we’re in an ad in it, right?>>Yes.>>For swimsuit’s for all.>>Right.
>>Which first of all, was like a dream come true. When they told me I was gonna
be in Sports Illustrated. I was like wait, so
I’m doing a photo shoot for an ad that’s gonna be
in Sports Illustrated? My dreams are coming true. It didn’t matter that it
wasn’t the actual editorial.>>Right, but then you land the cover.>>Yes.>>So explain what is a plus size model?>>You know,
that’s a really good question. [LAUGH] I’ve always been told the plus
size starts at a size eight, and it goes up to a size 16, 18.>>It starts at eight?>>Yes.
So the majority of this room
is considered plus size. Hope you feel better about yourself, yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH].>>That’s the problem. We’re telling women
that they’re plus size. And for me,
I just like to call it curvisexalicious.>>Curvisexalicious.>>Yes.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Well, I think I was kinda shocked because I think the smallest size
when I was younger it was two. And then,
all of a sudden a zero came out and I didn’t even understand what a zero was.>>No, there’s a double zero now.>>Is there a double zero?>>Yeah, there’s a double zero now. It’s a little scary I mean,
on both spectrums of weight. It’s scary. I’m not a promoters of anorexia. I’m not a promoter of obesity. I think we have to promote women that
to be healthy at every size as long as they’re getting of the couch and
moving their body.>>Yeah, I think that’s the most
important thing is being healthy. And you look healthy and you look great.>>Thank you.>>So the magazine has been around for
52 years?>>52 years, yeah.>>So this is the first time in 52 years
they put a girl my size on the cover.>>Wow, well-.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you. Yeah.
But you know what? So great is that they had three covers.>>Right.
>>Me, Rhonda, and Haley.>>Right.
>>Three different body types, three completely different women, and that truly is a statement to what
Sports Illustrated is trying to do.>>So because I know, because Portia
modeled when she was younger, it’s a very unhealthy thing for
someone who’s 12, 13, 14, 15 years old because you’re standing
there and they talk about you as if you’re not even there and start
criticizing your thighs, your everything. Which must’ve really messed you up.>>You know, words have power. And when someone’s telling you you’re too
pretty, you’re too ugly, you’re too fat, you’re too skinny constantly. And I’ve been doing this for 16 years now. You start to believe it. And you start to think that every word
that somebody says that it’s true. And the moment that I realized,
you know what, I don’t have to fit in
to a certain standard. I don’t have to be
a certain kind of woman. I have to be my own woman,
the woman that my mother created me to be. And that’s when my confidence came out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s amazing that as a young girl you actually figured that out on your own.>>Well, it took awhile.>>Because you know, a lot of girls
that’s what creates anorexia. A lot of people think
you’re supposed to look. But do you think that there’s something
that’s shifting in our society that would allow them to even go this way?>>Yes, clearly. I mean, I believe that
Sport’s Illustrated is bridging the gap between what I call straight sized models
and what they call plus sized models. And it’s really showing that
women of all shapes and sizes and hopefully races now can be on
the cover of Sports Illustrated.>>Yeah well I hope so too. We need just more diversity in general.>>In general.>>So you have your own lingerie line.>>Yes.
>>And you’ve got to walk the runway wearing it.>>Yes you just saw it, yes
>>And I also have a swimsuit line coming out now because they just can’t
get enough of me in my swimsuit.>>[LAUGH]
>>Well congratulations.>>Thank you very much.>>If you walk another runway I have
something that may be and it’s an idea. You can wear it, you don’t have to.>>Yes please.>>Yes, this is very sexy.>>Yes, it is. So it’s kinda casual and sexy.>>I’m gonna have to get a wax. Yeah
>>Yeah. [LAUGH]
>>Would you wear that?>>This is mine, I’m giving it to you.>>[LAUGH].>>I think your head could
fit in one of these cups.>>This is what,
yes I usually wear it as a hat. I’m giving it to you.>>[LAUGH]

100 Replies to “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Ashley Graham”

  1. I love how she says that she doesn't support obesity and I think that's great because a lot of times I feel like plus size people and everyday people promote obesity and not caring about their health.

  2. Evan though I’m a boy I’m a little bit fat and I’m afraid to take off my shirt cuz I don’t want people to see my stomach but Ashley gave me courage to love my body and to not be ashamed she is an amazing beautiful person with a heart made of gold she is an awesome role model

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of "plus side", I think of "overweight and/or fat". Ashley is neither of those 2 things. Ashley is THICK and HOMEGROWN lol. Flat, toned, and shaped like a Coca Cola bottle ♥️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. You know what? Even in plus-size she is super beautiful. Not many people can have that, including the thin models on the runway. I wonder what they would look like if they were Ashley's size..

  5. She is not "plus size", she's what's considered "thick" and look damn good!!! Lets ALL REMEMBER WHO makes these standards..MEN.. even when it comes thru women in the "industry"

  6. i got same structure as her … finallly im loving it cox in early ages skinny bodies were more admired

  7. I don't understand why these super skinny unrealistic and unhealthy models are considered "normal"in the media, everybody is beautiful in their own way

  8. Ashley is drop dead GORGEOUS! This is what a plus size model truly looks like, and promotes health – unlike Tess Holliday who is NOT a Plus Size model but morbidly obese , yet is praised while she encourages and promotes obesity

  9. Yes let's empower fatter females everywhere just so that they feel good about themselves, meanwhile in another one of Ellen's episodes this is what is supposed to empower plus sized men…….

  10. I don’t see her as plus-size as people describe he. I would describe her as absolutely gorgeous and luscious

  11. UGHABSJFIEBAK I hate that she keeps saying anorexia, there are so many more different eating disorders out that bring awareness to them

  12. People have really changed. 2 of the most popular girls in my school are plus sized. And I’m in middle school when criticism about body shape is the toughest thing. My school is blessed that it doesn’t have people criticizing people over weight.

  13. I love u so much Ashley Graham my love sweet lady💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  14. Fuck yea. Now this is a model body. She's absolutely beautiful. I've never been that attractive to skinny women… especially the Boney ones. I've always thought thicker women are sexy. but I notice they have a harder time trusting me or my compliments

  15. I'm 11 and I'm 130 pounds exactly but I'm 5'5 so I'm considered normal people just judge people people of the number of someone's body weight like 👾👾👾 btw I love ashley laugh lol '^'

  16. I love you Ashley Graham for what you are…but I do pray that you will incorporate Jesus in your life as a role model!

  17. Yeah well let me give you the argument on the other side. Do you know how many people in the United States are obese?

  18. I have a hard time believing that she's an eight. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. That said I prefer more Christie Brinkley size women.

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