Sport Clips 2016 National Huddle Highlights

(energetic electronic music) – [Group] Sports Clips Rules! (screaming in unison) (energetic electronic music) (energetic electronic music) (energetic electronic music) – Good afternoon, Sports Clips! How’s everybody doing? (crowd exclaiming) (group cheering) – Alright Marilyn, James,
you’re representing sexy hair. Lets sexy it up. C’mon, sexy the camera. Sexy it up. Let me show you how its done. Get out of here. Sexy. Finish this sentence: I love
the national huddle because… – It is so inspiring and it just gets you
pumped and super-jazzed. – It is awesome. – It’s so much fun. – Photobomb! – Because of all the liquor. I’m just kidding. (laughs) – She’s not kidding. Lets go to the bar. – (in unison) Twenty-nine stores! (yelling) (yelling) (energetic electronic music) – Sports Clips is the place to be. (energetic electronic music) – [Group] We love Sports Clips! – [Female Passerby] I love them more! (energetic electronic music) (yelling) – [Audience] Three! Two! One! (cheering) (energetic electronic music) (energetic electronic music) (clapping and cheering) – [Group] Sports Clips rocks! (crowd cheering)


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