Sports Hernia Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Sports Hernia Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Bat
Boy, Bear. Today I’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a sports
hernia. So let’s get started. Okay? All right. So a sports hernia is basically when
you have a tear of the tissues in your lower abdomen or in your groin area. So
the goal is to strengthen the core muscles stretch out the other muscles
around the area so that it’s not tight, and so you keep your abs strong so then
and that doesn’t happen anymore. So the first thing I’m going to show you
is how to recruit your transverse abdominis muscles. So just lie down with
your knees propped up, and what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your
fingers on both sides and find the front of your hip bones and the most
of the time they’re going to kind of bulge out and you can feel a little bit. Once you get your fingers on that,
you’re going to slide them towards the center where your belly button is. Not
all the way about halfway there, and then just kind of push in a little bit. The way you know that you’re on those
transverse muscles is if you push out almost like you’re blowing out a camera. A camera?
A candle! So go, and if you feel muscles pushing
back into your fingers, those are your transverse abdominis
muscles. So what you’re going to do is place them there, take a nice deep breath, and blow out
really slowly. So gowhere you’re trying to push those
muscles up into your fingers. So you want to actually feel them
pushing back. And then relax and do that about five times. A big breath in and
then push out. That just kind of helps remind those
muscles what they’re supposed to be doing. So now we’re going to stretch out
a whole lot of the muscles around the hip area. So now you’re going to stretch your
iliopsoas muscle. Now this is one that is in that area, so you want to be very
gentle with this stretch you don’t want to go too crazy with it. So the side that you want to stretch is
going to stay down and then put the other side up. What you want to do is then just shift
your body forward. Not your upper body. You don’t want to go this way. You want to shift
everything forward until you feel a stretch right through there. So just hold
that stretch for about 30 seconds. Remember you don’t want to be painful, you just want to feel some tension in there,
come back and do that three times. So just a nice gentle stretch there, and you
won’t stretch both sides. Then you’re going to kind of stay in that position,
but now you’re going to stretch your quad muscle. So you don’t have to lean
forward to get th e iliopsoas. This time you’re just going to bring that foot up,
and if you want to go slightly forward to take the iliopsoas out of it if
it’s hurting, you can, and then you’re going to feel the stretch in the front.
And just try and bring your heel towards your bottom. And hold that stretch for
about 30 seconds, and then do three of those. And again, kind of feeling it in the front
there, so if you’re feeling it up here, you might wanna lean forward just a little
bit if it hurts. Now you’re going to stretch your adductor
muscles or the inner thigh muscles. So this one is going to be just a a
butterfly stretch. So take your feet put them together in
front of you. The closer you bring your heels towards,
you the bigger the stretch is going to be. So you might, if you’re hurting,
want to start out far away like this, and then eventually bring it in more and
more. But bring it as far as you comfortably can, and then take your elbows on your inner
thigh and push downwards. And you should kind of feel that in the groin and inner
thigh area. And just stretch that there. And come back up. Holding that 30 seconds,
doing that three times. So that’s kind of the groin adductor
combination. If you just want to do the adductors, you can kind of take your leg
out this way, and then you’ll feel it on the inside. So same thing, just holding it
there for about 30 seconds. If you want more of a stretch, lean this way, and it will bring your
body down. You feel that stretch in there so, 30 seconds, three times for that. And
then the last stretch is going to be for your hamstring. So we’re getting all
those muscles around the hip area. So just put your foot out, nice and
comfortable, you can curl the other one in. You want to try and keep your knee down. If it comes up like this, that means
you’re probably stretching too hard, so try and get it as flat you can. Pull your
toes up towards you. That will help lock it out. Keep your back straight and your hips
forward, and just lean forward at your hips. Stretching out that hamstring. So you should feel that underneath right
there. And so not necessarily curling your back and going down, but keeping it
straight and just going forward. Again holding that for about 30 seconds and
then doing three of those. Make sure that you’re stretching on both sides for all
of them. So those are your stretches and
exercises for a sports hernia. If you have any questions, leave in the
comment section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to
Don’t forget to Like us. And remember, be safe, have fun (that’s the bat signal),
and I hope your feel better soon.

