Sports Academy gets an edge with PlaySight SmartCourt sports technology

Sports Academy gets an edge with PlaySight SmartCourt sports technology

In this environment, we have all the integrated services, with professionals, for an athlete when they come here they plug into a very extensive and professional team here That is trusted by professional level athletes, olympic level athletes, but also accessible, to the juniors, and to the littles that are just starting out in their sporting career. If we’re focused on these athletes, then we need to have tools to go back and see what they did. Video has always been like a post training tool. Post game, post practice, now, we can just literally walk over to the side of the court, and pick up a tablet, or use the screen, and show them. PlaySight adds value to our facility We’ve got great feedback from our coaches. They’re really appreciating having this type of a tool, in their development process, and I don’t think they would do without at this point. Kids are visual learners. And then once they see, and then once they do, they start to sort of connect those neuro pathways. It’s really amazing to have the multiple angles, and the interface, and to be able to do that right on your mobile device. We have a PlaySight SmartCourt on our NBA court. We have four cameras along one of the sides, and then we have a 4k camera up top that shows a big wide angle of the court, and uses the auto tracker technology to sort of follow play, when we’re playing games or getting up and down on the floor. Some of the parents that really want to be involved, you know having a live streaming link that we can send them in an email when they register for their kid and say, hey, when the camp is going on you can just click on this link and watch the camp going on to. And when they pick their kid up they can say “hey, I was watching, you played great in that pickup game at the end of camp.” You know that’s a real bonus, because now we’re connecting parent and child a little bit further than they would normally. I see the PlaySight system continuing to grow. I definitely see it becoming more ever present where you go. I think in a short amount of time, it’s going to be an expected, type of a feature in a venue that is hosting events or higher level competition. I see there’s no turning back at this point. The alternatives just aren’t as good, that’s what it comes down to. I find it hard to believe that other programs, or basketball teams won’t adapt to it. Because it seems like it’s the thing to have to do with how easy it is.

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  1. "all inclusive" Sorry kid, unless you have pro sports genetics or rich parents, its just another rich parents business for their rich kids to act like they built it from scratch.

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