Sports for special needs does wonders

Sports for special needs does wonders

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Same Same Par Different Guys, I come from a family where everyone is really passionate about sports. If you are a United fan or a Chelsea fan
If you are a Nadal fan or Federer fan All of these decisions have a huge impact on your life There are sides divided in my family when it comes to these things. When you come into such a family, there is no choice but to be a sports person And that’s what happened to me. When I was younger,
I was thrown into a bunch of sports But I started loving basketball and that’s what I pursued And the same thing happened with Suvrat as well.
He has played so many sports in his entire life And it has benefitted the both of us so much. So in today’s episode, I want to talk about how sports is so important for everybody. Especially people with special needs or differently abled people. And how that has boosted our confidence and has brought us so much closer. I feel sports is important for everyone. It’s very accessible and how sports is a big gateway to inclusion In sports, no one is discriminated against. It’s one of the most important things for social participation So I remember when we were younger, I found it really hard to introduce my brother to my friends. Because he couldn’t talk and I couldn’t figure out a way to make my friends understand what he needs & wants. We used to play football in our community park and that is one of my earliest memories with him. So initially I used to take him to the park everyday And we didn’t know what to do. And slowly we started including him in the football game. So in every game after somebody would score a goal, we all gave Suvrat 5 kicks. He had 5 free kicks after every time a goal was scored. And that was the first time Suvrat had a friend circle Everyday now people would look forward to Suvrat coming to the park. And this friendship grew overtime These people started visiting Suvrat’s school to pick him up and it was a wonderful experience. I still miss those friends in our childhood house where we used to get together and play everyday I feel like we got to understand the true importance of sports as kids because we realized if we want to integrate Suvrat in the mainstream society, sports is a very good option. Infant, it doesn’t come so easy. Every time we had to teach Suvrat a sport, we had to look for creative ways To give you an example, Suvrat didn’t know how to throw a ball as he had a sensory issue. We tried different ways to teach him how to throw a ball it’s so simple Finally we realized that he loves the sound of something dropping in water. So we filled up a bucket and he used to drop a ball in the bucket and slowly we moved the bucket away from him And that’s how he learnt how to throw a ball. And eventually the bucket was taken away And that’s how he learnt how to throw a ball. All I am trying to say is Sometimes we have to be creative in how we learn new things and that is something you have to work out Figure out what works for your child. My fondest memories with Suvrat have sports involved in it. Everything else, education, daily living skills, was taught to him by my mom and his teachers. I have been a part of him learning how to skate, how to swim, how to cycle. And if you look at his medal board, he has far more awards and prized that I have ever won In my entire life because of sports or because of anything actually He also went ahead and went for special olympic games for swimming which was a huge moment of pride in our family. I feel like everyone was so happy for him and they could finally see him on a platform excelling at something. But it’s not necessary that all sports have to be taken competitively My brother is involved in many sports just for fun just like everyone else. Not everything is a competition. For example, he loves to cycle. But doesn’t really like doing it as a competition. I remember he went for this one competition where they were made to wait on a track for very long And by the end he got very tired and he was like
“Nope, not doing it!” So when the actual competition started, he went to the start line he decided he’s no longer interested Left his cycle on the track and walked away Then we decided not to push him for things he simply wants to do for leisure Even swimming, all of our summer holidays are planned around beaches an swimming pools And he spends most of his time there around water and loves that time in the water. So it’s a fun activity that he really really looks forward to every year. He doesn’t have speech he still has an action for swimming so that he express himself to us of when he wants to go to swim He has learnt so many selective actions about what he wants to convey to us and swimming is one of them. Suvrat’s swimming style is also different from everyone else as he doesn’t follow any specific stroke Which makes it very hard for us to categorize his style in one way. So when he goes to a competition a lot of times there are restrictions for that. That is because when we used to go in the pool, we didn’t teach him a proper technique. And now it’s very hard for him to unlearn something and learn something new. So my suggestion would be if you are teaching your child to be if you are teaching your child a new sport, It’s a good idea to hire a professional It’ll help him learn the proper way to do something new. And in-fact if it’s not possible, any physical activity is still a good activity. I am also going to introduce you to Suvrat’s coach who has trained him and a lot of his pears are special needs children. And they have excelled in their own sport in their own fields in their own ways So presenting Rakesh sir to you from Sorem school.
He has trained several children who have gone to States level, National level and even International level competition So let’s hear from him, why sports is important. Sports basically, is important for everyone weather it’s a regular or special child. Sports can be life changing for everyone This is because, firstly in our society, professional coaches and trainers have a mindset that children with special needs require a lot of work compared to neurotypical kids. Second reason being if there is a coach that is passionate about helping kids with special needs They lack resources that are essential to train these kids. Like a place to train, equipments etc. I joined special olympics in 2004 as a volunteer. After that in 2008, I joined special school and in 2011, I represented India for the first time in athletics. From there, a student of mine won a silver medal After that in 2015, another student of mine won a gold medal in skating. In 2013, 9 students from my institute participated in Asian games. And everyone won medals from there And after that recently in 2019, 3 students from my institute competed and performed really well Two of them won medals and one came in 4th position. Amongst them, India had first time represented in Judo where my student came in 4th. I have been training Suvrat ever since he was a kid. Even though he knew how to skate But there was no concept of tracks, in skating you have to follow a track while rolling. He gave me a ton of ideas to work with. Using those ideas it was basically trial and error And slowly overtime if you watch his performance now, he is doing really good with skating Sports is really important for everybody. It’s important for our mental and physical wellbeing And these two things can’t be separated. It helps us to remain calm and grow as people. And no one can question that. I know for parents, it’s really difficult to find the right environment where they can go out and play sports But I urge you to do that as it’s very very important. If you want to find the right sport and teacher You can logon to our website where there are a bunch of sports listed and you will be able to find the right professionals around you. But also I urge you to go out to your local and community parks and try to mix up with people And for everybody else watching, please include kids with special needs around you in sports It’ll be a great opportunity for them and you will get to learn something new You’ll get to learn patience and how to be more adaptable and it’ll be a lot of fun I hope you liked this video And for all those sports fans watching, please help us share this video and spread the word To make India a truly inclusive country. Thank you for watching. I’ll be back next week with another episode of Same Same Par Different

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  1. Absolutely loved this video. You make it so personal it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing the creative ways to introduce sports into a special kid’s life

  2. Absolutely love the content on your channel, keep it up! The topics are so refreshing and I love the small tips you share along the way. you both are very lucky to have each other !

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