100 Replies to “Sports Hernia Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Hello doc what's the best way to detect a hernia not visible .Is there a way to heal without surgery. And how should I position my body when I lay down, for example when I lay on my shoulder like a baby in the womb I feel better, vs when I lay flat on my back and is ibuprofen good before I stretch? I currently play aggressive basketball full court full speed not every day like I could but what else natural can I do

  2. Hello Doc, I'm currently looking into surgery for my sports hernia, is there any risk for surgery or any thing I should have in mind?

  3. Hey Doc! I have been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia on my right side that is about 0.7 inches. My doctor assured me that it is far from critical at this stage, and I will have my operation in about 2 months. I have been a weight lifter for 3 years now and I do not want to take a long hiatus before my operation. Can I keep lifting weights (doing traditional lifts such as deadlifts and squats) while paying extra attention on my breathing to avoid abdominal pressure? (With considerably lighter weights of course) Or would it worsen the tear on my hernia?

    Apologies for the long question, thanks a lot in advance!

  4. Hai
    I am 27 years old, very active in workouts, recently diagnosed with fat umbilical hernia ( from overload ab workout). It goes back in when I push it but pop back out if I am doing leg lift, ab exercise and fast walk. My GP said the size still not indicated for surgery.
    Is there any chance of small fat umbilical hernia like this can heal on its own?

  5. Hello Doctor Jo. I've been suffering from some kind of hernia that couldn't be found both ultrasound and Mr scans. The doctors I went all said that they couldn't do or suggest anything if they can't find hernias. But my urologist said that it could be sports hernia. When I lift something or take long walks my lower abdomen hurts until I lay down and get rest. Doctors said that it's impossible to heal hernias without surgery but as I saw in the comments some people actually says they healed their hernias with these exercises. For a really long time I haven't done anything but going school and coming home to rest,because I don't want to suffer from this pain. Feeling like I can't do anything but these anymore. Is it possible to heal myself with these exercises? I will appreciate every suggestion. Thank you!

  6. I am 19. I workout 5 to 6 times a week. Today i did squats with 20kg and did other heavy lifting, like before i use to lift till 10kg and today i lifted 20kg and now i feel that my hernia ball has moved a bit its paining and i am very scared please help me guide me what should i do about it? Is it something serious or curable? I am very scared

  7. Hello Doc…i was operated past 8-9 months ago for my inguinal hernia…when i do some pushups its paining a little bit.Is it normal? And what exercises should i do to reduce fat?

  8. what is the difference between a sports hernia and an iquinal hernia? can I cure my hernia without surgery? core strengthening workouts, breathing exercise ?

  9. Hello Doctor Jo! I really need your help!
    I have had pain in the groin/upper inner thigh area for 10 years now. The pain just never completely go away, sometimes it get better, sometimes it get worst. Doctor said I may had a chronic groin strain. Another doctor look at the MRI and said they find inflammation of the inner upper thigh muscle (show in lighter color on the MRI) and they also did an ultrasound and said their is a lump in their which they dont know what it is, and suggest may be sports hernia.
    What is your advise on my case? It is sounds like sports hernia to you? I'm very worry and cannot even sleep.

  10. Hi Doc, I had my surgery around 9 months ago on my right side. However, just recently I can sometimes feel a little niggle on my left side – the opposite side to my original problem. I went to see my surgeon and with examination he said my muscles in that area are weak and it happens to 1/10 patients. However, I have been doing core work at the gym prior because I was scared that this would occur, why is it that my muscles in the area are weak? How do you recommend I strengthen my left side? While it is currently unaffecting my performances in soccer, I am trying to fix it before I am impacted negatively in the future.

  11. i do not feel pain when i run ..i feel pain when i perform jump(after some time of jumping)..
    in normal condition i don't feel any it a sport hernia?pls tell

  12. Causes a problem if we do not go to the doctor? Is this dangerous for our health? Can i do normal activities like swimming?

