Sports Illustrated Model Suing Estee Lauder

Sports Illustrated Model Suing Estee Lauder

swedish model answering estee lauder for
two million dollars because she claims that they have ruined her career by
making her local uh… model in question is caroline
louise for schooling she’s thirty five years old over she’s
and i don’t i don’t know where but i mean i know all over her head of the
pictures social he’s thirty-five years old that addict
that is trying to sell an anti-aging product for
forty five to sixty year olds and of course there’s a before and after
picture and on both sides id photo shop for so she claims that you know on that on the left side the major local older
than she really is on the right side the photoshop tere said tried it the code number to make a look younger
and she said look this is gonna ruin my career because i’m only thirty five
years old you guys are making it look old and in the mind industry thirty-five is
old enough but now the senate geyser advertising is a forty five to sixty
euro and it’s a disaster and you guys should
pay up by the way she claims that that picture was originally taken as like a
attached photo during a shoot and she didn’t think that they were every can
use it for anything but then estee lauder used it for this
anti-aging product so but this is one of the cases where i
think a lawsuit makes complete site if she’s
right if she’s telling the truth in that and uh… chat was used for something else that
wasn’t such a which system before they did something else for the company that
part than questionable should somewhere absolutely look we know that advertisers and
companies always to false advertising right you can take someone who’s young and taotl especially a model it’s a little
this time i was only sixty five years old and then look at what our product
different yeah i mean i gotta be honest if they
did that uh… he says that uh… as you said that the photograph is it a
shot will the way uh… the she did the cash i would be
used and she never used that it was you choose really misled and it was not for
three years it was for something else that i don’t think two million is about
dot that’s really interesting because also agree with that i mean two million
dollars sounds like such a huge amount of money but as a working motto if you
start if this really ruins your career which i think it really could then two million dollars really isn’t
enough because who knows how much money you can make in the future and marshes
supermodel shes swedish supermodel who’s well-known so i guess we’ll see what happens with the
case but i hope she wants

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  1. @oolong2

    I totally agree. She more likely than not signed off on the rights to use her image regardless of context. I suppose that she could argue that the use was damaging, but if she voluntarily allowed open-ended use of the picture, then she really has no case.

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  3. So she has nothing else to do than sue the company for money she really doesn't need? Really? It'snot going to ruin her career. Everyone who works in the modeling industry should know that no published photo has been spared major editing, so how exactly will this ruin her career? This is just another one of those frivolous lawsuits that is really only intended to make the rich person richer. I honestly didn't expect TYT to support this.

  4. @punkCDsampler are you saying this could never and doesn't happen with black people? get a clue fuckhead

  5. Oh sheesh… Who the fuck came up with this story, and why are Ben and Ana on the models side? I think people in the modeling industry knows that this is just an advertisement and know that this model isn't really old…. For crying out loud, have some dignity about your stories… Plus All model photos are photo shopped to look different then they actually look… How can Ben and Ana not know this!?

  6. @nexius8
    perhaps you have a point there, but they weren't discussing the implications of product marketing on women… they were just talking about a frivolous lawsuit; I still don't care. how is someone getting paid an extra 2mil when she already got paid for doing her job going to change the advertising industry?

  7. ugh, i'm tired of defending tyt, stick to real news, this is frustrating, who really gives a fuck

  8. If you do modelling for a company selling anti-aging cream, or any sort of product that claims aesthetic improvements, you should expect your image to be manipulated in an unflattering way for before pictures.
    Doing it without informing her was pretty unethical, but she should have been prepared for this. It's part of the business.

  9. modeled for a company that photoshoped me to look older also,but it wasnt for cream .wow shes gonna make a bundle.she could just take it as an acting gig..thats how I handled it.called commercial print.

  10. If the contract states that all photos are property of the makeup company, then tough shit. Being a model is selling your image. You own yourself, sure… but you do not own the products derived from your image (unless contracts specify otherwise).

    And agreed… "White people problems."

  11. If she's lyin', that's grounds for Estee Lauder to counter-sue for libel. If she's telling the truth, best of luck to her.