  13. Hello Doc,I have inguinal hernia is these exercises helpful for inguinal hernia,if not could u plz add some for inguinal hernia,,tqvm

  14. hey doc, I have been suffering from right groin and back pain since more than a month now. the normal doctor's and the doctor's at ER couldn't figure out what's wrong and they referred me to urologist. they believe it might be athletic pubalgia. should I start doing this exercise? or should I keep on resting until I see a urologist? tqsm.

  15. Doctor im already done one surgery my left side and i can seee little intestines another left side tistel this training can help me

  16. How to tell if it's an adductor tendonitis or sport herina, because  my doc says I have adductor tendonitis , but I did MRI but it turns out normal… please doc!

  17. Hi doctor. Few weeks back i did legs exercise in gym and i was doing Hack Squat exercise. I put some weight and with in this exercise and after this exercise i feel pain in my upper thigh groin area. A place where legs ends and upper body start. I only feel pain when i lift my leg. I have no pain while moving and sitting. Kindly help me what should i do and is it a matter of getting worried or not.

    Kindly reply me back as i need your help.

  18. Hey doc, was playing basketball a few days ago, and felt a strange kind of discomfort in my groin area whilst playing. I tend to play very jerky with quick changes in direction etc. The pain has changed now (1-2 days later), I am having discomfort right below my belly button/pubis area but only when I cough or press down on the area. Do you think it is a sports hernia? Should I have it checked out or wait a few days and see if it goes away? How do you know if it is a hernia or just a strain/tear?

  19. Doctor jo should i continue with wrestling with a sports hernia or should i stop ( i have not been to doctor yet my dad said if it still hurts tomorrow we will try to get me into a doctor after my wrestling meet)

  20. I'm not sure if this video is a little old for questions but I'll try anyway. I have an inguinal hernia that isn't overly severe so I'd like to try rehabbing before I look to surgery. My question is if you already have a hole in your muscle, does stretching it not aggravate it more??? I guess I'm asking what is the protocol: should I rest it until it heals and then look to strengthen or can I start stretching and strengthening right away?? Thanks for you help and the video!

  21. Hi doctor, my question is, should i continue with stretching if i have same pain after it? I started this exercise to get rid of the pain, but it hurts the same after the stretching. It hurt only after running interval training before. Now I feel it all the time. I do it one week, every day i feel it. Thank you very much

  22. Hi! I'm doing physical therapy to cure a sports hernia about 2 months. I took anti-inflamatory medicines, did eletrostimulation and ultrasound. At the same time I'm strengthening this area with a bunch of exercieses and stretches. Nevertheless, I feel pain doing these type of exercises and even when I do some abdominals exercises it hurts near the inferior abdominal rectum. Is it normal to hurt doing those stretches and should I continue to do those, or should I stop?

  23. Hello Doctor ok please help me. I was doing some judo ground work out of shape lol when I felt a pulled or tear or maybe a strain in my lower abdominals left side just below my belly button for the first week it was very tender and hard for me to cough or laugh and I would get out of bed sideways. I babies it. Then after a week it was gone I still felt a very little discomfort but no pain. After a week I started to get a little pain in left testicle for couple days a week , so I went to my doctor to see if I had a hernia he said no hernia. After about several days later till now I get that feeling Like when a man gets kicked in the Testicles or flicked you get that dull ache pain in your lower testicle and into your stomach I know you don’t know about that but that’s what the feeling is like it comes and goes. I do not have anymore pain in abdominals from the tear or strain I am able to walk , run and twist along with sit ups without pain but I do feel that dull pain like I described above. I even had my wife put pressure on me while I did a sit-up and did not feel pain. Does what I described sound like a sports hernia or could this dull ache be caused from a strain or pulled lower abdominal muscle ? Also if I did have a sports hernia would I be able to do sit-ups without pain or would there be pain present ? Thank you

  24. Also what are some of things it could be. I was thinking maybe it’s part of the healing process from a tear or bad pull/ strain. Due to the fact I can now do normal daily activities including coughing, laughing sneezing moving twisting and etc.

  25. Hey DoctorJo. Is there anyway to determine weather you have a sports hernia or if its adductor strain? Like, should it hurt when I do some sort of move for it being a sports hernia and not the adductors?

  26. thank you for your strething techniques, not sure if i have a hernia and I came across an inverter table and though it is painful to use it has help to the degree i can walk on my own two feet going from a walker to two canes then one cane and now no canes i still have a bad limp. the pain is in my left inner thigh above the knee to the groin area do you think i have a femur hernia? thank you

  27. I have Crohns and I am feeling great since I got my ileostomy but unfortunately I developed a hernia before I was left home from hospital. I was very active, I boxed, and played Gaelic sports. I want to get back exercising even if its only a 3 or 4 mile run everyday. Im just wondering if thats possible, any little help would be wonderful.

  28. Dr. Jo, when the muscles go in, I get the aching pain my gut. What muscle should begin to strengthen? Thank you.

  29. Hi I do weight training, when I deadlift my lower left groin side hurts/feel pressure but there is no visible bulge or anything. I've only had this pain for the past 1 1/2 week. When I ice it, it feels better but then the idk it's not pain more so pressure comes back. Could this be sports hernia?

  30. Hi Doc Jo
    I was doing a seated preacher bicep curl on a Life Fitness Seated Bicep curl machine. As I began to curl up the weight I lifted myself off the seat as to put more tension on my core. Big mistake! I think I may have strained, sprained or did something to my lower right ab area. Its discomfort but NOT excruciating pain. However Im very aware of its presence. Could that be a sports hernia or a sprain or strain?

  31. Hi when I was running I felt a little pain in my left low abdomen so i stopped…few days past and I Dont feel no bulge also when I cought nothing….my right side also feels a little weird both sides dont hurt but feel weird

  32. Hello Doc Jo Batman? how is it with doing Push- ups with Hernia? I wear a Hernia belt, but I guess it is not good doing Push-ups with Hernia, to much presure for the Hernia part?

  33. Iam bodybuilding player and I have almost 1 month with inguinal hernia Iam afraid to doe the operation and I have month no sport ,
    Can I start sport with light weight or its dangerous???
    Please answer.

  34. Hi, from Quebec ,I had an inguinal hernia surgery a year ago, and I started to train in the gym and sometimes I have pain, is it normal?

  35. I was lifting weights but then I got tired and did some crunches. Doing a crunch, I suddenly felt an intense pain on my right side where my external obliques are near my groin. I stopped there instantly and just rested for the remainder of the day. I pressed down with my fingers near where that spot was. I tried not to do any exercises in which there is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. My pain still goes towards the groin so I mean it looks like a classic case of sports hernia. I'm doing stretches now, mostly lunges and gradual leg presses while pressing down why my hand at that spot. This helps a lot. I really don't want surgery for this kind of thing. So I'm going to try my best to strengthen those muscles and hopefully, the aponeurosis over the external oblique heals.

  36. Hello doctor,I am south asian boy,I M 26 years old.Everyday I do exercise recently I fell pain in my lower right side then I went to doctor, he gave me many tests and medicine Norvis(50mg) but all tests is normal.After 4 days when I started exercise then again pain started besides In 1997 my hernia operation was done.What can I do?

  37. i'm fairly certain i have a sports hernia. i play rugby and hit the gym daily, i also try to run long distances 6 plus miles a couple 3 times a week. Sadly after a rugby game 3 or 4 months ago i injured my groin and running or rugby practice would leave my groin hurting and soar shortly afterwords and the next day. this said it was the end of season anyway so i just alternated leg days and upper body at the gym and cut out all running and core to help it heal. after waiting 6 weeks i tried to run and it hurt again, i again waited 6 weeks or so and i tried running last night for 6 miles. It felt ok as usual until i got home then it got sore. When its hurting its a tight soreness and hurts when i sneeze or cough. In these 6 weeks periods of recovery the pain slowly subsides and i can cough or sneeze pain free but as soon as i run it's flared up again. do i need more time possibly or should i cut leg days out? maybe i should be doing light core work instead? i mean it doesn't hurt after leg days but i'm not sure if its still damaging the recovery or what. it's very discouraging because spring rugby season will soon be here and i need to be healed up. sorry to leave such a long comment but ill try these here and i'm thankful for any help or advice you might have. thanks!