  12. I completly disagree, she solded her face, its a bit late to start choosing what your pictures are going to be used for. Unless they advertise something illeglal(racist etc) then I dont get why she gets a say :s

  13. No TYT is not right on this. I am a student studying economics. If I get hurt now and am unable to attain the employment as a CEO in the future. I can't demand ''potential'' future loses into the millions. If you didn't make it as a model when you were 35, you're not going to be a million dollar celebrity in the future. So stop your whining. Still if its a contract breach you should get reparations for that, but not under this false pretense of potential future model status. COME ON!

  14. Hmmm, Ana thinking that making an average woman look a little different in a negative way is bad? How fucking shocking? Do it to a chick who isn't 99% hot, or a guy she wouldn't sleep with (VERY Small group), and Ana will defend the ad to her death.

  15. Cenk would rule in favor of Estee Lauder claiming it's "company policy" to do what they want since they are a private company. Cenk would then go hat on to fire the models who combat anorexia with medicinal marijuana because it's company policy…not the use of marijuana, but that their anorexiic.

  16. @GJNCA You misunderstand me, If they photoshop the photos and call them before and after using the product they are lying about the results of the product to the consumer.
    There product did not cause before to become after.

  17. Im just gonna have to break it to you women as it seems you dont understand and keep throwing your money away, ITS SCIENTIFIC FACT THAT YOU CAN NOT ANTI-AGE OK ITS IMPOSSIBLE STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY.

  18. @GJNCA Interestingly enough you can't sign away certain personal rights, but I am not sure if right to control the "public image" is one of them.

  19. @BrutusAlbion If someone with a base motive hurts you knowingly that it will destroy your career then you surely can make demands on that.

  20. @spikesmth Well, you might own the products of derived from your image too as a personal right over your "personal image". This is also what gives you right to be protected against libel. But I am not sure how far it extends and if and to what extend you can sign it away.

  21. @Sykotix1 If you are a test person for experimental new drug should you expect that the drug might harm you permanently and therefore you have no right to sue?
    Certainly an interesting question. (BTW, there were were quite some real-world cases on my example)

  22. @595o base motive? destroy your career? There is no base motive besides cheap advertisement and her career is to show pics of herself. When have those not been fotoshopped? I can agree on the fact that they didn't take the foto they had agreed on is a contract breach, but to accuse them of trying to destroy her career or that it has destroyed her career is just plain silly. Perhaps if she was hit by a car or something and her face was smashed, yes, but are u shitting me? a crappy foto? 2 mille!?

  23. @manhunt48

    Yeah, it's so ridiculous that false advertising is EVERYWHERE in America and yet nothing is done about it.

  24. @595o
    Legally speaking, they both have a right to sue. But there's a very high chance of an anti-aging cream company making you look old in your before picture. Experimental drugs have usually been tested on animals before, and very rarely produce long-term harm.
    The difference between the probabilities of these events are vast. That's the main difference here.
    Although if we start using probabilities to determine moral rights, then where can we draw the line?
    I think you're right on this one!

  25. I don't consider Anna a journalist by any standards. All she does are these trashy, meaningless celebrity stories.

  26. Who should win depends on the words of the contract she signed.

    However, she doesn't look bad in the Before or After. I doubt the ad hurt her career.

    If the photographer said it was a "test shot," he may have intended it to be one, but later realized he could make us of it and had rights to it.

    Even if he lied in saying it was a "test shot," a fair punishment is that she doesn't work with him, again. Not that she gets $2 million.

  27. 2million, are u kidding me? some engineers, scientists and researchers are working their ass off in helping/ improving the advancement of society and yet they only barely make 50k a year. Give me a fucking break.

  28. How about mentioning something about the legality of fraud on the part of Estee Lauder pretending their shitty cream does something about aging skin?

  29. Depends on the contract. She probably signed on to take pictures for them, and they put her in an unflattering(to her at least) ad, and she's over reacting.

  30. If an actor plays a gay character they must be gay in real life, right??
    This is retarded. She signed a contract to sell the shoot.
    This is the definition of frivolous lawsuit, and a waste of time.
    If you don't want advertisers to use your likeness, don't be a model.

  31. @MinGophers Most of the time a model doesn't even know exactly what the shoot is for.
    If your contract doesn't specify which shots can and can't be used, and for what, they are all fair game.
    There's no way she's going to win a lawsuit, and she's stupid to even try. As much chance as me suing Anna because this story was a waste of my time.
    Oh, and in future the model should never be permitted to be photoshopped or even given makeup ever again because it is misrepresenting who she really is.