  38. Can you please tell me difference between groin strein and sport hernia i have pain in right side abdomina near groin

  39. Are these good for UMBILICAL hernia? Unclear if that's the same as a "sports" or "abdominal" hernia. Thanks for clarifying…

  40. I’ve had this sports hernia thing for a couple years now, but there were several times where I forgot I had it and I could lift/run, etc. …I got it scanned (ultrasound) but they didn’t see anything …I lifted something heavy recently and felt that burn again…I can still run but not fast or too far…hoping I won’t have to ever get surgery…it gets better over time but idk…are these things super slow to heal?

  41. I have pain in my pelvis radiation to groin. got ultrasound of the pelvis, scrotum and testes done. the only issue they found was that my abdominal wall is weak but no hernia yet. but my pain is still there. i have started these stretches. but, i think i have sports hernia aswell as this thing happened after gyming. please advice. thank you. PS: hugs for the cute dog

  42. I made hernia before 1 month i will try to do your job and i will see cz I'm soccer player i don't know ask who .. thanks for the video ?

  43. hi thanks heaps for this video. i have a rugby carnvial coming up in two days, where i am playing 6 games. what should i do. its a sports hernia and its starting to really hurt now. what do you suggest for pain because i have to play there is not two ways about it. thank you so much again cheers

  44. HI Dr joe I'm having groin pain that might be a sports hernia. Haven't seen a doctor yet but the situation now is that I'm feeling it while running but not painful to where I can't run. The feeling reduces as I go further into the run and this same feeling has been going on for months. It does heart to do sit ups though and other abdominal exercises. Its located in the lower abdominal on the right side and sometimes feel it in the groin area to the inner thigh. I'm also wondering if that could be a sign of hip arthritis as well. I'm not trying to get a diagnoses until I see a doctor but wondering if those are signs of a hernia or hip arthritis. I do have knee arthritis but able to run on it from doing a lot of strength training.

  45. Would this be good for a inguinal hernia! Had the surgery December 3 2018 very recent!
    Want to build the abs muscle again where the mesh is.? Thanks!

  46. Hey doc, I was doing lots of hanging leg raises and after my abs hurt, but after 5 days of letting it recover, I tried doing them again but as a raise my leg up and slowly bring them down, my abs hurt. After, I feel a mild pain on my lower right abdomin whenever I raise my legs up, there's no bulge in the area though but it's taking a while to heal, could it be something else? Please answer

  47. Recently I suffered what 'felt like' a groin injury while jumping from a 3 step approach to touch the bball rim. (Currently 30) I'm a former HS track athlete but no training/stretching since the glory days. The pain subsided in about 30 min but I felt discomfort over the next week. After dr. visit and ultra sound, no hernia. However I do feel pressure/tugging whenever I have a deep hard sneeze that is also subsiding each week that has gone by. I am still able to jog and graduate into a run. I am able to squat with control. However any movement that is explosive I do where I feel like I'm at 90% or more such as a powerful vertical jump, standing to sprint, sudden change or directions with velocity, I feel the issue again. My first question is why do I only feel pain or discomfort during explosive movements and not in controlled movements & 2nd, what type or stretching/strength training can I do to help rehab this? Dr just said don't do it again lol. But Id rather be proactive and try to get back into shape. Only problem is, I still don't know the problem. Don't know if its glute related, upper hamstring, hip flexor, groin??

  48. Hi doc I tried to work out a few days ago but I stretched the lower belly area too much ( on the left side ). I had hernia before, after the workout I feel it a little bit. Do you recommend to do these stretches to strengthen that area ?

  49. Thank you doctor. I have pain around my groin area. This has been going through past three weeks. I play soccer and workout. I have no clue how this all started. My pain with no activity is 2 scale of 10. When I start playing soccer, about 15 min passed I will have pain 8, scale of 10. I had to stop playing soccer the past two weeks because of my pain. Any help would really appreciate it, Thank you

  50. I had this surgery three years ago and I want to be a soccer player..u think I should do this or it’s been three years so it’s nothing

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