  32. @iLovePrincessDiana36 she works well with cenk and the others and isn't awkward or dumb on the show. so who cares. it works.

  33. I don't think anyone deserves 3 million dollars for having their photo manipulated. That's BS. But it's the world we live in, models get paid more than people who work a sweat sewing clothes, by just wearing it.

  34. How many people have had their career ruined by the economy? You enter the job market at your own risk, especially if you live in an "at will" state, and in most cases don't have any control over the ebb and flow of the times. I could care less that she's a "supermodel"…BOO F***** HOO!….rather, it's another example of an entitled soul who wishes to be compensated for a potential career change. Try selling this story to most Americans and you'll how little they give a s*** about this woman!

  35. @yourjunk420 if you don't care, why did you click this video. Unless you're an idiot you had to know what the video is about because it's in the title…

  36. It's slander, she probably has a contract where they can use her photo's, but they still shouldn't be able to make her look bad with them.

  37. @Kooshkoff Modelling isn't hard. All you have to do is be pretty. That's why all pretty girls are models. Modelling can't be hard. Especially if someone with your intellectual prowess is too above it. I'm sure you are the only conscious thinker in a world full of sheep.

  38. I'll tell u what probably happened is that the model sign a release indicating the company could use the pics any way they wanted. She just thought they wouldn't use it this way! Too bad for her.

  39. You're both way off base here.
    She's 35 and if she hasn't landed big contracts by THAT age, it is never gonna happen! Show me a 20 year old and I'm right there with you but most super models start in their teens, as early as 12 if they're already tall. Look at Bruce Jenner's daughter for case in point.

    She should win under the circumstances that the picture was not copyrighted for commercial use then sold to them but 2 million? Get fucking real!

  40. @Kooshkoff Oh I'm so glad we have you as the judge of what's work and what isn't. This is how she makes money, there are people out there who make far more money playing games all day (sports), and if they lost their way of making money, they would all be, and should be, really pissed.

    Oh and what the fuck does this have to do with feminism you dumbshit? Is everything to do with women feminism you you? I'm guessing you've never gotten laid.

  41. the phothos are property of Esteé Lauder to do with as they please. Any model that works for an employer signs a release. I had models sign releases for some videos I did back in the day, and this was for some really smalltime stuff. Her suit will most likely be dismissed.

  42. @YoungBrave2006 ya but was she aware of their advertising intents. they may have a right over her image for that gig, but its going a bit far to age her like that…i DOUBT she was told the extent of what they planned. I doubt shed agree to an aand portraying her to appear so much older.

    she has the right to sue. no model would sign on to this if they knew what they were up to. c'mon.what model poses to BE MADE older & agree? her contract likely mentions antiaging cream, not THIS

  43. @killerkitty777 She doesn't have to agree. It's the company's intellectual property to do with as they please, they don't have to tell her what they are going to do with the image either. Who nows if they even had that in mind at the time and then decided later to use that test photo for this particular ad. The release gives them that right. Sure, she has the right to sue; but she's gonna lose.

  44. @YoungBrave2006 if they distort her image in a way that risks her career and she was not aware, why shouldnt she be compensated? why not?, not only is it false advertising ('wow, look at these -fake!- results' …..

  45. @killerkitty777 Because, although I haven't seen the ad, I'd be willing to bet you underneath the picture there is a caption that says "simulated results" or something to that effect, and because as I said before the pictures are intellectual property of the company. They can photoshop and distort them any way they choose, and the release the model signs gives them that right.

  46. @YoungBrave2006 ah yes, now u mention it I recall seeing that in ads. i dont feed into mags so its been awhile. I know art, copyrightm marketing, modelling,-not so much lol. if they say results are simulated, they are pretty much scott-free…crappy for her 😛
    …alwsasys watch who u sell ur image to. my friend let a guy photograph him for a friggin PIZZA….his picture/AD is on every copy of the Metrio Ottawa paper and he doesnt get a red cent. idiot.

  47. Ruin her career? She's 35. That's like a 40 yr old football player suing for ruining the rest of their career.

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